Hair Aflame, Some Just Thrive on Doom

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    Hair Aflame, Some Just Thrive on Doom

    If you're into crisis preparedness, you might know someone out there who lives for danger and societal demise. You know the type--they can bury their secret retreat and camoflauge the bug-out vehicle in the backwoods, but they can't disguise the adrenaline habit that arises out of tracking headlines continuously for signs of impending carnage.

    Of course, weeping and gnashing of teeth sells widely in the media anyway, but there are many info-consumer/bunker rats walking among us who just plain thrive on bad news. Maybe they are invested financially or emotionally in it, maybe it is just a validation of their outlook that the end is near.

    Either way, or for whatever other reason, imminent potential disaster injects borderline excitement and fear into the week and reinvigorates an impatient existence spent otherwise stocking the larder and stringing barbed wire around the perimeter.

    OK I Confess

    Hey--can you tell that I know of what I speak? Yep--I've been there, dug that bunker.

    Main point: Real survivors know there's a sharp distinction between being a prepper and being a doomer. It is nowhere near as evident as in times of impending disaster. Right now, it's mainly the downturns in the economy that are feeding the monster that demands to be fed negativity.

    I can say my own monster is pretty well locked away these days in a closet I haven't visited in quite some time. The key to that lock is in being as physically, spiritually, and mentally prepared as you can be. Then embracing the peace of mind that comes with that.

    Seize Control

    Don't let fear manage you. It's counterproductive and could actually kill you in real crisis. Be the rare individual who is equipped to intelligently fight and lead through adversity.

    In genuine worst-case scenarios, only about 15% keep their wits about themselves--and it's not always the ones who you would suspect. For more on that,
    click here.
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    last monday "somebody"wrote the us economy wouldn't last the week...well its next monday and we're still here...that kind a stuff wrassles my "doomy-monster" back into the box...( boy who cried wolf).
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    I have been into preparedness for 20+ years and if I had $5.00 for everytime I've heard someone say that the economy or civilization or something was going under. I'd would have been retired years ago. Will it happen one day, I think it will, but you never know. I try to end the year in better shape than I started it in, this doesn't always happen do to what ever. We have gotten through some tough years on food we had stored up. So for no other reason than that to me it is well worth being prepared.

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    In terms of preps, I like to be ready in case the Econ crashes this week.
    It will happen and IMHO, it's getting closer. But, You can't crawl into your bunker just yet.

    I admit that at times I get a little freaked out by the illogical nature of our .gov managing crisis'. That leads me to much darker speculation. I have been a chicken little all my life because nothing ever happens. I need to temper that as the lining of my stomach can't take much more needless worry over things I cannot change.

    Then again. I pay my insurance premiums every month like my house is going to burn down the next month. I'm a hopeless doomer.
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