gun appreciation day

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Schumer is a freaking idiot, a dangerous freaking idiot and if someone every decides to clean his clock, I hope to god they use a sharpened spork instead of a gun.
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    Guy at work today: "Did you hear about all the protests going on?"
    Me: "Those aren't protests, they are pro-gun rallies."
    Guy: "I wonder why..."
    Me: "Something to do with shock and awe."
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    I celebrated by buying a small, metallic rape prevention device.
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    A thimble?:rolleyes:
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    Since OK City was closer than Austin (2 hours drive, versus 5), decided to head up there, Saturday morning, with some friends, who also brought their 3 kids (10, 7 & 4 years old) along. Great time, great speakers, and an enthusiastic crowd, with friendly press coverage. What more could you ask for? Plus, the kids got to see a grassroots political movement in action, and were really happy to be there!
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    Ours in N.C. was postponed due to the poly ticks being out of session. Reset for Feb.
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    FREAKING SWEET! The tags and related threads work great. (see bottom of thread)
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    I was at Denver's rally. Brought the whole family. The crowd was spirited and the signage was great. Because of short notice the crowd wasn't as big, plus the gun show in Pueblo was happening. I saw reports of this nationwide event in Christian Science Monitor, Reuters, plus our local AM new stations keep mentioning it in their broadcast. I think only a few local channels carried it. I hope they have another rally this Spring. People need to get involved.
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    Unsure about your speeches in OK but some of the speakers I heard were very right vs. left. Some people left because I don't think they wanted to stand around and be bashed. The constitution applies to all and whatever your political affiliation the constitution should be protected. I wish it had just been let's save our country, let's save our rights. Divided we fall.....
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