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  1. So I was told by someone else that you couldn't store gas beyond 6 months, because then it would break down and be useless. Is this true or false? And what are the best kind of containers to store gas in? How much gas should you attempt to store up and are there certain kinds of sheds you can store gas in?
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    Depends on the Gasoline, that you are trying to store..... If you are dealing with Straight UnLeaded, or AvGas that is LowLead, then yes it can be stored for up to a year with simple precautions. If your dealing with Oxygenated, or Ethanol diluted Gasoline, then about 6 months, with very specific fuel Treatments added, can be archived. If you just stick it in a can then 3 months on the outside is about right. .....YMMV.....
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    Yes but it's not like it's gonna go bad all at once.

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    Using any of the good stabilizers, two years is perfectly doable - been there, done that. I have used two-year old E10-corrupted gas in my van and motorcycle with no problems, as long as I used Marine Grade Stabil or Startron additive. Pri-G is said to be even better, but it isn't as available here.
    I now rotate and use by one year to be safe.
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    Up here, where I live, I am the fuel distributer for our area. we store our 100% UnLeaded 80/87, in 5000 USG Tanks, that are vented to atmosphere. We add NO other products to these tanks, and routinely have fuel that is over 9 months old, every spring. All that is required, is we Tap the Water, off the bottom of each tank, In the spring. (Usually about 25USG) Then we run ALL our Fuel thru a Set of Water Separating RACOR Filters, when distributing it to our customers. Since the installation of the RACOR Filters (Ten Years ago) we have never had any issues with "Bad Fuel" HOWEVER, before that we were KNOWN for Selling Watered Gasoline, in the Spring. Just a little "Attention to Detail" goes a long way..... ...... YMMV.....
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    BTPost > You Mentioned AV gas. I buy 100 octane AV gas at a local Airport to use in my small engine (chainsaws, weed eaters and water pumps). Can you shed any light on if this will store significantly longer than regular pump gas. I would treat with PRI. I have been hesitant to Store any more than 40-50 gallons at a time.

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    About a year and a half ago, I bought a 270 gal tank for a reserve gas supply. I add Sta-bil, hold it 6 months then use about half, refill and restabilize. So far, no problems.
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    Jason, the FAA certifies AvGas in two versions 80/87 and 100LL. 100LL is Straight, NO Ethanol, Low Lead Fuel. It is VERY common to have fuel in distributer Storage Tanks that is 6 - 9 months Old. The FAA does NOT allow ANY Stabilizers, or Additives, to the basic Fuel, from the Refiners on thru, to to the final Seller.
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    I've found Stabil to be good for maybe a year, tops. PRI-G, I've stored gas for up to 4 years in 55gal sealed drums. I keep 300-500gals on hand, and rotate it ( along with diesel ) thru my tanks on stands.
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    Thanks for the info. We buy the 100LL so i think with the Stabilizer i should be gtg for awhile.

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    All petroleum fuels (gas/diesel) are NOT made of just one component! they are a combination of things, some places sell a winter blend and a summer blend. the problem is some of the components in the gas evaporate faster than others, thus causing the gas to go "stale" over time, additives like sta-bil slow down this process but eventually it still go's bad, best thing to do is rotate your stock at least every 6 mnths, longer if you use additives and the container is tightly sealed!
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    I have been keeping a 60 gallon stash for a few years now. I have it all in 12 five gallons plastic gas cans. I rotate out 4 cans every year. The gas is Marine grade (no methanol) purchased at a local Marina. I use Marine grade Stabilizer . It is kept under ground at a constant temp of 62 degrees. It never sees sunlight. I used some last season to run my tractor and my chain saws that was three years old. No problems. I kept out 1 gallon to try this fall in the saws. That will be the first time I have used 4 year old stabilized marine gas. I was told to put a lead ball and a zinc ball in a mesh bag in the gas cans because lead will keep gas from breaking down. Anyone know if this is true? KF
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    Lead isn't particularly reactive with Ethylene chains, but TetraEthyl Lead was the additive that was dropped when Low Lead Gasoline, was turned into No Lead Gasoline. This compound was used as a No Nock additive, as it caused the fuel to burn slightly slower in the combustion chamber. I have never heard of a Zinc based additive, for Gasoline, but I was never a Fuel Chemist. My specialty was NitroOrganics....
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    I have not tried the lead and zinc balls yet. The guy at Zapp works said this will work to stop gas from breaking down. Ill be testing 4 year old stabilized marine gas in September. If it works Im going to add another 20 gallons to my stash. Here is another stabilzer that claims to be able to restore very old gas up to 15 years and some tips on storage.

    Fuel Degradation In Storage

    As you can see in these links fuel must be kept in a cool dry place. Temperature swings must be avoided and this PRI stablizer claims to be able to allow storage of gas for up to 10 years. I am on year 4 so far using marine STABIL. I am using Nylon Gas cans designed for Gasoline. I only leave an inch or so head space and have not seen any water at all but are using marine grade fuel so there is no methanol in it. I may have to try some of this PRI stabilizer . KF
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  15. Thanks for all the advice.
  16. Yes, thanks it was Very Useful. Where is the best place to get your Stabilizers, fuel tanks, and fuel? I hope to set something up in the next year.

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    Any box store or auto parts store will have Stabil, Seafoam and Startron. Also Tractor Supply Store. A good boat store or marina will have Pri-G.
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    I store standard 87 octane in five gallon cans with a six month rotation cycle. I have never had any issues with the fuel using this cycle.

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    Do you have a 6 months supply then? I know all vehicles operate with different efficiency, but what amount works for you?
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    I am not looking for short term solutions. As long as I can buy gas for my cars I will drive. IF we have a major shtf scenario and gas stations are not pumping gas I have full tanks in my vehicles and a 60 gallon supply. In September Ill know if my 4 year old gas will work. If it does Ill buy another 20 and keep 80 gallons. I am just using it to cut fire wood and run my tractor. Wasting it on driving my car is not an option. I wish today's fuel kept longer . I have found that using PRI-G seems to be the way to go to extend its life and using Marine grade or aviation grade (non methanol) gas helps. I cut 5 cords of fire wood and ran 5 gallons of 3 year old treated marine gas through my Stihl chain saws and 1947 Allis chalmers tractor last fall. Zero problems. This fuel looked and smelled fine and ran my machines perfect. I kept out a gallon to test this September. If it works Ill know that I can store gas for 4 years. A six month supply to drive? or a 4 year supply to survive? Some of us have different needs. What do you need?
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