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    I want to build a portable hand pump from PVC and looking for a diagram of a good design. I have searched the forum and Youtube but haven't found exactly what I am looking for, found something that will work and I can modify but still looking for other options.

    I am new to this forum (1st post) and my rational is that since I have some water and fuel stored but don;t have the space for a lot I will need a way to pump it from a source to a container. I live in the north west water is fairly plentiful so sources are good and there is plenty of rain water.

    I figure a good PVC hand pump (one specifically for fuel and one for water) would be very handy items. I know it may be easy to buy them but I like to build things and I will learn something about how pumps work in the process. Not looking for well pump.

    My goals: portable and ability to pump from source to portable container.

    I am thinking something 2-3 feet ling and 2-3 inches in diameter not including detachable hoses on each end.

    I figure these are back up systems to help get by, not permanent solutions.

    Is PVC resistant to gasoline?

    Cheers. Gmoney
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    liquid transfer pumps

    Welcome to the SM website, gmoney...it's a good post to cut your teeth on...let Google do the work for you.


    Google: manually operated liquid transfer pumps and you will probably find a commercial solution to satisfy your need. Some commercial solutions are relatively uncomplicated and could probably be improvised from recycled materials.

    Be careful what plastics you use with petroluem based fluids...not all plastics are petroleum friendly.
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    I did a lot of google searching but your terms are much more specific.

    Your search turned up this

    "TRANSFLO" Piston Type Hand Operated Pump Demo - YouTube

    which is what I am looking for but want to make it myself. In addition to getting a pump I want to learn how it works while I make it.
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    For more info and sources

    Have a look at:

    Pump - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    for more information about manual pumps...their web links and external reference sources may be worth a look at also.
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    or If you are near ANY coastal town, you can buy these at ANY Boating Shop, under the Manual Bilge Pump. ..... YMMV.....
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    As a guy with "ten thumbs" that would be my choice. And I wish many of you do just that because all of you highly capable do-it-yourselfers make me look bad.

    Thank heaven for bilge pumps.
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    theyre about $100-300 [​IMG]
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