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    #4.. omg. #4..
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    good stuff there
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    Well, there's actually two No. 3's. (Networked with others sooner)

    The single biggest issue I have observed in the past five years on this issue is getting them to take off even one layer of tinfoil show up for a FTF meeting. I've lost track of how many folks who have approached me for a meeting and have not bothered to show up. When someone actually does show up, then I find I'm dealing with one of two types.

    1. The Dreamer:
    Typically admits they have not done anything to prep, wants to "join a commune" where everyone can live off the land, off grid. Has "Big Plans" to network with "preppers, survivalists and militias" but when pressed slightly as to the nature of their plans they have nothing to share.

    2. The Seckret Squirrel:
    Has no name, prefers to be addressed by their screen name. Usually wants to know where you live, what kind of vehicle you'll be arriving in, how you'll be dressed so they can recognize you, and sometimes give additional instructions as the sit at a certain table or bench.
    Known to not show up after confirming they will be there.:rolleyes:

    Flame suit on
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    OpSec is a very valid Survival SkillSet. Some of these folks, are very likely Good Folks, but have become slightly paranoid, about FaceMeets with unknown People, or Groups, because of recent experiences. Some may just be Posers.... I found this to be true, last summer, when Momma and I were Road Tripping thru the Western USA. Setup a few FaceMeets, and the folks never showed. I was a bit discouraged, but am still in contact with these folks, and I think, NOW, there wouldn't be an issue. Prep'en, does make one take OpSec into account, just by it's nature. I tend to be a lot more open about my Prep'er Life, due to the facts of my Location, and Isolation, from the rest of the world. I can see folks coming, for an hour, so I have plenty of time to make any preparations to receive Visitors. Not the norm, for most folks. Neutral Location Meets are the Norm for most first FaceMeets. but an Ongoing Relationship, is much more critical, to the OpSec, that one would keep, for first time Meets. This in one of the best results of the Monkey Tree. You can build relationships, here, that in many cases last LifeTimes, that never include a FaceMeet. If they ever do actually meet, the Ongoing Relationship tends to overtake and reservations, because you do actually KNOW them, and they ARE Real Friends.... ..... YMMV....
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    +1 for Family OPSEC. My adult/younger brother runs his mouth and when I first started down this path, I had some discussions with him. He blabbed to my ultra-lefty mother and now I have learned to play everything down. She occasionally brings up prepping in passing and I brush it off and make my brother sound like he exaggerates (which he does).
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    #4. I tried to talk to my youngest brother about emergency preparedness a long time ago, he went and told my parents that I was a terrorist.??

    My wife was helping me inspect and repack some of our long-term dehydrated food storage stuff, and I found lots that I would not have bought had I known then what I know now. Hindsight is always 20-20, and when SHTF time comes, you go with what you have on hand. In retrospect, the cans of dehydrated stuff are still good after all these years (I think we got it in 1989) and it's worth it for the peace of mind.
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    I have had an interest in self sufficiency and survivalism way before the internet, mainly through reading non fiction books, magazines, military service, hunting and some backyard farming. Prepping (putting stuff away and broadening my skill and knowledge base) came much later with the internet. Survival mom's advice reflects her starting experience as a total newbie to the scene. I was never overwhelmed by what I read on prepper forums and blogs: I discovered very quickly what was worth taking note of as useful and valuable and what was worthless dross. Youtube clips can be very informative, and there is no doubting their inspirational value (they did it, so I can too), but like forums and blogs, it's still a case of "the buyer beware". The value of youtube videos, is seeing step by step how something is done, which is sometimes a little difficult to pick up on in text...particularly with skill development and making / building things.

    It depends what you mean by "crap" and what you mean by "high quality" products.

    I'm a believer it getting the most for the least. I balance my buying between cheap but serviceable, and expensive but high quality. Not interested in gucci for "status" value alone, but only if it's justified by quality and durability. I prefer economical high quality second hand (with lots of service life left) than brand new inferior quality or brand new high quality.

    My acquisition program has always been modest, but progressively accumulated over the long haul. I tend not to be an impulsive or panic buyer. Anything in the way of consumables I'll buy a couple of, taste test or field trial them...then if I like what I bought it will be progressively cut in to the buying program.

    I am something of a lone wolf...and don't feel the need to seek affirmation of others that what I am doing is on the right track. Although undoubtedly there are other Australian preppers, and there is certainly, at least one prepper website that I am aware of...I am not much of a joiner.

    Prepping is a bit like belonging to AA or the Loyal Order of Buffalos, being into multi level marketing, or being a dull man ( Dull Men's Club - Celebrating the Ordinary) .... that certain raised eyebrow and cocked eye of the family member or close friend just tells you that they either pity you for your vice, think that you're in some nutty kind of secret society, doing something slightly (and disconcertingly) disreputable or are the boring twat that they always thought you were. Being as I'm pretty much the only secular humanist non theist in the extended family that I belong to...and that their view is "God will provide"...I'm damned whatever I do. So I do what I do without advertising the fact, in the knowledge that I am in a much better place to provide for my own, in the event when God doesn't.

    5) Focused on financial survival first instead of third, or fourth

    This underpins much of the rest..it's a constant work in progress.

    Looking at Survival Mom's website....I came across this gem....it seems that the Great Depression lasted into the 1960's in my family when I was but a lad. Ah memories. I still ocassionaly dine on some of these traditional Depression staples, but I have foregone bread and dripping sandwhiches a very long time ago.

    Could you stomach these Great Depression meals? | The Survival Mom
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    Heck we eat some of those on a regular basis.

    C'mon who dont like Fried bologna ? :D
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    Fried Barbeque bologna is a staple in my family. ..lol

    I joined this site shortly after my prepping journey. Like some I am somewhat of a lone wolf. I like people don't get me wrong but stupidity around where I come from seems to be contagious. So for the most part I don't make what I call friends. I have 5 people in this world that I would consider friends. These people would be people I would or could in the right circumstance lay my life down for. One of my friends also happens to be a co-worker and fellow prepper. He has been prepping for many years and I have been fortunate to learn a lot from him. As far as my family goes they tell me im nuts but I think secretly wish they were like me ( I think they are afraid I might be right)
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    My mother is one of those people who does not grasp the idea of discretion, and my brothers and I quickly learned that unless you want the entire family, neighborhood, school faculty, and church congregation to know your business, you did NOT tell mom. Fast forward many years later and even the Mr gets annoyed because I don't tell him half of what I'm up to. Anyway, I'm always kinda shocked when I see people post asking "How do you introduce people to prepping" or talk about how they try to get people on board with them. I'm like, why? You tell one guy, and he's gonna tell his wife or girlfriend. She's gonna tell her best friend, who will tell whoever she's sleeping with, and before you know it half the town knows your business.
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    Ummm..........Chello, more than a few those foods regularly appear on my dinner plate. Supper tonight was fried taters & cornbread, & of course a cup of milk with cornbread crumbled in it. Several those foods are considered YUMMY Countryboy foods! Who don't like a mater sammich? o_O
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    At least you know how to spell sammich...
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    Nawp, it's "sammidge". Durn hillbillys.
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