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    Ok, just have to find out, dose anyone out there drive down the road admireing all the potential building materials available in case of any long term SHTF situations? All those electric poles for log buildings and such as well as the cables run between them, the large metal and plywood road signs, the huge heavy duty tarps with the adds printed on them for the bill boards and so on.

    I actualy have a shelter for our Donkey with a large gas station sign as part of the roof and another as part of one wall and am building a large outhouse that will most likely have one or two to make up parts of the walls.

    We need a good toothless hillbilly icon. [raspberry]
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    Oh great...now when I drive down the road I'll be eyeing all those items, but for a different reason than normal... o_O

    A lot of older poles have creosote on them. I imagine those could be painted or covered with some type of material to avoid contact with the creosote.

    With a gas station sign as the outhouse wall you'll at least have something to read...depending on which way you place it.
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    every third-world country you travel through will have entire communities made from what they can scavange. Nothing hillbilly about that, just using what's available.
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    Best I could find :(


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