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    Sorry about that Im still having some trouble when I copy and past with the error.
    This is a under ground mining light, water proof, sealed unit explosion proof almost indestructible. has 2 light setting high and low on high continuose burn time 15-20 hours, on low 50 hour burn time comes with house charger and car charger. Comes with a head band or will clip on a hat, I clip it on my jump bag put the light where I need it leaves my hand free for weapons,work or whatever. This light is heavy duty made, alot of the coal miners here are using this exact light. Try one I promise you wont be dis appointed.

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    more info please ...(y)
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    Ok I think I got the important stuff in. On low you can place it on its back and light a full room when power goes out. I am really impressed by this light.

    What you get: The light, wall charger, car charger, usb charger, and headband

    Illumination Unit Distance
    Start of lighting :4000 Lx 1m away from the lamp<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /></O:p>
    Lighting for 11hours: 1800 Lx 1m away from the lamp</O:p>
    Life: 50,000h</O:p>
    Color: Red and Black</O:p>
    Input Voltage: 110V-220V</O:p>
    Power supply: rechargeable lithium battery, with capacity at 3000mAh.</O:p>
    Light Source: 1 +6 LED, the work of the main light 1W high power LED, auxiliary lights 1
    +6 LED full light auxiliary lighting.
    Illumination angle: 90 degrees adjustable.</O:p>
    Intelligent Charge Management: Overcharge and over discharge intelligent protection, extends battery and lamp life.</O:p>
    Lighting time: Bright continuous illumination 18-24. Dim continuous illumination more than 40 hours.</O:p>
    Water-proof and explosion-proof design.
    Safe and high performance.</O:p>
    Usage: This product is designed for people who are required to work at night or work in the dark. With its long hours of continuous illumination and excellent energy saving, it is particularly suitable for mining, tapping rubber, outdoor adventure, fishing, hunting, camping, auto repair and other related industries

    There is 2 settings on the light, dim which last around 40 hours and bright which last around 20. On dim they are twice as bright as a normal wheat light, and have a great spot.
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    Who makes it, and where can it be found?
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    I just seen on e-bay where the have a few cheaper just make sure it's buy this company. Thats where my dad ordered it from.
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