Global cooling

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    I'm with you, 30 miles off the Gulf and its due here tonight.
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    Climate change is a real occurrence, has been going on since the beginning of time, and will continue long after Humans are dead and gone! How much is man made? Hard to say, and I don't think the Smart people can answer that any better then us Peoples! Go back to WW-2, More Oil was spilled then 1000 super tankers, and yet we didn't have lasting pollution issues, the raging fires from bombed out cities didn't change the weather any measureable amount, but the smart people claim we changed the weather. Volcanos change the climate far more then any thing mankind has ever done, and that includes the use of fossle fuels during and after the industrial revolution! More worrisome is the Chernoble and Fukishima Nuke Melt downs and the ongoing damages they continue to cause, may not be to the climate yet, but when the eco system suffers, we may see changes later!
    The whole global warming rant was nothing more then a push to spend money of things we didn't need because we were not at war yet and people needed things to do to make money so we could drive the economy! Some of the tech and science we have as a result of this has been a benefit, but there are many other things that came about that have been bull shit stupid, and yet we funded it and are now stuck with it!
    I'm all for finding alternate energy but not at a cost beyond what we can bear out as individuals, and to tax us as a punishment is asking for trouble instead of innovation. i'm all for funding real science instead of snake oil scams and Gov. grants for junk science, but lets be real about it, and lets have transparency.
    There is an underlying issue here that many do not understand, the separation of Climate change, and eco system change, Man kind has not contributed a significant amount to climate change, BUT, the eco system is where MAN has done great wrongs, and we must and will answer for that! We have thousands of dams pinching off our rivers and streams, and combined with industrial pollution and run off, and the Nuke issues mentioned above, we have severally damaged our eco system, add in the population explosion and we have the conditions of over consuming beyond the earths ability to sustain life, let alone growth! We are on the brink of a massive change, and unfortunately we face the very real possibility of a massive die off of the human species. War is coming, and the die off from that will likely be massive, Starvation will contribute too, and then there are the more tin foil causes to consider. One cannot know what the future may bring, but bring it, it shall!
    Preps are well in hand, but with the climate shift, some of us may be in the wrong A.O. to take advantage of the temp shifts northward, so preps need to account for those changes. Southern Monkeys way have problems dealing with increased temps, and northern monkeys may have to deal with colder, wetter conditions, easterners may have to deal with colder, harsher winters, and westerners may have to deal with warmer and wetter winters, and warmer, dryer summers!
    We live in interesting times, hope all can adapt and over come!
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    There is no doubt the climate changes

    The devil is in the details of how its being measured. The climatoligist cant agree if we shoudl be measuring ocean temp or land temp and the move the thermometers around so no consistancy.

    I like @HK_User thinking
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    If climate change were solely the result of human activities it would be easy to measure, model and predict. ( X amount of fossil fuel burned = Y degrees hotter) But it is not, so the models and measurements are useless and all failed to predict the last 20 year cooling trend. Climate change "science" does not exist yet, just a lot of lucrative guessing.
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    It' impossible to really know now if we are warming or cooling because noaa and the ipcc have just recently gotten caught.
    Who knows really how much manipulation, falsification or how long the lies in has been going on.
    To me it would appear it's been going on since day one, the Mann hokey stick graph, a work of pure fiction.
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    I have little faith in the folks who can't predict the weather more than a day or two in advance. I do wonder about a slight pole shift?
    I remember wiki leaks catching scientist changing data to support their GW positions. I do think pollution and all our chemicals and emissions have some kind of effect. I don't think man can control the sun though.
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    Lots of people wish they had all that global warming we were promised would be killing us by now.
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    In central Texas this AM it was four degrees.

    No frozen pipes and the Heat Pump never kicked over to the heat strip.

    Good insulation, planning and being the builder is the only way to live.

    It's about 29 now and the cattle were happy to see me breakup the ice on their trough.
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    That is OUR IDIOT .
    His dad was good , Mom a loose woman & into drugs
    Castro Kid ?
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    The royal astronomical society realeased a paper in July 2015 is saying they expect conditions like the little ice age to start by 2030.
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    World health organization saying expect world wide food shortages by 2023.
    Some Australian news paper was saying 70% of last seasons wheat crop was lost.
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