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    1. Just start writing. At the encouragement of a few people, I have decided to write of my alaskan adventures.
    2. To keep from getting "stuck" in the story line, I will just write as things come INPO (in no particular order). Nurses, like acronyms......and I am a nurse.
    3. Instead of repeating all the same things to my partner and keeping him up until 0'dark thirty with remembrances of alaska past, they will get written (or typed as it may be) down.
    4. Oh, said partner... is btpost here on survival monkey, regaling all with his notions of "building in the bush" :)

  2. kckndrgn

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    cool, I would look forward to hear about your experiences!

    NBD about the acronyms, around here they're used quite a bit LOL
  3. melbo

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    Great, I look forward to reading your tales
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