How Television and Movies Lessen Your Chance for Survival

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    I thought this might make an interesting topic to explore. It might start with the Glock Ghetto stance and go anywhere.
    My favorite is the "en garde" seen on virtually every confrontation involving knife fighting, Gun fighting, or fist-a-cuff, even in defense. The knife is drawn and waved menacingly by the attacker/defender while striking a fierce pose....LOL...reminds me of a Bully I once feared. He would rush up and strike a bar-room boxer pose and await the first punch to be thrown before "defending" himself, then proceed to beat the crap out of whomever...had quite a fierce reputation and I avoided getting into it with him for years until he forced the issue and approached me with no doubt of intent but rather than playing his game, I came off the line directly with the spine of a book to his throat and the fight pretty much ended in one blow with no further dramatics, at least on my part. My point it that rather than putting on a show with Hollywood conditioning, I immediately recognized a threat and dealt it the swiftest reaction I could muster. Later, I got called a "sissy" for hitting him in the throat with a book, but Mr. Pusser never said it to my face and pretty much avoided any type of confrontation with me there-after.
    Many of us carry fast opening knives and practice drawing and opening the blade but, I'll bet you dollars the practice stops at a defensive stance gleaned from watching television and never really gets beyond that scary pose. Try this one...pick a throat high limb and draw your blade and follow through with an immediate slash from pocket directly to severing the limb with absolutely no waste of motion...see what I am talking you want to live and end the threat...or do you want to pose and see if the bastard waits about pulling the trigger? Same thing with a handgun...if it comes out of my holster, it is not a threat, it is just the beginning of a "fire" command. Gun is drawn oriented to target and fired repeatedly, no hesitation until threat is halted or I have to either reload or use it as a club. Hollywood is entertainment and requires visual impact for the audience. Defense is halting a threat to your life and requires instant response, sans posing, immediate and decisive.
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    Striking a pose merely telegraphs your intentions, and prompt possible counter measures for your removes the advantage of surprise and serves as a justification for escalation of the conflict by your opponent. If the pose is a bluff, then there is always a good chance that the bluff will be called, which can be very embarrasing if there is nothing to back the bluff.
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    It is very much the same as what I tell women who feel "safe" because they hand a hndgun in their pocket book - you better be able to get to it and you better be prepared to use it.
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    A little paranoia is a good thing--keeps you aware of your surroundings. Like FAL said--be professional, be polite, but have a plan to kill anyone around you. Having the tools/ability to defend is useless without the intent to use them.
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