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    You know this could go under what did I put away this week. However, I didn't put this away. I heard my girlfriend, look around and ask why all these people were acting so carelessly, like there would always be tomorrow to clean up their mess.
    I have been trying to get her to look around at the world and see whats been going on. She is a born and raised liberal from Vancouver Canada. She used to think I was crazy (well she still thinks I'm nuttier than a shit house bat), but is asking questions now about why politics are the way they are and who controls what.

    It's a large step for her to join us crazies, but I think she will be a great addition.

    This is all about winning the hearts and minds of the people we try to save. It's a difficult thing, getting people to admit that civilization will not always continue as it has before, and that someone needs to prepare to take care of the rest of the folks. If we can gain a sheepdog for every 100 people who think we are crazy, then I think we could have one hell of a guard force.

    Okay there is my disjointed thought process, lets see who gets it.
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    I get it, but your 1 to 100 is way off. As helplessly screwed up, unaware, and unprepared the general flock is, for the sheepdogs to properly care for them, it is apt to be more like 1 to 10. I, for one, figure to be barely able to cover my own butt with both my sons helping out, even if they can and will. Prep for your own.

    Then again, maybe you meant 1 to fend off 100 screaming sheep --. That may be doable, if there are enough in the compound to stay awake at the portcullis and guard towers --

  3. CBMS

    CBMS Looking for a safe place

    Well what I meant with the 100 to one is that out of 100 sheeple out there, Maybe one of them is actually a sheep-dog, asleep waiting to be woken up. Ready to learn about what they need to do to be able to help guard the flock.
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    The added benifit for any ration you use is it tends to be doubled since each person who is prepaired to take care of themselves (let alone help others out) is 1 less that has to be taken care of by others either by holding their hand and takeing the in or by dispatching them when they try to take what they need from others who have it and also need it.
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