How to start a fire using a fire sparking type tool:

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by melbo, Sep 17, 2005.

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    That's pretty cool. I like that tool. I use a magnesium firestarter, but it is only a small stick and it has a small flint on the other side, so I use a knife to operate the tool.

    Preparation is essential, I am glad the article brings that up. I cannot stress how important this really is. Finding and procuring dry wood and tinder is of the utmost importance.
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    That blast match is great.... got two of them... the most sparks from anything I've used... and I like that you can use it with one hand.....
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    A couple tips that may help out on this. If your looking for tender and things arent super dry look for a pine tree (most any kind of ever green) and if there are needles on the ground under it they may be dryer than most things but if not look for and dead brown stuff on the tree and get a hand full of that to catch the spark or to add magnesium shaveings to if useing a magnesium block striker. While its best to know how to get it going with out it, if you have the striker you have at least some preps with you so add to that prep by putting at least a few cotton balls (preferably coated in vasoline) along with it. If nothing else you could probably fir 2 or 3 of them stuffed into a small pill bottle like used for nitro pills or something that would go on a key chain in or in a pocket. If you have one of the magnesium blocks like come with the key chain through one end take an old hacksaw blade (or buy a cheap one if you need to) and cut/break off a piece of the blade from one end and put it on the chain along with the block, it will work a LOT better than most any knife or other tool for getting a good spark from the flint.
    Good thread, melbo.
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    A couple of cotton balls slathered in petroleum jelly (Vaseline) in a film canister can work wonders with a sparking tool. Pull vaseline soaked cotton balls out of the canister and spread apart. One good spark and the ball will burn very well for some period of time.

    - Scott
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    I use old jigsaw blades with mine.
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    I have to add my thanks too, as I nearly burned up the good edge of my Newt Livesey Woo neckknife one outing. It was dark by the time I tried to start the fire, so I couldn't see what I was doing to my blade. The knife shot out sparks quite well, being 02 tool steel. Later I saw that I had to have the edge professionally reground. The owner of my local knife shop yelled at me for using the blade and not the back of the knife. I never did that again!
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    For the last month I was in the desert, we had a fire about every night. The guys started out stumbling around with lighters, newspaper, and a liberal amount of hand sanitizer. Gradually I weened them off those materials and onto the ferro rod. Materials collection got pretty serious by the end of the tour. Preparation is the key. By the time we left, all swore by the ferro rod and one was teaching his boys on a canoe trip as soon as he got back.

    BTW: the ferro rod used is over three years old.... still going strong. I use the factory striker primarily. Saves your knife. The things are the most durable and they last forever. Impervious to water.
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    It would appear that the really cool animated gifs showing massive amounts of sparks that were linked to have been removed... I'll try to remedy that.
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    Cool image! Looks like the sparks from Barbie roller blades. :)
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