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    Preps - Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. Hurricanes
    FEMA: Hurricane Season Begins - FEMA Urges Personal Preparedness and Responsibility
    FEMA: Hurricane Publications

    FEMA got a lot of BS because people didn't evac New Orleans,but in the flooding here this spring,they did a GREAT JOB(flame away)

    For earthquakes

    FEMA: Earthquake
    FEMA: Are You Ready?
    The best one:
    FEMA: What to Do Before an Earthquake

    Be prepared,know what to do in advance,and keep your head and calmly prepare.

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    The vast majority of Nawlin's troubles can be laid at the big flat feet of Ray Nagin and Gov. Blanco. Their Hurricane Plan was never followed, it sat in a flooded office file drawer.
    Typically, they blamed the Fed Gov.

    Here in Florida, we have had much better perfomance from our State Emergency Management folks.
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    Cool, good links.

    NO is a great example of government (city and state, in this case) incompetence.
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    True enough...However in all fairness ...He did indeed twice tell people to leave...They chose not too...(and i don't care for him...but he did try to get people moving )

    Nagin Urges New Orleans Residents To Leave - YouTube

  5. Seawolf1090

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    He could've made all those (drowned) buses available - many of the people had NO transportation......

    That road twitch Blanco refused to ask the FedGov for aid. Bush couldn't send aid til it was requested - she hemhawed til it was too late.

    Hopefully they learned their lessons, and next time (there WILL be a next time) will go better. If not, somebody needs to got o prison. A certain level of incompetetance and stupidity, when resulting in deaths, should be 'criminal'.

    I look forward to see how the FEMA response to Irene goes. I hope for much better action from the Carolina's folks, as far as pitching in and helping each other. I see in the news that NYC is trying to evacuate some people. I would NOT wish to be on that evolution....!
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    Oh..I agree for the most part..Blanco froze up...However at least 150K auto's went under water...I would say that 2/3 that stayed could have left...But...
    I don't think anyone dreamed just how bad and how fast these levy's failed..
    Most had no place to go...Most could not trust the neighbor's to not Loot them if they did leave..and some stayed behind to do just that..Loot...and..
    There were convoys of Cajan's dragging boats down to N.O. to help Rescue...Only to be turned away...
    I rode this one out and did not leave...Because i'm old and stupid or hardheaded and i was on the ''Good'' side the storm..we clocked the winds at home at 110mph...Blanco was a one timer..Thank God...
    Nagin has moved on..and N.Orleans is not a place to visit...unless your packing an A.K....

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    Florida's State Employees sent truckloads of supplies, water and ice towards Nawlins to help out, and some of our folks drove the trucks. We did not count on the combination of drowned roads and stupid local authorities......

    The trucks sat for days on the side of the highway - the ice all melted, the water and other goods were finally sent in to Miississippi. The La. authorities had NO plan to distribute incoming emergency supplies. Ol' Miss glad to get them!
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