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  1. Today I was out early with the dog just taking a walk up the back 40 and up on my mtn out that way. (TBH I only own part of that mtn, but I still consider it my mtn.)

    I had slipped on my 40year old hat (good old stetson that I have bashed and beaten and lately have knocked into just a flat brim with no bash in it at all)

    I thought back on all the times I have spent out in the woods wearing a hat or dew rag tied up top and how much comfort a hat is.

    I remember reading some old diaries and such that pointed out that the old pioneers all wore some head cover for protection from sun and rain and cold and hot.

    Seems that no matter what one does outside, a hat is a good thing to have, and something like pants that we all take for granted.

    I have boonie hats, ball caps, and one old stetson. I have straw farmers hats for the hot days out in the hay field.

    I usually also have a dew rag in my pocket and while I will use it or a towel on my head on hot days, I consider a dew rag about as important as a knife for multi purposes. (some other time I'll post my dew rag thoughts)

    I have seen people pin matches and other emergency stuff including a bit of coin / bills in their hats. seen straps for windy days and a ton of other hat mods / decorations.

    I notice that all over the world hats while unique are almost always part of the travel / woods / outside gear of all people who go out and do.

    I just wanted to give credit to something so useful, and hopefully convince ya'll to jump in with your hats and useful little mods that make it "your hat" instead of just A hat.

    Have a great day and have fun out there in the big ol' world.

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  2. davidsdesire

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    three cheers for the chivalrous chapeau! the beneficent bonnet! the stalwart stetson! the fearless fedora! the protective panama! the courageous cap! the humble hat!

    I am a hat lover. So many people don't wear hats because they fear looking silly in them. Balderdash, I say! Hats are wonderful...and I decided years ago I don't care if i look goofy in them, I love them and I shall wear them!

  3. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    Ah...I see we have another rhyming couplet cowboy (or cowgirl) in our midst. Welcome to the monkey tree DD. There are a few rhymers and reasoners here, those stanza lone types who'll see your couplet and raise it a sestet.

    A man reaches that stage of their life that they have, by osmosis achieved old farthood (Old Geezerhood to my American friends) One of the signal indications of this change of life (male menapause) for men...is the acquisition of a hat "with character".

    I recently bought a Dunn & Co *, hand woven harris tweed fedora to wear on my head. I look the very image of a Yorkshire country squire (sans the Yorkshire accent)...just need a tweed jacket, corduroys, boots, shooting stick and an AJ Purdey classic shotgun to complement the ensemble...and my redcoat fantasy of grouse shooting on the moors will be complete!

    * Info about G.R. Dunn & Co. hat [Archive] - The Fedora Lounge

    It's amazing what arcane knowledge can be found on the internet...there are no curiosities nor passionate inerests so obscure that they don't have their own websites to share their obsessions with the world!
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  4. ghrit

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    Tell you what, I've been covered outside EVERY time I go out since I got that first sunburned scalp, and I have a LOT less hair now.
  5. Seawolf1090

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    I almost always wear a ball-cap outside, though sometimes I'll wear a boonie-style hat. I have one from Columbia Sportswear that's thin, light and easily folded and pocketed.
  6. A hat, a pipe, comfortable shoes, many things may not be cool, and some seem to require age to pull off.

    I found it strange to see a 20 something with a pipe, but a 50 something with a meerschaum pipe, now that looks right.

    I happen to own one just like this:


    I wear my old hat, smoke my pipe when I please, and drink my coffee or tea from a blue enamel wear cup.

    They bring me pleasure, and in the case of my hat keep me protected from the elements,

    the pipe is how i relax after the days in the woods, (don't play the harmonica or id have one of those too)

    The blue enamel wear cup, that is worthy of its own post which I shall make shortly.

    Living life on one's own terms while harming no other, that is priceless.

    Ya'll have fun out there in zombie land and keep a grin on your face, makes em wonder what you have been up to.

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  7. NotSoSneaky

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    I hate hats.

    That being said I have an outdoor reseach "Seattle Sombreo" which has lived in the back of one truck or another or my backpack for the better part of the last 16 years now. Its one of the best hats I've had for keeping my head dry. It's a bit warm to wear once the temp goes ove 45 degrees and I tend to keep the sides velcro'd up against the crown unless it's really raining.

    When I first bought it I threw away the chin cord. after the fourth time it was blown offa my head by a gust of wind I cut an old shoelace (I don't throw nothin' out) in half and had tied the hat on. Still using the same shoelase for the last 15 years. That's about as personalised I get with hats.

    (I hate hats because as a child I went to parochial shool and we had military style peaked garrison hats as part of out uniforms. Uncomfortable as heck.)

    Nice churchwarden there Thaddius. [applaud]
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  8. Sewer Rat

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    I've got a couple Tilley hats, I've dyed all but the hemp hat. I've made them all darker, either green or brown. I know a lighter colored hat will reflect the sun more effectively but I've never liked bright hats.
  9. Seawolf1090

    Seawolf1090 Retired Curmudgeonly IT Monkey Founding Member

    One year I gave my mother a Tilley Hat for Christmas (she had been wanting one - rather expensive!) - have you read the story of The Elephant?

    After ten years in the military, I had just gotten used to wearing a hat outdoors. Like I still always wear a T-shirt under a regular shirt, like the military insisted on.
  10. Falcon15

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    Hats are mandatory IMO. I have several I wear on a regular basis. A couple of Stetsons, an oilskin hat, my light straw hat for yard/property work, several baseball caps, a few BDU covers, and of course the ubiquitous boonie hat. As for do-rags, I always have a bandana in one of my pockets in addition to a handkerchief. It's not that I lack hair, I just prefer shade for my eyes and a dry head in case of a sudden rainstorm.

    Sure beats the alternative.
  11. hedger

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    As you know, lots of heat radiates from our heads.

    When I wear a hat, unless it's really cold outside, it will not take long for the heat to build up to where I sweat heavily. Since I do not enjoy sweating heavily, I usually do not wear hats.

    However, as I have aged, I have more acquaintances who are into their 60's and beyond. For many of our senior citizens, it appears that staying warm has become more of a challenge for them. I suspect that as I move more into that age territory, I may find hats much more appealing.
  12. Pyrrhus

    Pyrrhus Monkey+++

    I was about to state that I never wear a hat because I just don't like them when it occurred to me that I wear one almost every day. I guess it is such a habit that I don't even realize it.
  13. Dang hat blew off (was wearing the stetson instead of a boonie hat) and my old dog decided to pick it up n run with it. Now i have to get the doggy drool n bite marks off / brushed out.

    At least wont hurt the looks, that hat has been with me 40 years more or less and has had so many bashes in the crown and so many angles bent into the brim that it doesn't know what is gonna happen to it next. Probably enjoyed being drug all over the place in dogs mouth just for a change of pace.
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