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    Been thinking about what i'm gonna say for a couple days now. I live on the western slope of colorado and we,ve been experiencing historic hot, dry conditions. I can look out my window and see two wildfires burning totalling about 17,000 acres. Their is now concern about the ash from the fires getting into the water supplies. The other day the fires were close enough to the main electric transmission lines there was talk of cutting the power to our valley. Colorado is'nt alone in natures wrath, i see on the news stories about millioms without power in record heat back east. My main focus had been on the BIG event that would deliver us to to a wrol. shtf world, but now i'm thinking that there will be 100's maybe 1000's of events that will happen before the total end of society as we know it. Anyhow , thought i'd share these musings.
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    Thank you for sharing.

    Are you close enough to be directly affected? Are you prepared for what you're experiencing?

    Be careful! Keep us posted on your well-being. Teach us your lessons learned.

    Happy thoughts and prayers sent your way. :)
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    ...and if imminent danger is present - get out of harms way! Fires are not to be trifled with.

    A big part of surviving is not putting yourself in survival situations ;)
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