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Homemade Generator from a lawnmower

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Blackjack, Jun 29, 2007.

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    Few comments. Almost all of these make a generator from a ****** are dc generators to charge a battery. Except for the very expensive generators that allow the frequency to stay the same with changing RPM, they all require the motor to not only run at a fixed RPM, but to stay at the RPM under changing loads. That requires a better system than most small lawn mowers have. Then almost all modern push mowers use a system that requires you to hold a bail down and releasing it kills the engine and puts on a brake. They are also optimized to start with no real load as the blade is in effect a fan until you push it into the grass and it starts to cut. Last and not least, many of the cheaper motors are designed for a very short life and short run times. That said they are usually free, it is fun to do, and they do put out quite a bit of power. But a good Honda GX series engine from a water pump, air compressor, old generator, pressure washer etc is designed to operate under varying loads, has a design life of 4,000 hours instead of 500 to 1,000, has a larger gas tank and will run 8 hours a day for years. Guess you know what I play with.
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