Hard to beat a good dog.

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    This is Izzapoo AKA Poo or Baby Poo. She is my constant companion and the best line of defense. She misses nothing that happens here and alerts when it worthwhile and not every time a rabbit crosses a grassy area. When Poo barks it is wise to listen and watch. She will not let anyone exit a vehicle on the property until I tell her its OK and then she always keeps herself positioned between me and the visitor. In Poo's mind my personal space is a 5 foot circle around me and anyone gettign inside that area gets bared teeth and serious growl. She is 1/2 pit 1/4 Aussie Shep and 1/4 Choco Lab.

    But Poo is not all work and no play! We play the Bloody Hand Game (Most people call it Fetch with a stick) She just get carried away sometimes and tries to take the stick, and sometimes grabs the hand.... and thus the bloody hand game. And we play baseball, I throw her ball and she grabs it and then runs to the 3 bases and touches the ball on each one before bringing it back to me.

    Funniest thing about her is that she is terrified of pigs even little piglets. When she was about 5 weeks old and insisting on breaking away from the rest of the litter to follow me. She went into the hog pasture with me and a bunch of weans were checking her out and her them. When we left I stepped over the electric wire and she was going under it and her tail was up and she got zapped. To this day she believes the Pigs bit her and won't go near the hogs.

    Just can't beat a good dog that is a brawler, smart and totally loyal. And in this picture she would really one day like to get a hold of that stranger that comes here 6 days per week at the same time every day and puts stuff in the metal box on a wood post that her brother and dad pee on every morning!

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    Thank the lord for dogs ,,,, they are the best and loyalist of friend and family ,,,,
    Its hard to believe that dog doesn't like bacon ,,,,even if it is on the hoof,,,,,:ROFLMAO:
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    Second Best thing Man Kind ever did for him self, domesticating of the Wolf! Man and Dog are far better prepared to face life together then ether would be on their own! God bless every Dog ever born!
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    These are my 3 1/2 the 3 big ones are Izzapoo, Duke Behind her and Tootsie Pop (Siblings fromthe same litter) on Look Out Stump Duty. The Giant one and the biggest bully is the Rat Terrier BB that thinks she is a Rot LOL Every day at 1:15 they all have to go into the run because they HATE the Mail Man. Duke and Pop are never far from me but just don't have the loyalty and bond with them that me and Poo have.
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    She loves bacon and chops and steaks 1 1/2 year later and still can't convince her that the pigs didn't bite her.
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    Lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car. Come Back 2 hours later, open the trunk and see which one is happy to see you. :D :D

    Yard Dart isn't the only one who can live dangerously around here. :whistle:
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    "Hard to beat a good dog."

    Why would you want to beat a good dog?
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    Two outa 3 ain't bad.
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    Don't you love those multi meaning words :)
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