Gore-Tex Gaiters

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    I've had a pair for 10 yrs or so. Never really had much chance to test them out after moving 'south' over that time. IIRC, they are OR brand and cost about $40.
    Today I put my boots on with Jeans and strapped the Gaiters on as well. Walking in 12" snow for 3-4 hours was nice. The gators seal that spot above the boot and also kept e legs of my jeans dry.

    Just a little review ;)

    Nice to keep in the truck during winter when you may have to take an unexpected walk.
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    ***********POOR BOY TIP*******
    If you dont have the gaitors but need to keep the pant legs dry so you stay warmer when walking in snow and such take a trash bag and wrap around each calf and take a wrap around the bottom of the bag to tape it to the top of the boot with some duct tape and a wrap at the top to attach ot to the pant leg by the knee. If you dont have the duct tape then string doing criscrosses up from the bottom works well too.
    Learned that one out hunting and got tired of the pant legs being wet and makeing me cold. [afro]
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    Do it like taping an ankle, a couple of wraps of ducttape around the instep of your boot, then around the ankle and up the laces. Skip the toe and heel, seal the top real good. It will keep the water or snow out of your laces. Even poured concrete like that before.
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