Has anyone had to use their BOB for survival?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by dcoates, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. dcoates

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    Quick question,
    Has anyone had to use there BOB for a situation or just a field trial?
    I would like to know as i was planning on doing just that for a week and see if i really had what i need in my bob and my head to make it out in the wilderness.

    what did you have in it and what did you wish you had in it???
    what would you leave behind?
    what worked...what didn't
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  2. thiscleverpig

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    I upped my cordage to 200' of 550 cord. I was in a desert environment in the rain for 3 days. Stony ground and no stakes so I ended up using sticks to prop up the shelter and securing them with 550 cord tied to rocks. The rain added lots of weight and I used a lot of line.
  3. RightHand

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    Hope you get back to us with the results of your trial Dave. We all learn from one another
  4. dcoates

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    It's been decided (the wife)to take a week long kayak trip and camp/survive with our BOB contents only.
    it's salt water so that will be a challenge, er only have the 1 water filter.
    we'll see how it goes...planning right after CHRISTmas.
    plenty of time to hear those stories.
  5. RightHand

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    I did a 3 week backpack/canoe trip in the UP a few years back - a few more comforts than a BOB but still limited supplies. Depended on catch or snare for food augmented with rice and legumes. Settled down every night with a full belly. My favorite part was that I had my cameras and documents every day
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  6. Gray Wolf

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    I wound up stuck at a job site for a couple of days due to a flood. The contents of my BOB kept me fed and reasonably comfortable for that short time.
  7. strunk

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    I used to be better about doing regular bug-out drills, usually using the BOB and bugging out from home. Sometimes, though, I would have only my EDC bag and begin the drill from my place of employment. Minimum duration was 24 hours, but sometimes they were longer.

    That's something I need to get back to.

    It was a really good shakedown for the BOB, but I think more importantly it drove the contents of my EDC bag so that a real BOB was more of a convenience item than a necessity.
  8. Nadja

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    My wife and I used to live up at Lake Tahoe. Once during winter, our youngest daughter came to vist over the hollidays and yup, she wanted to go down in the basin to play at the casinos. While on the way back in the very early hours of a super cold morning, she and my wife in the back seat were freezing. So, told my wife to get into my pack and pull out a couple of those mylar small space blankets. They were both amazed at just how warm they get. Other then that, not really
  9. hedger

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    This is a very interesting thread; I hope that others will keep this going.

    As for my family and I, we each have our individual B.O.B. in our car.

    Additionally, we have kind of a master B.O.B. at home.

    I hope that we do not have to use them but it is great to know that we have them if Mother Nature or other unanticipated events throw any of us an unexpected curve.
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