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    NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey man faces tens of thousands of dollars in fines after regulators say he interfered with a satellite system at one of the nation's busiest airports while masking his whereabouts from his employer.
    The Federal Communications Commission said Gary Bojczak admitted he installed a jamming device in his company-owned pickup to thwart his employer's GPS.
    Bojczak surrendered the jamming device after his vehicle was stopped at Newark Liberty International Airport in August 2012.
    The FCC said the jamming device interfered with a new system that enhanced navigation signals that used GPS data to aid aircraft approaching, departing and on the ground. The system was undergoing testing at the time and was put into full service the following month.
    The FCC notice on the proposed penalties, issued in the beginning of August, described Bojczak's conduct as "particularly troubling" because it interrupted the testing and calibration of a critical air navigation system.
    Bojczak, whose hometown was not listed in the FCC decision, faces nearly $32,000 in fines after the FCC found he unlawfully operated an illegal GPS jammer and interfered with authorized communications.
    He was given 30 days to either pay the full fine or challenge the decision.
    An FCC spokesman could not immediately say Friday whether Bojczak he was appealing the decision.
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    Another unnecessary alphabet agency catches the "bad guy".

    I already know what you're gonna say, Bruce. Sure, he disrupted air traffic, could have cost lives. Maybe. One thing is for certain --the FCC, FEMA, BATFE, NSA, FBI and virtually every other agency are planning for war. Documented fact. I wouldn't be too supportive of them, even if you have close ties and history. It's all gotta go on clearance sale sooner or later, because government corrupts, and secretive incorporated government corrupts absolutely.
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    The tactical signals intelligence/electronic warfare unit that I was attached to in 1995 took delivery of three truck mounted GPS jamming/spoofing devices, that were supposedly capable of altering the readings of GPS devices throughout an entire theater of operations. I never got to see them in operation, as turning them on in CONUS would have seriously ticked off the FCC. We used to get into enough trouble with our communications jammers.
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    It isn't just the Consumer GPSs that are vulnerable, these days. The CAT5 Aircraft Instrument Landing Systems also use GPS, and Ground sourced Beacon Differential InBand Transmissions, that are jammed at the same time by these devices. This is what the FAA was complaining about in the above Story. The original Test System, was certified in Juneau, Alaska, to help Instrument Landings in Juneau's horrible Winter Weather. It has helped Alaska Airlines have one of the Best On-Time Records, after being LAST, before the system was installed. One interesting NOTE. The Instrument Approach from the Northwest, in Juneau, has a 120 degree Dog Leg Turn, in the last .5 mile, before touchdown. This couldn't be done without a GPS enhanced Landing System. You just can't make Radio Beams go around corners......
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    Couldn't help it... Had to do it.. :)

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