Hero Bear? or fight for lunch?

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    I think grandad was a lunch time snack for the two and a fight broke out.

    Man Saved from Mountain Lion Attack by Bear
    Sam Cohen FOX40 News 10:51 p.m. PDT, March 29, 2012

    A man was rescued from a mountain lion attack, by a bear. No, this isn’t the latest children’s movie, this happened Monday morning in Butte County.
    Robert Biggs, 69, was walking along trails he knows well near the town of Paradise, about 90 miles north of Sacramento, when he saw a bear and her cub.
    He says he watched the pair for a while, then turned to leave.

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    “I was bent over, going up the trail, and something jumped on my back and knocked me to my knees, and I turned around, and it was a mountain lion,” said Biggs.
    He started fighting for his life.
    “I had a rock in my right hand, and I come around and swing and hit him in the side of the head, and it made a big screeching sound. And I come back to swing again, and I come around, and just about half way there, I see this dark figure grabbing the neck of the mountain lion and tearing it down the ground behind me,” recalled Biggs.
    He says that dark figure was the mama bear he had been watching with her cub just minutes before. Biggs believe the bear jumped in to save him.
    “I’m sure the bear was trying to save me. The way she was looking at me just two minutes before I was standing there watching her, and she was looking at me like we were old friends,” said Biggs.
    After wrestling for a few minutes, the bear and her cub and the mountain lion each walked off heading their own way.
    Biggs walked off, too, with a few scratches.
    “He came home this time, blood all over his pants. His arm; he had skin hanging off his arm. He had these puncture wounds and scratches,” said his wife Suzanne Biggs.
    Despite the scare and scratches, Biggs says he will continue to explore the trails in his area.
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  2. gunbunny

    gunbunny Never Trust A Bunny

    Get over it, they are wild animals, not old friends. You are lunch to them.

    That is, if this even really happened.
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  3. BTPost

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    Black Bears run the SAME firmware, as Chipmunks, with a Minor Modification for Momma Bear Attack, if Cub Threatened, routine. This fellow was just dang'ed LUCKY, that he hadn't triggered the above mentioned Sub-Routine, while he was watching MOmma, and the cub. He was outside the Threat Circle for that trigger, for Humans. That Circle size is different (Bigger) for Predators, like Cougar/Mountain Lions. When the Cat appeared, it immediately Triggered that Sub-Routine, in Momma, and she attacked the source of the Interrupt. Once the threat was dealt with, and the Interrupt, Serviced, the Momma Bear returned to her MainLine Firmware Code, which is "Search for Food" , and Teach Jr. how to do That"... If the fellow had been inside the Thread Circle" for humans, at the end of the Attack, he would have re-triggered the sub-routine, and MOmma would have MUNCHED Him, on the spot..... ...... YMMV....

    Oh yea, The above only applies to Black Bears... Brown Bears run TOTALLY different Firmware, and they attack anything that looks tasty....
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  4. chelloveck

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    I shall remember that should I visit Alaska and other bear habitat. I shall try and over-ride my bladder and bowel IF - THEN, dump sub routines...should a bear is nearby routine is invoked.
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