have you heard this guys point of view ?

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    Is this guy kidding??
    he is saying its not good to live out side the city, and there are plenty of shelters in the city for you .also that you will do better in the city, and that everyone will be cooking out side and people in the country will be seen as targets. YouTube - PART 2 - PREPARING AND SURVIVAL IN THE CITY.
    he has some good tips, but some of the stuff he is saying I do not see. he says you will be safe in the citys, gangs will go to the people on farms and out side the cities, there will be safty in the city and not out side. ok, so all you who are wanting off the grid, he says your not as safe as say Chicago living LOL not sure about that.

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    says it will be almost impossible to grow foods, being at the highest place to live will be your best bet, and I kind of think he is right about living in the middle of no where, really a bunch of creeps could burn you out. Maybe he is smart? living in the city, ( maybe not that big of a city lol, but maybe just maybe my town is going to be a little better then being alone in the big cities, or in the country.
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    It depends on which version of reality we end up receiving.

    I know a lot of country folk who would put up one heck of a fight, enough to stave off a small army. Then we have urban dwellers in their small communities, which can easily be knit together (see also "Lights Out" for a vivid idea) and effectively keep their families secure. Nobody can say FOR CERTAIN what will happen. The best we can do is prepare and draw our line in the sand. If the government does get away with (openly declared) martial law and weapons confiscation (see New Orleans for those naysayers), and if the economy does take a rapid plunge at the right time, who knows? Maybe the defenseless folks in the country will become easy prey. But, you will still have the city to deal with if that's your unfortunate cup of tea. If or when growing your own food becomes outlawed, I ask you seriously: who is going to enforce this? The people must stand up and resist sooner or later -or all hope is lost. The day the gestapo comes around knocking at the door to collect firearms is the final straw for me. The day the health agents come around knocking to inspect for food stores or home growing is another line in the sand.

    Parents are already losing their children to "Social Services" every day. Does anybody stop them?

    We travel freely, as is our right to do so, but instead we choose the privileged license to drive. We are often fined, harassed, and even jailed. Does anybody stop them?

    Police routinely conduct raids and seizures, more often today than ever before without warrant and writ of oath. Ordinary occurrences are now criminal acts. Does anybody stop them?

    We are strip searched, fondled, prodded, scanned by dangerous machinery, and herded like cattle at commercial airports. Our borders are open to all illegals, and most who are deported simply return. Does anybody stop them?

    Our water supplies are poisoned. We consume fluoride under the pretense that it will do some good for our teeth, but common sense and science prove this to be false. Now, some water supplies are poisoned with lithium, industrial run-off and radioactive elements, too. Many of these chemicals are in our hygiene products, bottled water, and even chewing gum. Does anybody stop this from happening? Anybody?

    We have a shadow government that is completely held unaccountable and it can do whatever it wants. The CIA is out of control. Take your pick of the alphabet agencies, actually. Now, its "Homeland Security", even furthering the size of government. The Federal Reserve is privately owned, owns most of the debt assets created out of a usury scam, and has never once been audited. The IRS, a criminal collection and extortion racket which is also privately owned, is protected by the government and is also not accountable. Does anybody not find this to be important?

    When is enough going to be enough?

    Some say "they will never go that far",

    And just look how far they have already come!

    Fools. Wake up.
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    awesome post broker !!!
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    Yes. I have watched all of his videos. YankeePrepper gives very good advice and is very level headed and quite sane. You could do a lot worse than following his tips.

    Brokor is right, it really comes down to what happens and when it happens. Draw your line in the sand and stand behind it. Do not retreat.
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    Not good to live outside the cities? Plenty of shelters in the city? Is a blanket or sleeping bag on the sidewalk now considered shelter? Take a look at the tent city in Sacramento, Ca. where the lucky ones have small dome tents pitched on the sidewalk, the unlucky ones have a few blankets. Take a look at the tent city behind the Safeway store in Klamath Falls, Or. Winters are much colder in Oregon than in central California too. That's going on right now, what do you think will happen if there is any sort of SHTF situation?
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    Gray, you are talking about the homeless, for them they live SHTF daily. Those people have more of a chance for survival than your average mid-town tree-hugging yuppie fool, because they live in a day to day survival situation. I am worried about those folk more than I am the anti-rights non-gun owner Libtard next door to me. The mere fact that these people can live in tents in winter...in Oregon and survive...add to that that many of them have few to no morals and many are mentally derranged and addicted to a substance of some kind...scary picture there.
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    Why look that far.... take a look at the styrofoam box people camped out in the trees by railroad tracks throughout the suburbs of Chicago. They're taking styrofoam boxes and crates used to ship motorcycles and they're making homes out of them. When night falls, they come out and scavenge food from the dumpsters of restaurants and delis. Many are mentally ill.... do not confront them. You never know which one is suffering from paranoid schizophrenic delusions that was held for the statutory 72 hours for treatment then released. A disproportionately high number of these "homeless" are mentally ill.... meds administered can't reach therapeutic levels in their blood streams in 3 days... but then we've long known that. Releasing them back to the streets is cruel and inhumane not to mention the equivalent of leaving loaded guns on a play station tables in pre-schools.... many are armed.
    I already knew we were sitting ducks based on our location in the burbs.He said best thing to do was hunker down… well…. my best guess is upwards of 90% from the big city aren’t going to be in a position to do that for any extended period of time. How can they when all they’ve got in their frigs is left over Chinese and bottled “designer” spring water and there’s little more than maybe a coupla cans of Campbells soup and some saltines in the cupboards.... just in case they catch a flu bug. That case of bottled spring water stashed in the closet is gonna last how long once they realize their water-saving toilet tank only contains 1.5 gallons? That being said.... I agree with him that they're not resource rich. My bet is it will take the gangs all of like 48 hours to strip business establishments down to linoleum.... what will the yuppies do who make restaurant reservations instead of meals relying on Peapod for what they do "stock" in their units? Many will hit the roads which I agree will be the worst place for any human being.... I think we're going to see Darwin's theory playing out for the first time in our lives as they hit the roads.

    One thing I hadn't thought of (slaps self up side of head) was covering the smell of cooking food and burning wood. That's a problem... it can travel for miles and.... is not going to be just the gangs looking for the most amount of resources for the least amount of danger…. city folks' instincts are considerably sharper than those who live in suburban or outlying areas and we humans are animals.
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    Well yankeeprepper has some great ideas......... I know If you are out in the country and have things put away for such a situation you can make it a whole lot easier than someone in the city of whom eventually are going to be coming to the countryside to see what they can get for free. That is why most people live in cities anyhow, because you just go to work, then to the gracery store once a week forr some things and really room is at a premium so you cant really stock up on things.
    so when the crap does hit the rotery oscillator, and they cant get there food at a grocery store, wheres the first place they go they will pick up and go to the country.
    quite a few of those that move to the country are unsavory type people so they will just try to take what they want. so the people with the bigger gardens are spots they hit first.
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    The thing to remember here is that these citified folks will be looking for EASY Pickens and any serious resistance is going to be bypassed, for a while, at least, until the Easy Pickens, have all been picked. That is when the Gangs will become a BIG Deal, and you need to make sure your Group is large enough to deal with that eventuality, whether your in a city building, or in the country....
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    Eat cold. Period. Use lots of blankets. Fire on rainy cold days, smell gets knocked down by rain. Don't forget the arson fires will cover most of your fire smell. Canned goods are COOKED, they are just cold. Stock on cold stuff, and at worst you can use dehydrated foods, reheated/hydrated with boiling water in sealed bags.
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    I'm not in a position to leave my home. Ideally, I would like to be able to stay put until I could find a suitable location out of harms way of the second wave that will surely be a force with which to contend. I have never located such a place to run to. Our "group" is small and consists of some family and two families of friends who like us.... didn't realize all that was in store for Americans due to compartmentalization frequently referred to by Broker. We weren't connecting the dots.

    adding- you are so right Falcon. I've begun to stock on cold foods and have several manual can openers.
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    I've lived outside for an extended period and what most people don't understand is it takes LOTS of calories to survive that way. You can't just go in the house when it gets chilly so all the heat comes from what you eat. I don't see many fat homeless people do you?
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    I ain't buying this guys version of safety in the cities post SHTF.
    Two examples to fire my doubt;
    The Rodney King Riots of 1992
    The riots
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    LAPD officers on Normandie Avenue & 3rd Street in Koreatown during the riots

    The riots, beginning in the evening after the verdicts, peaked in intensity over the next two days, but ultimately continued for several days. A curfew and deployment of the National Guard began to control the situation; eventually U.S. Army soldiers and United States Marines were ordered to the city to quell disorder as well.
    Fifty-three people died during the riots<SUP id=cite_ref-Crogan_21-0 class=reference>[22]</SUP> with as many as 2,000 people injured. Estimates of the material losses vary between about $800 million and $1 billion. Approximately 3,600 fires were set, destroying 1,100 buildings, with fire calls coming once every minute at some points; widespread looting also occurred. Stores owned by Korean and other Asian immigrants were widely targeted,<SUP id=cite_ref-CSMDarkest_22-0 class=reference>[23]</SUP> although stores owned by Caucasians and African Americans were targeted by rioters as well.
    Many of the disturbances were concentrated in South Central Los Angeles, which was primarily composed of African American and Hispanic residents. Half of all riot arrestees and more than a third of those killed during the violence were Hispanic.<SUP id=cite_ref-Pastor_23-0 class=reference>[24]</SUP><SUP id=cite_ref-Kwong_24-0 class=reference>[25]</SUP>
    <SUP>But don't worry, I am sure people like these in the various major cities will just peacefully migrate into the countryside looking for work and food.</SUP>
    <SUP>My second example, would be the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Need I say more. When society breaks down, It ain't gonna be pretty.</SUP>
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    I haven't watched it yet but form what I see here I don't think what he said is good advice.

    How many examples do we need to see what happens in heavily populated areas when things go haywire, Katrina, LA Riots, many other Riots that have happened in past, Warsaw Ghetto ect.

    I don't think you are completely secluded out in the country, I'm sure there are some really secluded places but most country areas still have plenty of homes and people in the area that will know and help each other if some thugs come rolling in.
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    It's not that far for the western Monkeys. :)
    I would disagree with this statement.

    Most cities I've visited are full of sidewalk-watchers. People are unaware of their surroundings. Rarely do they look up at faces or places.

    I think that Rural-dwellers (maybe it's just those that I know) are far better at situational awareness. They tend to look up and around.
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    Some of what he says has merit, to a point. However, I think most of his comments he is trying to justify in his own mind why he moved to a city with 6 million people. Chicago has almost twice the population of our entire state. Holy crap, that's a safe place to be? [loco]

    I would not want to be within 500 miles of that sh*thole. Here I thought I had it bad, living in a small community of 15K. [aiw]
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    He used to live there. He is in rural Minnesota now. He was speaking from personal experience of having lived there and understanding it from a survivor point of view.
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    Enough said, if it is so safe then why doesn't he live there anymore? Hmmmmmm...........

    Survivor of what, being mugged.
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