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  1. horology

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    Looking for resources on how to keep and care for a horse.

    We just got three horses and know very little about them, anyone
    know of a good book or on line resource?

    Thanks in Advance

    Peace and Love

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    Get to know your farrier and your 'large animal' vet - you will need them!

    My sister had horses for years - she grew up with them - me, I don't trust anything with a mind of it's own. Never have to worry about my bike dumping me and trotting back to the garage.

    You'll probably have some stables near you. You could try asking them for pointers, or to recomend some good books or a website. Maybe they know someone who could run a 'class' for y'all?
    One thing I do know about horses - they are HIGH MAINTENANCE! Owning horses is a lifestyle, not a hobby.
  3. horology

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    Sounds like words of wisdom - with a chuckle thrown in!!! Thanks!
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    I grew up on a farm with cows, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, etc so when my wife said she wanted to get herself and the girls horses, I said sure couldn't be that much different than any of the other stuff I've taken care of.

    Boy was I ever wrong. Not only are horses high maintenance they can be moody just like a woman and will spook at the most ridiculous things. The rock they walk past for months will all of the sudden turn into a horse eating monster when you try to lead them past it.

    Horses are nothing like any other livestock I ever had to take care of, now I know why my grandparents and parents didn't want anything to do with horses. Over the course of the past couple of years the girls got away from riding so we had some very expensive yard ornaments. Of course I ended up taking care of them and I don't even ride, me and my son ride dirtbikes, mtn bikes and atv's.

    So I told the wife they had to go. I wasn't able to get rid of all of them but I'm down to one now. As long as there is oil and gas to run internal combustion engines I will never own another horse, not even if someone gave it to me.

    You'll want to sign up for Jeffers equine, smartpak equine and farnam catalogs.

    Here are some other sites

    Horses For Beginners - Your First Horse

    Basic Horse Care Information and Guidelines

    good luck
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    Thanks for all the good info and links, I agree that they can be a pain in the ass. No there are no stables in my area. There is nothing but me for nearly 40 miles. The closes town is 40 miles away and has a population of 250 people.

    Thanks again


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    I wanted to get some recently, as a lady up near my land had to get rid of a few as they became to costly to care for....
    I went to my sister for advice. She owned 4 for many years.
    I got educated. I won't be getting a horse, much less 2 or 3!
    I had one once back in the very early 70's and he cost me a bit back then to keep boarded. I had no idea about the vet and farrier bills!
  7. Tracy

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    They are a very expensive pet. Don't get me wrong; I miss having horses. They're a great hobby. I don't miss the expense.

    If you plan well, and put in the time and effort, they can make money for you:

    • If you breed them. Assuming that you have good lineage and time to wait for a return (which also will cost more in feed and vet bills);
    • If you train them. More money can be made by specialized training, rather than general areas;
    • If you show/game/race them. For the latter to be a money making endeavor, you have to win your chosen event.
    Best of luck!
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