how old is too old to be a prepper?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by sunshine, Nov 23, 2010.

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    My husband is not on board with being a prepper. He is 65 & figures that is too old. I'm 9 years younger & I feel that I'm not. That is another stumbling block. He does have a point.. when people do start to move to find food/shelter how does an older person travel or protect yourself .( no guns in this home) He would be happy to live the rest of his life here, but I"m wouldn't or may not be able to. We are older & it is the younger generation that must prepare if humanity is to continue. I am wondering the age group of you preppers out there. I do hope there are many in the 20's & 30's but I have this feeling that isn"t so. How/what does an older prepper prepare ?
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    Hogwash!!!!! We may prepare differently than the youngsters and we may even prepare for a different type of event but the need to be prepared for the eventualities and uncertainties of life surpass ages and gender. As a Canadian, you are well acquainted with the perils of winter weather. There may or may not be a financial collapse; there may or may not be civil wars; there may or may not be EMP; but what you can bank on is weather. Whether it is ice and snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, severe electrical storms, weather events will impact your life. At the very least, that is something for which we must all be prepared.

    A few days without electricity, water, or sanitation will convert even the most die-hard resister.

    From what you have shared, you are located in a more urban/suburban area so, even if you had a firearm, hunting would probably be out of the question. That leaves the foodstuff and water you can store for emergencies.

    One last thought - did you check out the Demographics poll I posted? Check the age groups. Demographics

    Stay with us. Learn and share. You're not alone in the world of uncertainties.
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  4. Falcon15

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    How old is too old to be a prepper? When you are so old you stop aging (dead). At that point you are beyond survival.
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    When you're young, you live for today, and think you are invincible and immortal too.
    When you get a little age, hopefully you gain wisdom, although age does not always bring wisdom, sometimes it comes alone!
    We older folks have the skills to pass on to the younger generations, and I have known old folks that were successful in defending themselves and others from thugs, sometimes with firearms (which they used skilfully), sometimes without.
    If you're still alive, it's not too late to start preparing!
  6. Disciple

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    Anyday you wake and can some sence of being verticle is a good day for prepping. we are consistently always prepping for something or another, whether you prep to be able to survive or you shove your head up your butt,and prep to live like the rest of the sheeple.
  7. VisuTrac

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    [winkthumb] Plus one for Falcon15.
  8. Pax Mentis

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    Well...I am about as old as your husband and have medical issues that will severely limit my survival time when SHTF (I currently have a little over a year of stockpiled meds and am working on more)...but I am going to be as prepared as I can be to stretch that time as long as I can and leave my wife, my kids and my grandkids as prepared for survival as possible.

    That said, if I had a serious objection to guns, I'm not sure I would bother...because defending what we have and where we are is a large part of assuring that my plans and preps have a chance of succeeding.
  9. vja4Him

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    I'm 53 1/2 years old, and I'm not going to stop preparing myself for survival when the stuff hits the fan.

    I also have multiple health issues, but I won't let that stop me.
  10. ghrit

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    Sunshine, you are a young pup, keep working on him. When he looks at survival stats, he might take a different tack.

    The only limitation on preparing as you get older is the weight of things you have on hand and in cache. (Each time you resupply and rotate stocks, load in smaller batches.) And, of course, life expectancy. At some point, the curves cross, and you can start consuming your stores. Based on family history, I should make another 20 years. Based on common expectancy stats, I can expect 10. So, in 10 years, I'll reevaluate and maybe start the draw down. As we age, the urge to BO becomes less interesting, and hardening up the residence for BI takes over "The Plan." I used to think, and even more so now, that "remote locations are cheap insurance."
  11. Detentus

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    There's no age limitation with regard to being prepared and being concerned with your survival. I'm 56 and my dear husband is 60, both retired. There's still alot of youth and life in both of us and we have no intention of curling up and hiding should we be faced with any manner of scenario. Prep away. We've been doing this for a little over a year now and are focused not only on ourselves but our two children. There may very well be a need to shelter them some day. We think it's the responsible thing to do.

    Age is a state of mind for us.
  12. Nadja

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    I am sixty-two and my wife is sixty-eight and we prep. Meds, food, solar, anything else we think we will need. I am another one who will never roll-up and die. I stay as active as possible, which really does help your bodies out a lot. Also, as far as him not being on board, even though he is older, use this to your advantage. Tell him if he loves you he will help you prep as you will naturally live a lot longer and then ask him would he want to die and leave you all alone with no way to eat ?
  13. Seacowboys

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    When I go to bed at night, I place my shoes where I can find them. There are clothes in my closet ready to wear; warm weather and cold. There is money in the cookie jar to cover life's little emergencies. We have food for the coming week, even if we have guests unexpected. Somewhere along the line, we extended these simple little preparations a bit. The use of this logic supercedes the blindness of "the wisdom of age".
  14. RightHand

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    Seacowboys wouldn't head out on the waters of the world without a life jacket and preps are no different. Think of preps as the life jackets of life. Hope you don't need them but you might not survive without them.
  15. Witch Doctor 01

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    Fortunately prepping and the simian forum do not discriminate on the basis of age... as long as you are on te green side of the grass you are in need of preps... and if you wake up and are not on the green side of the grass you better hope that the e-tool you included in your preeps is ready to hand...

    age makes prepping more important in my book... you have less ability to go out and forage off rthe land and a greater reliance on a limited income... many preps are low cost rice, beans, etc (100lbs of rice $36.00 at sams down here) with no increase in Social security for the past year or so and the probability of no increase this year... you can see how preps could help...

    Just a thought...
  16. Nadja

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    Yea, SS acording to the dems is a treasure chest, so we don't get raises lately. Not that they were ever much in the first place. However, by haveing a couple of web site stores, even under the worst conditions, I still generate enough to buy a few preps along with reg. groceries. As far as foraging for food, in my case, I can shoot elk and antelope from my front yard most times . At least early in the morning. My raised bed gardens will go into full swing come spring and I will also build a sizable chicken coop and yard . In the meantime, I continue to buy extra foods etc and put them away. Also emergancy supplies such as first aid things. Don't forget things like this, as you never know when you may need them. Keep putting things away.
  17. azprospector

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    We're well into our 60's and have been prepping for most of our lives. Prepping is one of the few things in life where having a few years on your side can actually be an advantage. Previous life experiences can be a big advantage when preparing for an uncertain future. Most people in our age group are more logical and realistic when it comes to prepping. We tend to be able to prioritize things, in general, better and don't usually get shook up as easily. We also usually have a more realistic understanding of our abilities and inabilities.
  18. Detentus

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    Prospector, well said! Having lived throught the Blizzard of '78 here in the Northeast we've always made sure we can get through any conditions, especially weather. Sadly, the winter before last there was a terrible ice storm here in MA and some communties were without power for weeks. Hardly anyone had a generater, alternative heat and fuel sources. Very tough for most and I suspect that they'll be as few prepared this winter.
  19. ozarkgoatman

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    When my grandfather died at the age of 90 he had 6 yes 6 55gal. drums filled with kerosene and a bunch of other stuff stored.

  20. Cephus

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    I just hope I'm so lucky to be as prepared as he !!
    I got 29 more years to go and the good Lord willing I'll make it !!
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