Grey-Man...advise for him please?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by LondonCalling, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Hello All,
    Ive had a request from a good mate of mine, i personally do not think that im upto giving him the "Best Possible advice". so i come here and request some help from you Monkeys.
    I will start by giving you some background on him and then we can take it from there.

    We will call him Mr Grey, simply because he is "ultra paranoid" about everyone and everything, which i may add is why he is not asking for this request himself.
    1) he does not own a PC
    2) he lives on his own, in a flat (appartment) in London / Essex border.
    3) he has a mobile phone (not on contract) he uses it 3 times at most then gets rid of the sim card and gets another one.
    4) he only pays cash for everything
    5) dosent have a bank account since being made bankrupt over 5yrs ago.

    Anyway, back to the help, he keeps telling me im mad for going onto the net blah blah blah (see above), but he has noticed that we are all in for a big change and has requested my advice on where to start..
    Ive said in laymens terms:
    Food / Shelter /Water.

    Now i will need help from the Monkeys in order for us to elaborate on this for him.

    His car full up with petrol will get him 350 miles away from where he is today, that will be far enough to take him to a relative place of saftey, providing the roads are open all the way (most will be motorway driving), at least out of the city.

    He would have only about £400 in cash now to spend on essentials, lets say that Food / shelter and water are covered (to get him where he needs to be )...whats the next step he can take?

    He has been to an ex-surplus store in order to purchase some bits and bobs ie f/ w/ s, but im not and expert in helping others im just about getting to grips with this for me and my family...

    any ideas?
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    Hiya Mate,

    Need more input, at the moment all I can picture is a poor soul who lost everything to a Bankruptcy that happened 5+ years ago, who ultimately needs help of a different kind, his family and friends should have forced help down his throat by now (5yrs), so I figure they are a part of the problem, if he still has any.

    I wish him luck.


    BTW., the society drop out's always turn up, mostly as John Doe's in some morgue or other.
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    He needs to make contact with some reliable people. As things stand, he's a gonner. Tell him to get into good physical condition, find some martial arts studio that can teach him decent hand to hand skills and use a knife.

    Get some fishing gear, bait and lures, archery if practical. Air rifles too.

    Tell him to keep lurking these sites so he can learn something. get himself some storable/portable food.

  4. monkeyman

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    So if Im correct in my reading, he has a place to bug out to within a tank of gas where he can hook up with folks who are already stocked up and will accept him? If this is correct then I would say if possible add a firearm and a bit of ammo (have gathered that SOME guns are allowed even in England with hoops jumped through). Get a copy of 'Naked into the Wilderness' by John & Geri McPhearson and learn the traps, there are others as well but learn to trap and get some trapping gear. Get a gill net for fishing. Get enouph gas cans (and fill them) and fuel stabalizer to top of the tank at LEAST once since detours and such are likely to be fourced if he is bugging out. Then get a bike and a rack to carry it on the car so he can ride the bike between the cars jammed up on the roads if the car dies or roads are to badly blocked. Make sure to have a pack (or better yet a cart to pull behind the bike) that will carry needed supplies needed if the car has to be abandoned. A portable watter filter would also be escential.

    If he can trap for food and has a net then he can keep himself fed and a pole and hooks is NOT the best way to go for fish since if they arent hungry you ARE but with a net they just have to be there and you can eat. If he has a good water filter he can drink. If he understands how to build simple shelters and fire (both covered in the recomended book) then he can stay warm and dry and cook his food. With the extra fuel he can fill the tank when Murpheys law steps in and things happen when his cars tank is low and extend his range and ability to deal with changed plans if the tank is full then the bike adds to his options.

    Now for some storage at the flat in case he has to ride things out there for a bit I would say stock up at least 30 gallons of water and get a good stock (enouph to last a month or 2) of canned foods you can just open and eat. Then can also have a camp stove and fuel and have some rice, beans, Ramen noodles and such to supplement it so long as you have the stove and fuel to cook it.

    Some of the little items he should also be sure to have in his pack would be things like a light, a portable radio to follow news if available, spare batteries, a good knife, gloves, good first aid kit (be SURE to have anti diareah and food poisoning meds as both become likely and potentialy deadly in a disaster), work gloves, cordage, face mask (gas mask might be nice but at least a bandana or dust masks to help if there is dust and such from demolished buildins or whatever).

    Theres more but thats a good place to start.
  5. LondonCalling

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    Yes Monkeyman thats right mate

    Well at the moment the hoops are getting very small for him to gain one legally, however at his main location where he would head to there is firepower there!

    I knew that i had forgotten an essential piece of equipment that he would enjoy as he is for a 51yr old male and incredibly fit person.

    Yes mate this is where my knowledge ended, i gave him the bare basics just to get him started, as it was him the approaced the subject with me, and tbh it was way out of my league to advise someone else without full and complete knowledge on the subject myself?

    Hello Toemag, ow ya doing mate?:
    I dont want, nay, i will not allow him to be one of society's dropouts, he has been a good friend to me and mine and still is!
    Unfortunatley his wife died about 7 yrs ago, which led him to lose interest in the business and then the bankrupcy came after, he has had a ruff time of it all mate, tbh, but he can see the changes are near! He feels that he needs to prepare for TSHTF.

    Yes mate, he has got other friends and family that he will eventually meet up with, he is in good shape (physically), he does enjoy the occasional sea fishing, as both you and MM have stated its the portable storage / cooking and food that he needs to look into in greater detail...

    Thanks all for your replies i will pass them onto him, i know it will give him the lif he needs..
    cheers fellas
  6. toemag

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    I'm dreadfully sorry to hear about his plight and am very glad to hear about him having a mate like yourself, and him having a place and people to whom he can go to, and wish him luck.

    Twelve years ago a friend of mine went hunting in the early morning, he climbed up the high seat and waited for the deer to come, he'd noticed the smell as he was approaching the high seat and thought that some other hunter had left some innards in the nearby bushes. He was wrong on both counts, as he was leaving the high seat there was a middle aged man hanging from the high seat, same story lost job family and run away, when the money ran out he ended it as I have described above.

    I now get concerned when I see estranged people wandering around my hunt.

  7. monkeyman

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    That would be the basics and to get much past that its easiest with more detail as to plans, skills, needs, etc. If he has any specific areas he has questions on though I (and Im sure others here) would be glad to ofer some thoughts if he posts or passes them on through you.

    Something else he COULD consider would be a HAM type (2 way short wave) portable radio and same for those at his destination so if things get bad he can bemore sure to have contact with them so he knows the destination is worth getting to and they know he is comeing. The basics obviously need to be met first though.
  8. jim2

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    From what I read at The Gates of Vienna, you folks are going thru some hard times there between the Govt. and the Muslims. It'll get worse too. Those of y'all that can, should come to America.

  9. LondonCalling

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    So True Jim, in that sentance there mate you have hit the nail on the head!!!

    If i knew of a way to get over to the USA i would be on the 1st plane outta this place called "londonistan"
    does Not exist anymore!
  10. dragonfly

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    Get a passport to visit Mexico,...!
    Let me know when, and I'll meet you at the border!
    No problems!
    There are so many "walk-thru's" here on a daily basis, I'm not the least bit worried they'd even look at you, especially with an english accent!
    They'd know you aren't an illegal alien from Mexico, etc!
    Even In Texas you can walk across, but right now that's a really bad place....
    the druglords shoot anyone they see, and even chase the Mexican police into hospitals to shoot them!
    Maybe "we" should all MIGRATE to CANADA?
    Alaska is just too darn far!
  11. jim2

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    Prayer sent for all you folks!

  12. poacher

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    First I would suggest you and he go to and look at gettting the book "back to basics" or Amazon .com has it. This is a good reference for alot of the food storage and stuffs. Another thing he should do imho is to get the most detailed map he can find and drive the roads to wherever it is he's planing on going. That way he can pick out way points stops etc long before he ever needs it. It also lets him see what people are out there and where. Remember once the solid waste material hits the open air oscellator these people are going to clam up shut the door and load for bear because they know at some point people will make it out to them.

    Depending on what type of vehicle he has I would suggest getting a 3 or so gas cans and keep them full. Rotate thru them but the one night you don't fill the car up is the night you are going to need that full tank. With 3 or 4 gas cans you can top off the car and it gives you extra which you will probably need. The reason I say that is because everyone is going to be trying to hit the same roads at the same time.

    Another thing is to keep a large bottle of puncture seal around for the tires. If he's running at dusk or at night then chances are he's going to hit somthing. I keep two gallons of slime around cause if I have to bail out I put the stuff in the tires before I leave. Better to have it in there before you need it than to try and put it in once you need it.

    If he's got a truck that could support a camper shell or somthing along those lines then he's ahead in the game. But he should practice packing it and revising it till he can pack it quickly and quietly, no need to advertise the fact that you are leaving; Especially if he sees it coming sooner than the other people around him.

    Communications are a must. A police scanner, cb and short wave so he can keep up with whats going on and where. Being forwarned is half the battle. Also he will need to be able to talk to you or whom ever he is going to deal with.

    Lastly, Canada is pretty open on the people coming in and after that it's just a hop. The other option would be to have someone here that you know give you a job and let you come in thru a work visa to here. I'm sure I'll think of somthing more later but right now thats it.

    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  13. groovy mike

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    Buy him a copy of Patriots from
  14. LondonCalling

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    This is something that i need to do myself also..cheers

    Excellent point mate!

    He has an old van at the moment (cant see him changing it , he says no takes a blind bit of notice of him in ..and thats true!

    Yes the comms is something that MM has mentioned and ive also asked Toemag about, but now ive got to get both mine and his round this completley!

    Mate, will certainly keep this avenue OPEN!

    I am going go have a look at that ..cheers mate
    : thanks mate for your offer..door OPEN
    JIM2: thanks again mate

    Thanks to all of you that have taken the time & effort to reply with your valued information and knowledge all of which has been taken "on board"..
    thanks lads!!
  15. jim2

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    Keep us posted on your situation. These guys here know a lot and can be very helpfull.

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