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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by rjburk, May 26, 2016.

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    some years ago I was in a place I didn't like. I sold everything I had paid off all debts and took two packs of cloths on a plane to Juneau. I didnt have much cash as I paid off my debts but I quickly found work managing a plumbing supply. What a great 4 years that was. S.E. Alaska Is so amazing... I cant wait to go back! I lived in town and I was even chased by black bears and lived through a plane crash on a simple glacier tour... Dont under estimate the best of conditions in AK they too can kill you!
    but all in all its worth it!
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    The thing about Spring Bears, is they are HUNGRY... and if it is a Momma with Cubs, you need to stay well away.... and if it is a Young Male that just left Momma, then he hasn't figured out Hunting just yet, and he is looking for a "Cheap Meal" and you just might be on the Menu.... Otherwise, mostly they will leave Humans alone, and keep their distance...
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    Or they just come onto your porch and chew on things:

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    I have researched a lot on doing it......Take a Ferry from Washington to inland Alaska ? too expensive....Moving firearms through Canada ? Would have to ship certain firearms to a FFL dealer in Alaska for a fee( Class 3 items ) to bypass Canadian Laws....Have contacted several Real Estate agents on land in several area's, know the basics of what that entails.....I have a lot of skills over many years of working.....I'm a good carpenter, can wire a house, plumb it.....good vehicle mechanical skills, have built vehicles from ground up.....Shot on Military Rifle Team for 8 years, Placed 5th in National Match, got guns and shooting down....Former Correctional Officer and Afghanistan Veteran, worked people skills down.....Hunted for many years and have that down, I use a Kayak for hunting Ducks and Geese.....It is not something I would try by myself would slow everything down and require way more money than I would have to spend....Bear stories don't worry me, million to one that I would get mauled or attacked.....getting there in early spring and getting a small cabin up and everything prepped for first winter would be only concern for first year and that would be hard to do alone....would not plan on nor would I want to cabin up with several people, plans would be to build several small cabins for the others, even 2 people can frame up a small cabin in a fraction of the time you could do it by yourself.....I would be bringing all necessary tools, wood stoves, small solar setup and whatever else I felt I would need to get only issue is getting a Daughter and Granddaughter to understand....
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    Normally, I would say screw it -- just fly up and take whatever job you can. I've been working 'gigs' since 2005 as 'career' work is very hard to come by in the best of times. Now...well, the Alaskan economy is in the crapper, people are moving out of state and it's just going to get worse. If recent past history is any guide - a lot worse.

    You might be better off in rural Nevada (think - Midas or Tuscarora) or Colorado - one of the little mountain towns.. Even Montana (think Dillon or Cripple Creek) has a lot to offer, and both the land and living is a lot cheaper than anything found here in Alaska.
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