How to store gas for long term

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    I am aware of the fact that they use a different mix during winter here but because I use Marine gas I don't know the answer to this question. I buy mine every fall before the Marinas close up for the winter. My tractor is an old Allis Chalmers and my saws are 2 stroke so having gas with no Alcohol in it is a good thing. My small engine mechanic tells me that today's gas is destroying small engines all over the world. He was the one who steered me to using Aviation or Marine gas for long term storage. The rest I learned from other preppers years ago. The biggest thing is temperature change. The best conditions to store gas are under 70 degrees and constant out of any direct sunlight. I store mine in an old well pit. The temps read between 58 and 61 all year. Cool , dry and out of direct sunlight. KF
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    So marina gas could be better for my generator? In today's world if I can do something to make a product last past five years i will do it. I guess I could dig out the owner's manual but I think they specified straight gas.
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    The only difference between pump gas and Marine gas is no Alcohol. Its still no lead regular gas or in my case I buy the mid grade as the Octane rating is few point higher
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    True enough KF, and the only difference between Marine Gas, and Aviation Gas, is the REQUIRED Filtering of Aviation Gas.... .....
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    If the container for keeping the gas is proper, then you can store gas for 6 months or more than that. We can take the example of propane tanks. Here if we are not using the gas, it can be stored for the longer period also.
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    I have found that filling the 55 "full" using stabilizer the gas last for several years .
    Gas in drums that are not full, develop a lot of gassing off pressure, and that is where the energy is lost.
    vented tanks is where all the trouble begins.
    Besides the gassing off ,but also the accumulation of water from the atmosphere .
    Barrels I use from, I add stabilizer, however because these are not usually full, I cycle through them monthly.
    When I have the extra resources I add another drum and fill it up for permanent storage as well.
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    Non Ethanolized Gasoline will easily store for a year, in even Vented Tanks.... I run a Fuel Distribution TankFarm Year-round out here in Bush Alaska.... I have two 10,000 USG Gasoline Tanks in my TankFarm. Usually they are about 50% Full, this time of year, and they ARE Vented to atmosphere. Yes they do collect a small amount of Water in them during the winter months. It really isn't a problem, as We tap all the accumulated Water off the Bottom of the Tanks, the First of September, each year, and again on the first of May, each year. I got 6 USG this fall, and 35 USG last May. During the winter when local Temps get below 20F, all the water Freezes, to Ice, at the bottom of the Tanks and isn't an issue, period. Understand, that we do NOT get ethanolized Gasoline in Alaska, due to our Fuel Distribution System, and the fact that we have a High population of General Aviation Users in Alaska, and Ethanolized fuel can NOT be used in Aircraft, PERIOD. I have Special Water Trapping Filters on the Distribution Hoses, that will NOT Pass any water, to the customer. When the Filters get saturated with Water they Block the Flow of Fuel, and I then change out the Filters. Usually, that doesn't happen until Late April, in the Spring, or many years Never. My last Fuel delivery is in September, each year, and the next delivery is on the First Barge, each Spring in May.... Some years we don't need a September delivery and by the Next Spring, the Gasoline may be close to a year Old... It is still as viable, as the day it was pumped into the Tanks.....
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  8. Kingfish

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    I am now using 4 year old stored non ethanol gas mixed with marine stabil kept under ground in 5 gallon cans . No vents sealed tight. No water no evaporation. The first year we ran 4 year old gas was last fall cutting wood and in my garden tractor. Both ran fine. I kept out a gallon the year before which was 5 years old when I ran it. It was starting to smell different but still ran my old Poulan saw. I am of the conclusion that 4 years is about tops. for long term storage. I actually used 10 gallons of it in my car this year instead of the saws. No problems.
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    I do much the same as you guy for gasoline storage, big problem is I cannot get non ethanol gas unless I go to the air park and pay three times the price of regular fuel, and I have to have special fuel cans before they sell it to me! It's a big head ache I try and avoid! I am able to have both Jet-A and Diesel delivered right to the house, no questions asked and storage is pretty easy for those two! Fuel circulations, fuel heaters and water separators, and fine filters keep things in check! I run a mix of the two fuels at 20% Jet-A for a winter blend and have zero troubles with it!
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    I have been heating with wood/solar in a 500 gal water stove (Hicks ... Mt. Airy, NC) ... since 2011 ... 5 years. Have only used a gas splitter 2X ... and that came with 22 year old helpers. A former student and friend. ... I've done it all with a Husqvarna and maul. I did buy a 10-TON HYDRAULIC LOG SPLITTER from Northern this year. Have not opened it yet. I'm only 57 ... still have 5 years of hefting an axe.
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    Marine gasoline tends to be ethanol free.
    It also may be the slightly more polluting blend that gives better fuel milage in a car.
    At last count I read that there were at least 9 total winter and summer blends of regular unleaded gasoline.
    This is what happens when you have political hacks dictating what properties gasoline should or should not have.
    Instead of say engineers or chemists who actually know what they are doing.
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    Lead was put in gasoline to stop spark knock by slowing the combustion a bit without raising octane. Ethanol-gasoline blends will draw moisture because ethanol, like any alcohol, is hygroscopic and mixes readily with moisture even from the air. I store 50 gallons in Jerry cans and try to always keep the 3 vehicles full (another 70 gallons or so). The Jerry cans are Ethanol free gas with Sta-Bil and get rotated each year. I just empty them into the vehicles and refill.
    On a side note, a friend of mine sat in the dark since Saturday because he ran out of generator gas and couldn't get out due to blocked roads. He was telling me this Tuesday and I inquired as to why he didn't fill up his truck. He replied that he did and then "Mo&%#*$^* F(&^%%%^ I didn't even think about that!"
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  13. Kingfish

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    Ura-ki , I buy mine at a marina or at several gas stations around here. We are a state(Michigan) with tons of boats and boat gas is all over the place. It is non ethanol no lead. 90 Octane. So far using this gas and Marine Stabil I am getting 4 solid years stored in a cool dry place. (under 70) degrees.
  14. Kingfish

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    With the current world tensions I am going to cut wood earlier this year. I am ramping up my food and fuel storage and am filling my big boat tank with 30 extra gallons and buying 4 more cans. I just dont like what Im seeing .
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    My lawn mower gas is usually older than six months!

    I haven't done this intentionally, but I have used 42 month old gasoline in the car. It was stabilized with double the recommended dose of Stabil and had no issues.

    I've got two carefully documented small batch samples that are treated with Stabil and BG CF5 just for testing. The local college auto lab will sometimes invite the commercial additive representatives to give a demonstration of their products. All have fuel testing demonstrations that may be interesting if they don't know what product the gas is treated with. ;-)

    Of course the BG representative told me that his product would preserve gasoline "indefinitely." We shall see.
  16. Cruisin Sloth

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    Sale'sman have the best lip service .
    I use BG stuff
    DPL in 5 gallon was my best buy .
    they "USA IDIOTS" took it off the market , so Im good for my life .
    I add a small amount to all my old diesels for Pump Lube .
    Sulphur @ 1 %
    Don't smoke the exhaust pipe !!
    It was the truckers & the (roll-coal ) overfueling (huge carbon black trails) that started that .
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