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    Hi yall , I am avery new member here and wanted to say hello . I am a kind of quiet person and I usually only post when I feel passionate about something . I lurk a LOT and enjoy reading about others accomplishments !
    I just completed filling a MAJOR hole in my preps , I finally got a water well drilled and operational on my property . As of now it is electric only , but I plan to add a deep well hand pump as soon as possible . Hand pumps are pretty pricey so it's gonna be a little while before I purchase it while I recoup a little cash after the drilling expendature .
    I just wanted to say hello and let yall get to know me a little bit . [beer] Buzzz
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    Welcome Buzzzz, glad to make your acquaintance.... Looking forward to reading your stuff....
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    I've drilled a few wells by bucketing and it's not easy work. If you did that I have no doubt you'll get the rest done.
  4. hedger

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    Drilling by Bucketing?

    I have not drilled any wells at all but I am curious as to what the drilling by bucketing process is all about.

    Could you please enlighten me?
  5. buzzz

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    I have to admit that I did my well the lazy mans way . I went to work and did what it is I do to make the money to hire a driller to do what it is he does ! The well is 185' and is very good water . Getting that done has been a nagging concern for years , but I will not be totally satisfied until I buy and install the hand pump ( which I will install myself , since I can only be partially lazy ) ! There are different ways to do your own well. On the net but in my situation none of them seemed feasible .
    Anyway thanks for the replies !!
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