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Discussion in 'Peak Oil' started by MNMGoneShooting, Mar 18, 2012.

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    It's happened before, it'll happen again. [beat]
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    Self-Inflicted Stupidity

    I have read that the North (along the East Coast) states have been shutting down their refineries like never before. We already know that gas prices are headed to new record highs this summer.

    All I can say is that the high density of tree-hugger/enviro-whackos is going to inflict an extraordinary penalty on residents of the the northeastern states in the USA. Since that area has a high number of liberal democrats, they will be reaping the seeds of their own stupidity as gas prices soar to the stratosphere.

    As the cost of gas/diesel increases, it is natural that the cost of transporting those fuels to the northeastern states will also increase. That increased cost of transporting fuel to the northeast will make it one of the very highest cost areas in the USA.

    I wonder if the residents of the northeast will feel somewhat more righteous as they pay record high prices for their fuel. If there is any such feeling, I expect that it will pass quickly as their economies sour more quickly than other regions of the USA--due to the punitive fuel prices.
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    The difference is Carter did not want it; 0bama does.
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    self righteous

    hedger, it almost sounds like your implying that the residents of the northeast are responsible for the closing of the refineries? (
    I wonder if the residents of the northeast will feel somewhat more righteous as they pay record high prices for their fuel) If only the people HAD an influence on that, we would probably be better off, as nobody wants higher gas for the oil producing states, and countries.....And living in a oil producing state, everybody gripes about the higher gas prices....BUT nobody complains about the jobs it creates in the oil fields, or the money made from those jobs....Most of us realize that oil and fuel prices are controlled by , production, refineries (production) and WALL STREET!..Greed sets the prices, as is in most of life....Also, if they have that many refineries there, the distance shouldn't be that great....Most of it is unloaded at the ports, and sent through pipeline to distribution points, then distributed to end locations..rsbhunter
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    Some laws of physics still apply to the supply/demand principle, not all price fluctuations can be blamed on the evil speculator..

    residents of the NE will suffer the same as residents of california did when they shut down refineries, heavily tax petroleum products, and legally mandate specially formulated fuels specific to their state or metro area..

    higher fuel prices

    america has not allowed a new refinery built in 40yrs (same with nuclear plants), there is a finite amount of space, for the refinement of crude oil into useable products. And fuel for modes of conveyance is but a small percentage of what oil is used for in this day of "petroleum dependance".. Plastic, is a petroleum product.. Few realize, how much plastic one uses or depends on in a day.

    a refinery has to attempt to project the demand for a product, 3wks before even producing it.. Need heating oil due to a cold snap? take a number, they allocated the fracker/cracker units (big tanks/cookers used in the refining process) and storage tanks for liquid fertilizer additive products because a mild winter was forecasted and they are trying to get a head start on the agricultural demand for fertilizer products.. Meanwhile, there is a shortage of heating oil, due to the demand increase.. and so prices go up.

    Once upon a time, diesel was a by-product of gasoline production, and GIVEN away for free..

    Now, with EPA regulations, they must REFINE the diesel for another 3-5 days after creating it, that takes up space in the cookers, and holding tanks. Due to the EPA regulations, you also burn more of it and get less fuel economy per unit..

    But the air is cleaner and your carbon footprint is reduced and the planet is cooling..

    just sayin..
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