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    I had to take a trip up north after getting a call regarding a bulldozer taking out the only road into the area where my land sits...
    Once I get up there the moron that called me, had failed to follow up on what was really taking place...
    The guy with the bulldozer had actually widened and cleared the roads of ruts and rocks!
    That's the good news, so far....
    I go into my land an discover there's someone living on my land plot.
    Now he is NOT alone, there are 2 mobile homes there now, and they are on concrete slabs....1 is a double wide manufactured home that is sitting on a slab: 60 feet long by 36 -38 feet wide.
    The other is a 12 x 60 mobile home on a ,about 70-72 feet long and some 18-20 feet wide. They have fences and gates already up.
    From what I could tell, they were all set solidly in concrete.
    They'd had about 50 tons of crushed rock delivered, to make walks and driveways...They had poured a slab for a 300 gallon propane tank and had it all plumbed in nice and neat...
    They also have a complete septic system installed, with all permits and leagalities covered....
    Then I show up!
    I have all the paperwork and my ownership is undisputed.
    I have all of the plot maps and explained that I had just had the land surveyed and paid $600 for that, plus another $300 to have extra markers put in every 10 feet.
    The new occupant was wondering why the land had been recently surveyed, but NEVER bothered to ask!
    The man, his wife, and son, had NEVER bothered to check on ownership, and they paid someone cash! DUH!
    They paid $6,000 for the plot I paid only $3,500 for!
    They also got little for paperwork and I could not make any sense of what they had or what acreage they were supposed to have bought. No lot numers and no section numbers...Red flag time!
    Now, I made them an offer, pay me the $3,500 I have in it, and they can have it!
    Nope! They are mad as hell and I said it was NOT any of my doing...I did find out that they bought the land thru the same cretin that screwed me over the fist time in the local town! ( the SNAKE!)
    Now they have to vacate ( via written legal summons) within 30 days ( end of this month). They have to leave all fencing, posts, and gates per Arizona state law. The concrete and rocks they can take...I don't care, good luck!
    I feel for them, but they got screwed, and not any of my doing..
    The Arizzona state's real estate office here, is worthless! They will get NO help at all, just the same runaround that I got 2 years ago.
    Nothing I can do, it's up to them to buy the land from me, or be removed.
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  2. dragonfly

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    Yesterday a local deputy, a sergeant, had gone to the land on a call from those living there and was curious what they could do...specifically to me!
    The sergeant looked at what they had, and in doing so discovered the paperwork they had was all xerox copies, no legible signatures, and no legal land descriptions.
    The ONLY legal document they could produce was a receipt from a book, that anyone can buy at almost any store...Not one notarized document and not one written name all were signed and illegible. No paperwork from a title agency or real estate office.
    I was informed that as far as the sheriff's deputy could discern, is that they were squatters.
    I will have to go to court and spend my own time and money to evict them!
    I was told this was not uncommon for the area, it has been the "norm" for a long time now.
    Strange, how could a "squatter" get permits and have the necessary paperwork to have a septic system installed? Something is wrong here....
    But anyone can copy documens then change names and such and re-copy them again. This sounds like the case. But, these people have spent thousands for the rock, concrete slabs, and fencing in the process...I wonder, if they really thought they could get away with that?
    It may be that they are squatters, but after having met an spoke with them, I think these people were scammed to the max!
    Now we just have to wait and see what happens next!
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  3. tacmotusn

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    I got an idea

    Hey Dragonfly,
    I read alot. Mostly fiction or DIY stuff, but occasionally true accounts of actual incidents.
    My idea is that I copy all your sad tale of woe posts. Get them laid out correctly and cronologically, and pick your brain a bit for details and to fill in the blanks. Mean while I put it all together as a humorous dark comedy of a novel. Hell, I couldn't make this stuff up. Bottom line, I try to get it published, and if it does I split the profits if any with you. What do you think. Hell, we might even try to push it for a movie deal. ..[stirpot] .... How about a title like, "Bad News from Black Rock" .... or "The Good, the Bad, and the Stupid" ..... you get to be the Good.
  4. Seawolf1090

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    First step,get them OFF your land! I assume you had fences up and "No Tresspassing" signs, not that squatters would care. Then I'd see about taking action against "The Snake" that is scamming these people.
    Best thing is, at the very least you got your road improved.
  5. mysterymet

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    Keep us posted this is getting interesting! F with evicting them. Just bulldoze their crap down! You tried to be nice and they tried to get you in trouble. I bet they are squatters.
  6. Brokor

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    Sell your land at the first chance and find a more suitable area which isn't in dispute. The entire state can't be this screwed up. Good luck!
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    I dont think your offer is unreasonable in the least. Maybe even offer rent to own. If you spread it out over a year, its a hair under 300 a month. Might be more appealing to them considering the time and effort they spent getting everything set up and also you might be able to join forces with them in going after the dirt bag who did this to the both of you. I would try to take the focus off away from the fact that its your land and they are squatters and make it look like you are on their side. If it were me, I might also be paying that douche a visit.(y)[beat][nutkick]
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    i guess i'm slow but i don't understand selling the land to them. I believe the burden was on them to make sure the land they bought truly belonged to them.

    I'd tell them to get themselves offa my propity in the 30 days...yes, it will cost you a bit of money but i bet the land is worth much more than the cost to evict them.

    I AM filing this story away...may need it someday.
  9. Tracy

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    Good news indeed! You have 2 homes, septic, roads improved on your land. Not a bad deal.

    [pop](waiting for the rest of the story)
  10. ditch witch

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    That is just bizarre! I can't believe they didn't agree to buy the property from you. Clearly they've invested quite a bit into it now.

    Keep us updated. Hope it works out for the best for you.
  11. Gator 45/70

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    Tell your squatters that the price is going up 100.00 per day...

    Make it easy for them to decide....Pay up or Pay more than that to move...

    Problem solved...!!!
  12. SurvivalTech

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    I agree with the above ^

    You pay/paid for that house and the property taxes, you own it and there is no going around it. Getting mad is alright but don't blame it on them until you get to the bottom line of this; because hearing this is just ridiculous man.... If they moved in already the best thing would to either sell it to them or just simply give them 30-60 day notice and again there is no going around it. That's what the government does and will do to you, and many other people which is bull.
  13. VisuTrac

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    I can't even comment. I've my own tale of misery and woah with Cap't Dead Eye in the basement.

    I think this plot of land is cursed and they should buy it from you.
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  14. mysterymet

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    That they didn't just agree to buy the land after it was shown not to be theirs is why I think they their tale of being scammed may not be true.
  15. Send them a rent bill @ 100,000 FRN's per hour. They squatted, make em pay.

    I'm so tired of people just trying to steal stuff.

    Since they moved in include in the rent bill a thank you for improvements such as buildings and pads etc which since they put them on your land are a gift to you.

    Then bulldoze the road so nothing short of a mule can move over it. It is your property, you have every right to close off access to it as you please, and if they attempt to alter it they can and should be arrested.

    have it all notarized, and send it certified mail, with receipt requested.

    Have fun.
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    I think you are Job re-incarnate....or, were a tax collector in a previous life and have very bad karma. Or...someone has called the Furies in on you..... have Munchhausen's syndrome.

    If I had this much $h!7 going on in my life, I think I'd pack up and GTFO. I agree with VisuTrac...that land is cursed. It was owned by Kennedys in the 40s.

    If everything you have is legal, I don't see how the Sheriff can not be on your side and make them leave. You should also charge them to remove everything brought in...then change your mind and keep the $$ for being a PITA.
  17. RouteClearance

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    Their story just doesn't add up, why didn't they go through a Tittle Insurance company, to make sure their purchase of real estate was legit? Does Arizona have what is known as "Adverse Possession"? I have a feeling this is what your squatters are trying to do. You need to look up your laws in AZ to find out what your rights are as the true owner.

    As stated by others in this thread, I also belive your property is cursed also.
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  18. Gator 45/70

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    I know a old Medicine woman who can remove that curse...

    But she ain't cheap...
  19. goinpostal

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    I'd wait till they were gone somwhere,and drag their redneck trailer park off the property.THEN LEAVE IT ON THE ROADSIDE SOMEWHERE WITH"FREE"PAINTED ON THE SIDE.
  20. ditch witch

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    It's going to go down ugly no matter how you handle it. My husband is saying, just wait until they leave and then gate and lock it. They cut it, they go to jail for breaking and entering.

    Regardless of how you get them off the property, I would absolutely expect them to deliver some form of retaliation for it. If the place wasn't cursed before, it dang sure is now.

    Maybe you could just put it up for sale for the money you have in it, and let some one else deal with it? Another person might view it as worth the risk or hassle to get the newly improved property for so cheap.

    We have been discussing buying some rural property in Maine as a retirement (or maybe much sooner) home, but stories like your's really scare the crap outta us.
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