How far are you willing to travel?

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  1. When looking for a spot to bunker down if the SHTF. How far are you going to travel? At what point is just to far? Having children, does that lesson your travel distance?

    Just curious what others are thinking abd how far they are willing to travel.

  2. Catullus

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    I try to be no further than what I could make on foot(with my family) over a period of a few days. In my case, no more than 60 miles from my BO location.
  3. fedorthedog

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    My plan is to stay put and bug in but I live where people plan to run to. Having said that I have several alternate plans if I have to leave including finding an ocean going vessel and covering at least 1000 miles. There is no one plan that meets all events.
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  4. Great reply.

    I was checking my BOB out, had to lighten the weight. Too heavy for long travel.

    Has anyone bought bikes or wagons, etc to move out easier?
  5. Falcon15

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    We have a BoL that is rather isolated and out of the way. 2 hour drive tops, but only accessible from back roadways. We will hit the BoL only IF it gets too hairy to stay at our current location. We have preps there as well, in a cache location on the property. That puts it not only out of the way but more than 1 tank of gas from any major city.
  6. Opinionated

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    Kids are grown and gone. My Sweetie is as "woodsy" as me, and my dogs can swim.

    I figure best bet for us is to stay flexible. Adapt, improvise, and overcome. Someone a lot smarter than me said that one time. It sure sounds like good advise. ;)
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  7. Falcon15

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    We have bikes and wagons. However, our plan is to be hunkered down before roadway travel becomes impossible or untenable. If it became that bad, where we would have only bikes and wagons as available transit, we may stay put. Kind of hard to ride a bicycle and be ready for a threat. You become extremely vulnerable on foot or on pedal power. Hell, a good ambush will take you out in a car even. Hence our plan to be long gone or crawl in our bunker and pull a rock in after us.
  8. Good advice.

    Sounds like a few of you are already in the country. What about the city folk? I also hear about driving, what if that's not possible. Has anyone purchased bikes, etc. to travel?
  9. That's my thought as well. Get out before it gets bad. But where (for us). We may have to cross many cities. By then, we may be stuck in some **** during this time.

    I would also prefer to get out in our 4x4 as well. Much easier and safer. We could take back roads to get out. I am sure other will too.
  10. Falcon15

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    Sit down today, with a map of your state. Mark out a route to a "safe area" that does not cross large cities, but instead try and skirt them. Preposition preps if you can, if not, consider a trailer or shell for the truck. Then when things get to a "trigger event" that you have predetermined, haul buttocks before it gets nasty. Call in sick to work. That way they don't just fire you. If things die down you still have a job. If not. Oh, well. Make sure you have enough stabilized fuel to make it to your destination. Then go, Speed Racer, go Speed Racer, go Speed racer, GO!

    Our vehicles stay packed at all times except for last minute items. It is a lifestyle, not a hobby.
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  11. Thanks. We have a Suburban 4x4. So, we all fit and the dog. Feel safe in it. Thought about getting a fountain pump (lowes or home depot) to get some gas out of cars if need be.
  12. Falcon15

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    Don't waste money on a pump. Two words: garden hose. I learned how to siphon gas tanks in my misspent youth. Garden hose costs $8, takes little to no space, does NOT have parts that will break down and the only power it needs is a little suction from you.

    Hell you can get a shaker hose siphon for about $9 from Amazon. That there is a nifty piece of tech. Low tech, one moving part (ball bearing), antistatic material. HOWEVER, it is 6' long. I get 50' of garden hose for the same without shipping costs from the local Family Dollar store.
  13. ghrit

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    And a bucket, and a funnel. You will not be able to siphon from one vehicle to another, not enough height difference.
  14. Witch Doctor 01

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    you can also use an Awl to puncture the gas tank and drain it to containers... a little jb weld ot silicon and a screw will also fix the hole...
  15. larryinalabama

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    If its a nuclear event IM gonig 3 feet directly.

    A depression Ill just stay home a bike would be good for that.

    Something military I have some property 7 miles from where I live and shoud make it there before our area is secured by the bad guys.

    In my opinion bugging in is better than bugging out, except for nuclear event or you raelly feel you cant survive the current enviroment.

    In a military enviroment a mountain bike at night travling at night wearing all black and staying off roads would be the only wauy you could travel.
  16. larryinalabama

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    Vehilcs now come with a fill check valve and there real hard to siphon.

    One tip that the FBI uses is never park your vehicle with less than 3/4 of a tank full of gas.
  17. Alpha Dog

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    We are looking at a place to buy tom and we found it about 20mile to 25mile from home, There are to different roads to get to the location and once there only one into the location and I will have several foot paths in. We are gon to buy 5 ac one ac cleared and 4ac wooded. I plan on cutting out a small part of the wooded for a good size garden, chiken's and a hog lot. I also plan on diggin a root cellar to help save the veggies. The good thing being out on patrol I can check the property and feed the animals on my way to work and home. I hope to hang my duty belt up in a few years then move on to the property full time and say the hell with civilization. This world has became to civilized for me I prefer to just be out in the woods me the ol lady, baby and dogs
  18. dragonfly

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    My BOL is 135-150 miles distant ( depends on the route taken) It is isolated and not easily accessed. That's why I bought it. Of the 3 parcels I have, 2 are up about 200 feet higher in elevation, and west of the other, overlooking the one. Excellent OP/LP situation. There is only one way in ( unless you know the area VERY intimately) and you have to pass thru 2 mountain peaks. It's rapily approaching the "time" for me to relocate to the land full time.The living up there is harsh, as you (at this time) must haul in all water. Any shopping to be done is 35 and 60 miles distance, one way. Despite the "scum" that have been causing some problems in recent and past days, the area will be secured soon. Many have either died (suicides and drugs) or are leaving the area for "greener" pastures. Police presence around there has created a less than "comfortable" area for most. They have created their own demise as it were.
    Illegal activities brought in that which they wanted to avoid most!
    The "odd's" have changed in my favor...and IF it were not so danged cold up there right now, I'd be leaving permanently this week! I don't like working in the cold, and moving my amount of supplies and such is a LOT of work!
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  19. Space Ghost

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    I am a "bug-in" kinda guy. I'm hard headed, half crippled, and live in a small rural community, 30 miles from the nearest city. That being said, I am building up a '99 Super Duty 7.3L diesel 4x4 as a BOV, but don't have a dedicated BOL. In all honesty If I have to bug out on foot I'm F***ed. I don't get around to well. We do have family in another small town 12 miles away, I could probably make it in 2 days. I plan on putting up a fight to stay in my home. If disaster forces me out, then I'll leave, but I probably will not bug out if I have to do it on foot.
  20. forestdavegump

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    If I am away, I will go all the way to my BOL! :)
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