How to live off grid?

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    I would like to live off-grid completely in a small shack or cabin with solar power but was wondering how I would even get started with the entire process? Can't you purchase a very small portion of land for very small annual fee and if so, who would be selling it to you and how can I get in contact with them? My grandpa has a cabin up north where I live and a couple just bought a very small amount of land for an annual price of pennies. How much would a small cabin with solar power cost initially and on average how much to keep it running per year? Thanks!

    P.S. Sorry for any dumb questions.
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    Small lots in Alaska go for anywhere between $5000US to $60kUS.... depending how close to a Road, or Water Access, the lot is... Many of these Lots are For Sale, by the State of Alaska, many of the Boroughs, and Municipalities. Most of the cheaper Lots are way off the Roads, or Beaches, and far out in the Alaskan Bush. Raw Land with nothing but Bugs, Moose, Deer, Bear, Martin, Mink, Fox, PorkiePines, and small Critters. It isn't cheap to build out here, but once you have a structure, it is livable.
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    $5000 per year or the initial payment for the land? How much do you think a minimal amount of land in Florida would be and how much to build a very small cabin with solar power? Also, how would you go about water, installing a well?
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    $5kUS TOTAL COST. The Haines Borough sometimes offers lots on a 5% Down and 15 year Private Contract. If you do Time Payments, they restrict you from cutting all the Timber on the Land, until it is paid off. Other than that you are free to build what you like. Oh, yea, none of the Alaska Lands come with Mineral, or Water Rights... You have to GET Permits, or Leases for those...

    Never been east of the Mississippi, so I would have NO CLUE....
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    FL is going to be a purchase from a private owner/company more than likely.The only state that I'm aware of offering land is Ak Like @BTPost mentioned. However, doing some research should give you some results in the AO of your interest. Look for land for sale by owner, bank repo's and tax sales.
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    I currently live in Wisconsin but would like a warmer location if possible. Basically I would like to know who to contact, how to contact them, and a rough estimate of how much it would cost to build a small cabin with solar power and water (preferably a deep well).
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    Just a thought... if you do deed searches in an areas that you are interested in tat is out of the way you may find spots of land that are surrounded by others but may not be claimed.... some of the older homesteads may be open if they have not been improved and the paper work was never completed to reclaim them... some folks "acquired" acres here in eastern NC using that method...
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    Again, much of that depends on where you wish to settle. Pick two or three area and go spend a week in each to get a feel for the people and a general lay of things. While there,pick up the classifieds and look for property for sale. Get out in the countryside and look.Many landowners are willing to carry the contract with enough down. Between that and a good internet search you should get a good feel for things.
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    Do all off-grid homes have property taxes?
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    Not nessisarily, some Off-Grid Land in Alaska, has NO Property Taxes.... Alaska State does NOT have a State Property Tax. Some Boroughs do, but many do NOT. SOME MUNICIPALITIES also do NOT have Property Taxes. Gustavus, Alaska is one that does NOT have a Property Tax....
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    HEY! Where did the big grizzly bear leaning up against the airplane go??;)
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    What is a residential lot and its relation to living off-grid?
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    He is out getting the PowerHouse Batteries charged up, awaiting the arrival of the BREAKUP Crew, at noon, tomorrow.. SUMMER Starts tomorrow at Noon....
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    Your profile pic was missing. Must of been a hiccup on my 'puter..
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    Well, a residential lot is zoned for a home vs a commercial lot zoned for a business. As far as off grid living goes I'd guess it would depend greatly on where the lot is. Rural, probably not going to be much of a problem. In the 'burbs you very well could run into issues with HOA's as well as city regs. Sounds like you need to spend a bit of time on the 'puter researching.
    Just my[2c]
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    Sounds like you are at best a neophyte at the business of buying and selling real estate. That said, bear in mind that Alaska is very different when it comes to land and transfers thereof. To get a good start anywhere else in CONUS you have a lot of resources on line, up to and including searches for available land in any area. You should probably start there, throw a dart at the map and see what is available in the area the dart hits. So far, your questions are entirely too general for anything resembling a good answer to pop up. You cannot get away from the research, so dig in.
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    Why would you pay yearly on land that you own?
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    Because if you don't, it will be taken from you at gunpoint.
    "Property tax" aka "Real estate tax" is charged and collected by a city, town and sometimes state.
    The amount varies widely by locality and is based on how much land, size and construction of buildings and "luxury" features including paved driveways, inground swimming pools and "view".

    Yes, they can tax you for things you look at like ponds, mountains, beaches or just miles of nothing but treetops if you live up on a hill or mountain.

    Some states or cities or towns offer abatements on real estate taxes for military, handicapped or senior citizens.
    I live in a "mobile" home so I pay roughly 2/3 less than what someone living in a "stick built" home pays. As a veteran I pay less in real estate taxes. I am almost a "senior citizen" so once I reach that age I get another abatement which I can piggyback onto the other abatements.

    Realtor dot com ( I am not affiliated with this site in any way) is a good resource for checking real estate nationwide for initial peek-a-boos into other areas then check the local city or town website for information on zoning, right to farm, ect...
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    If you THINK you own it stop paying taxes and see who REALLY lays claim to YOUR little slice of heaven.


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