how to stop worrying and love the bomb:

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Tango3, May 23, 2008.

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    Good info in the link given to the article "What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Immenent!"

    I have several relatives and co-workers who have bought the whole "Nuclear War is unsurvivable" BS. Looking at the prevailing wind patterns, we down here in Northern Florida are in a pretty good situation! If East Coast cities are targeted, most of the radioactive nastiness will go out to sea.

    This is NOT a "No Win" scenario. We need to educate the public to believe the truth!
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    One of my jobs in the Army was as an NBC NCO, and I can tell you for a fact that short of a deliberate dirty bobm or ground burst, one can't help but survive a nuclear strike. Airbursts are clean even with the old crappy nukes the Russians have, and within two weeks it's safe to walk around outside.

    We need to use some of our older W80's on the Middle East instead of paying big bucks to decommission them.

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    i cant. i live and work well withing the "less then ash" radius of Barksdale airforce base. ah, well at least it'll be quick.
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    Those of us on the West Coast usually get winds from the S/SW so fallout would would head inland. I'm about 90 miles from the Pacific Coast so as long as one isn't detonated between here and the coast we'd would be alright. The most likely target in Oregon would be Portland because of it's port with Umatilla Army Depot another likely candidate because of the nerve agents stored there. Now Washington on the other hand has a more likelyhood of being targeted than Oregon.
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    Living about 10 miles from Macdill AKA Central Command I might be smoked!
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    bummer Paully with "Centcom you've got crazy vengeful ay-rabs to worry about ,some cities are just "dead cities"though ( too enticing a target) like colo springs...Up here we may get a whiff of whatever they pound the minuteman fields in nodak and montanna with, chicago winds blow out over lake mi..
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