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    OK so me and about everyone else are looking for the best quality wool blankets at a fair price. Aside from goodwill or garage sales I was looking for a quantity of new quality blankets. I ordered two different ones off the internet and sent them back, yuck!

    Then I recalled the local Jail went through a wholesale supplier named Bob Barker. They carry institutional supplies and assortment of blankets including up to 90% wool. I've used them and they are fine. BB won't sell direct so contact Hollis at
    For a price on quantities. Not made in US but I'm OK with that.
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    We sale 80% wool blankets for $35...4lb...don't know if it matters, but it seemed like a good time to mention it. Haha.
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    If you can find those US military green wool blankets I bet they would be cheap.
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    Got a cedar chest full of Traverse Bay Woolen blankets at the camp. Queen and Full size. They were 50.00+ each back in the mid 80s. But about 3 times as thick as the old military surplus.
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