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    In winter, how does that work? I mean, how do you melt it, store it - the process? I assume it is automated?

    That's good looking green house! How far North are you? Is that Windmill in the back yours also? I assume it is active and generating power? Is that common now in the area? I did a bit of research on wind power in Alaska and remember it appears viable in a good portion of the state.

    "How much electricity do you think you really need? The human race did without it for many, many years...You will learn to conserve it.... And everything else..."
    Yes they did and duly noted but I lived too many damn years in third-world countries and like the fact of living in the 21st century again. LOL! :) Okay, I admit - I like spoiling myself and I like having excess electric, water and the rest... Call me spoiled but I have a 1500 gallon water cistern with water coming from a well that is ~425 feet deep and I like having that much clean water and not having to worry about it. Can I do it? Sure. Did it. We constantly planned on losing electric and water 2-5 times a week or doing without...

    I never knew or even thought that Alaska would have water issues. We have to drill deep here (as shown above) due to we are above (in altitude) a major lake area and some places in the area (North Idaho) do have real hard bedrock so difficult to get to water but as a norm its everywhere.
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    That's not my high tunnel. Just a photo to show it is done here.

    Winter water comes from melting snow in a large pot on the cabin stove. I then filter it after I cool it (put pot outside for a few minutes) and store that in canteens (about a dozen of them) and then into a 5 gallon water jug. It's a never ending daily chore. Melt snow, fill jug and canteens. Fill pot with snow and put it back on the stove.

    Could I drill a well? Yes. But I don't need to and won't. I also have creeks, streams, rivers and lakes nearby but haven't ever needed to use that water source. The rain and snow water is delicious and clean.

    Wind turbines have their issues. The biggest one for me is the noise. Don't care for it. Won't ever use them although I'm in a perfect spot to harness the winds.

    The fix to your dependence on electricity would be an enormous solar PV array and many storage batteries. $$$$$. Have at it. You'll probably find you don't need all that. You'll be doing much work outdoors year round and it's hard to watch TV and do those chores at the same time. Instead of watching YouTube or TV about Alaskans you will be "the show."
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    First let me point out, that Alaska is a VERY BIG Place.... MM's place is HIGH Up, in the Interior... DKR is near Los Anchorage ... and I live out in the Bush, of southeastern Alaska... Each has it's own Wx, Growing Seasons, and Temp Ranges.... The cheaper land is out in the Alaskan Bush. The closer you get to the Road System, including the Alaska Marine Highway, the more expensive Land gets per Acre.... If you live on Water, double the Price of the Land per Acre, especially if it is big enough to land, and take off, in a FloatPlane. Travel and Freight is EXPENSIVE. Figure paying TWICE what you would paid, in the FlatLands, for Produce, Milk, and Fuel. I sold Gasoline, all last winter, for $4.34US per Gallon. I know of a 4 acre place, that would be a "TurnKey" Outfit with two compete Cabins, GreenHouse, Powerhouse, Laundry/ShowerHouse, Water System with WaterRight, Small Diesel BackHoe, a couple of ATVs, and LumberMill that is selling for $250KUS... It is on a Trail System, to an Bush Airstrip, and Round Trip to Town is only $220US per Person. It also is has Barge access from Town & Seattle, during the summers.... Only way IN, or OUT, is by Boat or Plane... It is on North American MainLand. There is a 3.5 acre plot contiguous to it that could be picked up, as well, that is all Spruce & Hemlock. If you are planning to make Alaska your Home, you just might want to read my Alaska wilderness Building Blog, here on the Monkey...Alaska Wilderness Building | Survival Monkey Forums I wrote this, a few years back, for FlatLanders, who are thinking of moving NORTH.... The one thing that you really need to understand, after reading the Blog, is BRING MONEY, LOTS and LOTS of Money, and be prepared to spend the first Summer just Prep'ing your RAW Land..... This is a Great Place to live, but you will find that it will take a couple of YEARS to get a foothold, if you are starting out with Raw Land...
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    Cheap at twice the price here in the Endless Mountains. All it needs is some sweat equity and a monster cash flow.
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    Yes, the summer days of the "midnight sun" can produce gigantic produce.
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    I'd have to agree. Sell everything you have. Bring lots of money. If your cash strapped buy an off grid trapper cabin (run down) and land that is nowhere near road access. You'll be using your feet or snow machine to get it and out. Otherwise you'll have to use copious amounts of money instead of sweat to build your homestead. I lucked out and found a great cabin already built on 12.5 acres but in a location most buyers thought to be insane. Due to the isolation and access issues.

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    Good grief!! Is that earthquake or snow load damage?
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    The answer to that question is most likely, yes.

    Lots of snow and many earthquakes in this area. And shoddy construction.
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    First you need to understand that it takes 2.5 times as much energy to live in Alaska. That enger either comes converted from trees or purchased with your efforts, be it wood or money.
    It would take a bit more than 5 years to build a place in the bush.
    Your first year should be planned with a lot more than just moving there.
    FWIW, I have two very good friends that came back after 5 years and all their savings were spent.

    If you are not now self sufficent and well versed in living in the bush then figure 10 years to have a decent place.
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    As I said in OP.....1-2 years getting ready to make the move....I also realize that most things land/home wise are never done, so I would not add anymore mental stress thinking I only had so many years to do it all........can't guess at something like that....what someone's friends encountered is also useless info....I'm not them.....have no clue what they wanted to do or what they obviously did not do to make it happen....
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    Good Luck to YOU... let me know when you have your place picked out...

    One other criteria, that you just may want to find out BEFORE you plunk down your Cash.... How far to the Nearest CellSite, and does that site have 4G Data Services?
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    First I need to find IF there is anyone with the same mindset that is willing to seriously make a plan.....I know I could not do it alone...
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    FWIW, If you don't think you can do it alone, then don't go.
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    There are many people with the same dream. Lots talk about it moving to Alaska, few make the jump. Hang in there if it's what you want. The only thing I can fault you on is the need for other people to make it happen. Start planning and saving as if only YOU are going. Then if you stumble upon someone as passionate as you about Alaska include them. Get a job up there first to check it out. Think maritime or one of the jobs that include room and board. (They are out there) Then when your off work you can explore the great State.
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    Good suggestions....the chances of finding suitable recruits for the project are probably better in Alaska than elsewhere....they are already acclimatised to the region, and it isn't as much a wrench for them as it may be from someone more used to tropical or more temperate climes. They also may have resources that can be drawn upon from closer to the projected area of Alaskan utopia.
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    And that looks just like paradise IMO, regardless of access issues!!!!!! [chopper]
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    A lot of people dream of Alaska. When they get here, they find a nightmare.

    Lethal weather.
    Lethal wildlife
    and the neighbors ain't so good either.

    Manley Hot Springs is worth a look.

    and no Wally World marts....Yup - this is "it".
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    If you all ever wondered what a grizzly is capable of, Google "Denali Highway Bear Mauling" ***warning graphic***

    That mauling just happened on April 15th. Mauled one of the two bear hunters very badly. That happened 35 miles from me. BTPost had one by him this year too. Right around the same time.
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    I think that place is absolutely charming. I bet they have some interesting stuff in there.
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