How Much Supplies will I Need For an Urban Survival Scenario

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  1. It's not necessarily how much but how you prepare yourself and those around you. Work at forming a community of like-minded individuals around you to form a support network. Those who go it alone don't make it too far.
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    Yep, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with friends.
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    Werking on making Local INTELLIGENT Friends currently. Majority of this county is full of the common idiots found elsewheres. Catch is, when yer mostly Anti-Social like myself due to lack of time & energy, its hard to make new friends. Especially when i'm smart about sum things but woefully ignorant of people relationships. Worse yet, I have STANDARDS!!! I don't think its unreasonable to expect potential friends to not be the kind like those living the Kardashian Life, is it? As that alone tells me they might lack common sense, not be conservative, be gun haters, & more of the things I AM and I LIKE!!!
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    Patton said: "fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man". Make a target and you will get incoming. Have food/supplies/etc in a "desert" and you will have everyone after your hide. If you can be prepared to get the heck out of urban areas as IMO they will become a mad house.
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    The larger the group, the more plowed earth they will need to be fed.

    Supplies only last so long and I planned growing food to eat. That first successful crop is living through the next winter. That means I will be in a fixed position. A fixed position means, shelter, water, a chicken coop, rabbit hutch etc.

    Patton was an excellent General of modern times. In times past, such as in colonial days, the western expansion etc; fortifications worked well enough.

    Infantry digs a lot of foxholes which are fixed fighting positions. ;) Assaulting a proper defensive perimeter without armor isn't a cake walk. Especially if the defenders are armed with AKs/ARs/Fals/etc.

    If this massive civil disobedience ever happens, the get out of Dodge will not be fun for those who already live out of Dodge.
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    It is inbred down here...(Insert Joke)....
    But then again...You won't make it...Looting that is..

    Drunks. Looters_will_be_Shot. looters2682582.
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    My suggestion its to join your local sportsmans club and get involved in the civilian marksmanship program and NRA high-power rifle. It is good to get in good with those that know how to shoot.

    My next step is to find a farm with the highest points in the county to put those sharpshooters on.

    I am family owns that farm.
  8. To survive anything one needs sufficient supplies to last until a means and method of resupply can be established.

    How long that might be, well I can guess, so to can you.

    My basic thinking is that one needs long term storage to survive any tourmoil that would prevent gardening / rearing animals / foragins, and sufficient to tide one over until a garden could be planted and harvested, and animals butchered, etc.

    My thinking is a year for things to stabilize , the mutant zombies to kill off each other etc, then a year to set up to homestead, and another year or more in case the garden failed or was destroyed somehow. Every additional year of storage provides another chance to get self sufficient gardening / animal husbandry in place.

    so 3 years storage of all that each individual might need and seeds and animals and knowledge.

    This gives a best chance to come out the other side of anything short of an extinction event able to sustain and continue life.

    No plan can anticipate all that mr murphy can throw at it.

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    Neither do most communes......even the Shakers died out eventually for lack of interest in that community.
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    I can agree with that, but you'd best choose those friends wisely, and I think that a community-concept would be a better idea than a compound-concept.

    Think about moving all of those friends into your house now, before any societal breakdown; and ask yourself how much fun it would be after a week, a month, a year. Then add the loss of societal restraints, an incredible amount of stress, and handy weapons - A ready made party.

    Tikka makes a couple of good points in pointing out that the larger the group, the larger the footprint must be in feeding them; and in referring to colonial and westward expansion eras -people worked their own homesteads, and only forted up when an immediate threat presented itself. Our ancestors have already figured out what works and doesn't work.

    And TnAndy, I think the Shakers' whole "celibacy thing" doomed them from the start. Those guys sure knew how to ruin a party. The ancient Jews were onto something - if you want to perpetuate your movement, throw in a divine commandment to be "fruitful and multiply." "Sorry honey, but you know what God said to do." :D
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    According to the LDS food calculator one adult for 1 year:
    300 pounds of grains
    13 pounds of fats
    60 pounds of legumes
    60 pounds of sugars
    75 pounds of dairy

    Food Storage Calculator

    The LDS says minimum requirement for one adult.

    As their water needs are 14 gallons and they also mention a gallon of bleach; they mean a real minimum. ;)

    I believe the best most of us can do is depend on that first crop. :D
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    We sit in the middle of farming/dairy/poultry country with good armed neighbors. Some of which shoot regularly. We have springs/ponds/and two wells. Our orchards/vineyards/and gardens hopefully will give us an edge. Defending the place should not be a problem. We are "bug in" folks with ample stores for the long term but are completely set up to "bug out" if necessary to the farm--or other local. God willing by summer's end we will have suitable housing for many at our farm. There we can grow food and fish out of the local creek/ponds. Storage of foods is great but without the sustainable gardens your stores will not last. Do not forget your barterable skills/assets--just as valuable as gold--maybe more so.
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    I understand that making a stable homestead would be ideal but everyone must also have a back-up plan. If your homestead is compromised, you should always have a few bags ready to go if the time should come. Circumstances can change at a moments notice.
    Make sure you have one bag of food and water (more depending on how many people you have), basic supplies (cooking stuff, sleeping bags), and them weapons. I would focus more on melee weapons or archery. You can make more arrows or maintain a machete but if you have a gun and you don't know how to make ammo, once you run out it's completely useless. Wasted space.
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  14. Homesteading today and you will already have a leg up on that first garden.

    A years storage of the mormon basic four is cheap and will last for a long time. it is in my mind like an insurance policy.

    also stores that use first in first out rotation help prevent the spoiling of things.

    should your place be over run, (this is why I say the first year you may have to live from stores while most of the problems go away. It includes a series of Caches that hold stuff to start over on site or relocate.

    Before I would give up my place I would burn it and leave nothing worth setteling on, hoping that after time I could return and rebuild from my caches and such.

    Prior to giving up my place I would hope to head off the problem or by not having crops in plain sight (gurrellia gardens and animals hidden in the swamp etc along with good scouting and using things like snipers to drive off or lure away mutants etc)

    It is always a crap shoot in life every day, but I have yet to think of a better way to live than on a homestead, both today and tomorrow.

    Nothing I can imagine offers a average individual a better chance to live through most bad grubby times.

    If things get to mad max, then aye, it will be truly grubby, but think of the 30's depression when having a small farm meant eating when city folk were in the soup lines.

    There are degrees of collapse, from slow slide into the dark ages to a post apocalyptic world brought on by WMD.

    We are not all soldiers and even those of us who have been, perhaps especially those of us who have been, know that fighting a war requires logistics that no individual can sustain over any long term time frame.

    Well I'm open to any answer better than a homestead, but as I said, so far nothing near as good has come to my attention.
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    If you are overrun; you resisted. You have weapons and they know it so they will pursue you for the weapons.

    If you just run; they will pursue you for labor, your children as recruits and your women.

    Ask yourself what the other guy will do more than be thinking what you will do.
  16. Tikka,

    Sorry I did not bother to go into my escape plans, my experiences at break contact and the 100 and other things that might have to happen should I be forced to defend my place.

    Hopefully I would know problems were coming and meet them before they were even close enough to know that there was a place to overrun.

    On the other hand, I know I'm way to old to be a soldier, and so hope that other concepts and such I have in place and am working at establishing will help avoid a lone homestead defense scene.

    Still thanks for pointing out possible holes in my thinking. I will go back and think things through for the umteenth time. Perhaps with you insite I will find other gaps I may have missed.

    No plan can ever be perfect, and few survive the first contact of battle.

    Still better to try than just sit and wait to fail.
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  17. Just gotta stick this in also and seems faster than edit so it gets lost in another post:

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