Grey Market Economy

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    For the past few years, I have been doing more swapping and bartering, particularly for firearms related things. I lived for several years, on a shanty-boat and a salvage ship, with no real earth address. It is only in the past few years that I have bought a house and property with grass that grows on it so all this is a bit of adjustment for me. I still trade as much as I can but there are some things that seem always to require currency, that is where the grey-market economy will continue to blossom. I no longer care to read about drug busts, tax evasion, and other victimless crimes. Yea, some of you will chirp in that drugs aren't victimless, but that will not change my opinion; someone usually wants to buy them. They do not force them on people and there are just as many people that will feel as strongly about you owning or needing a gun as you do about drugs so put your Reagan flag where someone will appreciate it. I do not use drugs but I would not see a problem with smuggling medicine from Mexico or Canada, especially if they were needed and I will not condemn those that only extend that point to survive in a highly regulated world. Without the black-market, there would be no value to our dollar at all. It has come to the point of paradoxical intent that the only thing about our economy that has any true value other than what the fed says it has, are prohibited items that people want and unfortunately, that includes illegal drugs.
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    If you barter, I believe, you still owe the mob government its cut in value for taxes.
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    Luigi and Guido, the DotGov brothers, don't need to know of our bartering - I'd keep them out of my business. :lol:
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    All my barters are for equal value swaps, aren't yours too ????
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