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    Well they probably had it right the first time.
    After 20 years of failed climate predictions, most notably "the polar ice caps will be melted by 2010".
    Climate gate 1 and 2
    And NOAA just got caught adding weather stations that to the official climate change data pool that tend to give more erroneous high reading and deleting stations that give too many erroneous low readings.
    (Climate gate 3?)
    The IPCC was forced to admit they have been overestimating the effect of CO2 on the climate by double what it actually might be (probably because every single one of their CO2 driven climate models have been proven wrong).

    Obviously climate change is real.
    Example: the end of the last ice age. If you think the climate never changes you probably also likely believe that the world is flat and is only 4,000 years old.

    Their man made climate change just isn't happening fast enough so they are faking it, like an unhappy house wife.

    What's really going to happen is global cooling.
    We are 10 years over due for a mount pinatubo level eruption, I was living in Virginia when this happened, that winter we got an extreme ice storm and then 3 feet of snow all at once, with barely a pause in between the 2 storms. The next winter sucked too but wasn't as bad.
    The Beaufort gyre is full of cool water and needs to unload. Last time it stalled then unloaded was the "global cooling scare" of the 1970s.
    All the solar scientists believe we are going into grand solar minimum. Think little ice age.
    The interglatial warm period should be ending right about now.

    When global cooling happens, what's your prep plan?
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  2. Tempstar

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    Until a few years ago when priorities changed, I was a real weather junkie. I learned that there didn't exist enough empirical evidence to logically support any grand theory of climate change on a large scale. For any hot summer that the doomsayers claimed was global warming, we would have an equally record breaking cold winter within a few years. Last night for instance, we had 17 here, but the record was 12 set back in 1921. In 1997 we had a 104 degree day, but records show it hit 109 in 1949. Periodic shifts in the amounts of heat or cold in the atmosphere at a given time were determined by my team of research specialists (Myself, a yellow lab named Duke (rip) and two cats) to be totally normal. I'm sure that globally the Earth will experience climate shifts but I assert these will be caused by events such as a meteor strike or major volcanic eruption. I have concluded that the Earth is an amazing biosphere that is able to stabilize it's own climate and clean itself of both natural and man-made pollutions. The smog that used to cover Los Angeles is all but gone thanks to controls and laws enacted to reduce emissions, but where did it go? The Earth cleansed itself of them. The same goes for rapid climate change: without a catastrophic trigger the mass of the planet itself will resist any rapid change.
    I have drilled wells since I was a boy, spanning 40 years. The ground water in my area has been 67-68 degrees for a shallow well (less than 50') and 55-58 degrees for a deep well (400' plus feet) for the entirety of my well drilling days. That entirely supports my hypothesis that the mass of the planet is rejecting "climate change".
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it....
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  3. Tevin

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    I think climate change probably exists. I do not necessarily think is is driven by human activity, nor will it end civilization.

    The problem is that the climate change activists have "poisoned the pot" with fake data and selective research. They have been caught lying so many times, you can't really trust anything they say.

    The other problem is that the activists are making the wrong argument. One does not need data & research to prop up environmental issues. Isn't keeping the planet clean a good idea unto itself? Do we really need deep introspection about why a quality environment is worthwhile? I don't need a billion-dollar study to tell me dumping sewage into the lakes and rivers is wrong.

    The left wing climate nuts could win over people like me...who are conservative but inclined to drift the other way on environmental issues. Instead, they obsess over silly shit like subsidizing bicycle paths, banning wood stoves, and a Paris Climate Agreement that even the people who wrote it admit is pure window dressing.

    Lastly, the logic of "carbon credits" (which the left absolutely loves) is baffling. Let me get this straight: Pollution is bad, but if you give enough money to the government, they'll let you do it anyway. It reminds me of the cigarette tax.

    Sorry left wing climate nuts. I'm with you, but not with you.
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  4. apache235

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  5. techsar

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    Climate does change, of that there is no doubt. That mankind has any serious effect on it is egocentric.

    Now that we have settled that controversy ;) what preps specific to global cooling? Started a small wood lot to supply fuel for heating (and cooking if necessary.) An item learned along the way is that keeping four years worth of firewood mere provides a welcome home for woodboring insects...
    Raised bed gardening in a greenhouse is in standby mode, as current temps are too high.
    Varieties of clothing designed to be layered, and suitable foot,hand and head wear.
  6. T. Riley

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    No doubt climate change exist. Seen any wooly mammoths lately? What is happening on the sun has more to do with the temperature on earth than anything man has ever done. Before, during and after man, the earth's climate has and will continue to change and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. We cannot destroy the earth, we can destroy ourselves, but who's to say present day humans are the apex of evolution anyway? Some human form will likely follow and learn from us.
  7. HK_User

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    What I did for preps.

    First I studied the old information on a reversal of ocean currents and the cause and effect of such data. Ben Franklin and other great thinkers of old collected this information and formulated the track of the off shore currents that cool the UK. They also studied what they had available to be able to track the ocean currents off the east coast of the US. As well others have theories about more than one cause that may have changed the Gulf Stream and other Northern currents to stop dead in their tracks, thus stopping the heat exchange within the oceans and/or reverse their flow to counter clock wise and change the heat belts of earth as well as changing the food to all the things in the seas..

    These would/could have caused a mini or major ice age, just depends on the unknowns, but there is empirical data that includes tree rings and water flows from the north American Continent to suggest that a major flood occurred from a large body of water which dumped a cold flood from Canada that may have stopped the Gulf Current and may have caused the major ice age.

    I did this many years ago and from this and with other information about real world facts of changes in the ocean heights I determined I needed to purchase a place 1200 feet above present sea level, warm (relative to now) and geologically stable.

    My reasons were many more than the list above. I made the best decisions with the incomplete information available to me at that time, but it was clear to me that often the climate changes as does the sea levels.

    I built with the best insulation and the best design I could afford at about 1100 feet above sea level. This provides a 500 foot safety in sea level rise as the sea changes tend to move in a range of about 600 feet, and I have a good climate and geological location.

    If I am wrong then I loose the Ranch if I am right then I have almost ocean front property.

    Bring on the Nut Wagon.
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  8. arleigh

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    There have been a lot of deliberate human intervention in the weather some making it better some making it worse .
    Last year the Texas storm disaster was a result of engineering not nature.
    We have had record occurrences of volcanic activity and these not all on the land surface ,some deep in the ocean and under the ice .
    Regardless of the lies we are fed by the media, Fukushima is still an issue and independents who live there sometimes get the message out .the truth is being suppressed by both governments . Just after the event even our government reestablished "safe levels of radiation" as if they were some how magically different just before the event.
    Regardless of all this, there will always be events the change the way we live, even personal emergencies.
    My preps have paid off many times ,in being laid off and or severe weather events or social disruptions . there will always be something so it pays to be prepared for an extended list of events, that may not be one big earth shaking moment but there is nothing to stop a flood from fallowing a fire or an earth quake and at the same time some pandemic . Speaking of which , the flu is hitting us hard here this year ,more so it seem than years past.
    The passive ill-mannered neglect with which people conduct them selves these days, it's no surprise .
    Due to a friend I'm caring for I must stock up on both her meds and many over the counter remedies .Being she must be in dialysis every other day ,and in the hospital at least once or twice a month or more, and doctors offices, she is in contact with many other contagious people and sometimes wear a mask both to protect herself and contain any thing she may be carrying.

    Water containers and water reservoirs are a primary concern as well as water filtration .
    Having had a well get contaminated , I know the value of treating water and filtration even not taking city water for granted .
    I regularly see what my whole house filter catch, and it's more than enough incentive to maintain the practice .
    I have secondary filters for drinking water as well I maintain, both in the kitchen and bath room .
    I have dry food storage and canned food as well, and have a long term plan with green house and aqua-ponics . Gardening is an extremely long learning curve don't take it for granted ,it's not as easy as it appears .
    Green house farming is no longer an option , it is a necessity.
    reduces the need for insecticides and other pests .
    Prevents cross pollination from GMO and other adverse plant related issues .
    protects from the adverse effects of the sun in this weakening atmosphere .
    Weather change is inevitable ,Making provision for this change is on your side. if you don't know how to sustain life with out a grocery store, dug store ,hardware store, You will really appreciate what they meant to you when, they are gone.
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  9. I agree with TE. Even if global climate change is not human caused, we do not have the right to continue to pollute. The bible says God gave us dominion over the earth, I'm not biblical scholar but i think stewardship is a better translation.
  10. BTPost

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    Climate Change Preps...... Simple, Cut more Firewood....
  11. 3M-TA3

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    I'm thinking all the hot air from climate alarmists explaining that the cooler weather is really because of man made global warming (and that those cute and cuddly polar bears will surely die!) will help to keep things a bit warmer in urban areas.

    The wood lot is a good idea. Any idea for the best trees to plant? I know there are "super trees" farmed by the paper industry in the Columbia Gorge for pulp that grow very fast, bur not sure if they would be an ash nightmare. IIRC they are a type of cottonwood.

    I'm also in agreement that we should minimize pollution wherever possible. It's just hard sometimes to determine what constitutes a pollutant. CO2 increases usually mean more plant growth until they produce enough oxygen to normalize the atmosphere. Fire actually keeps the whole balance in check - too much oxygen and you get more natural fires. The fires produce more CO2 and nutrients that stimulate plant growth. The cycle works to keep out oxygen levels normal. Interesting that the EPA even listed oxygen as a pollutant at one point. Don't know if that is still so or not.
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  12. Again, I don't have the bona fides to pontificate, but I think the problem arises from fossil carbon getting back into the atmosphere. So plant more trees use less petroleum. And it used to be the ash tree that was best for firewood but the emerald ash borer has really hit them hard.
  13. techsar

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    I started with poplar (fast growth, but not great for fires) and oak (slow growth, burns well) but have shifted the emphasis toward the oaks over the years. The most mature ones I can't take credit for...each of them could heat the house for a decade...but I have no desire to utilize them for more than shade :)

    What is best for your area? Personally I don't care for evergreens due to their high sap content, but there may be areas where they are the most viable option.
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  14. oil pan 4

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    Well we did think that the earth was the center of the universe at one point.
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  15. oil pan 4

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    For preps, when it does start getting real cold one of the big ones I was going to do was something completely counter intuitive.
    That is to get natural gas service hooked up. Completely bonkers right?

    I will copy what I did in our last house. Install non electrical, all mechanical wall heaters.
    That way when the power goes out the heat keeps working.
    Also burning gas in the cold winters will allow me to save wood, wood pellet and coal for a possible grid down situation.

    For example the 2010 winter here in new mexico it got down to -10F for a week, the power grid almost collapsed as everyone plugged in their electric space heaters.
    So if I have gas and power goes down and gas doesn't go down I'm all set. When the power goes out there is plenty of natural gas pressure because everyones shinny new 100,000btu high efficiency natural gas furnaces don't work.
    But for the time being I am staying away from natural gas on account of the surcharge on the coop being nearly $30 a month.
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  16. SB21

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    I was starting to doubt your theory until I read the part where you enlisted the help of and included the Lab work , and supplied 2 Cat scans. This just adds to the credibility of your findings. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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  17. 3M-TA3

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    More credible IMO than the IPCC whose solutions always involve transferring wealth from the US to third world countries while ignoring that the largest polluters and carbon emitters are China and India who are somehow exempt.
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  18. chelloveck

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    And turtles all the way down......

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  19. oil pan 4

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    That's denyer talk.
    You know pointing out how there solutions focus on US giving money to them and don't actually do anything to fix the problem.
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  20. T. Riley

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    As I type this we are getting our second snow of the season in East Texas. I grew up without seeing snow.
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