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    This following rant from Kenny Lane at Knuckle Dragging My life away says more than anyone else has been able to explain about our Nation, Constitution, and the Rule Of Law than Ken has here,I’m tired…

    … of politics. We just got our mid-terms over with which means we’ll catch about a 2 month break before we start seeing ads for the 2020 elections.
    Fuck that.

    Up until about 15-20 years ago, I never thought about politics. I never worried about them. When it came time for elections, I’d start studying up on the candidates a couple weeks beforehand and my one and only criteria for who I’d vote for was determined by one thing and one thing only – gun control. But when you stop to think about it, it’s a pretty good guideline for any Freedom loving person. For the most part (the key word here is ‘most’) if a candidate supported gun control then they were for higher taxes to pay for the unrealistic services they promised, they were against small businesses, they were for damned near anything that they can use to control your life. Not theirs, yours.

    Once I really started thinking about it, it didn’t take me long to figure out that Republicans and Democrats are the same fucking thing, they just wear different hats. A politician is a politician is a politician. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your vote. Before you get all up in arms over that last statement, take a look at our last two Republican presidents. Uh-huh.

    It’s all about power and what can they do to keep you in line. Think about this: When was the last time you heard a politician promise to nullify and/or repeal bullshit laws and then actually did it? Nope, their main focus is introducing new laws. It’s a control thing.

    Just once I would love to hear a candidate say “If I’m elected, I promise I will not introduce any legislation and I will vote against any new legislation no matter what.” That motherfucker would be wildly popular.

    Instead we get politicians that make unrealistic promises. The Latest & Greatest one was Trump’s “Drain The Swamp” bullshit. I have news for you, Mr President – that fucking swamp is overflowing. The swamp is chest deep and Hillary is still running free.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a huge fan of Trump, but he’s done a few good things, for sure more than Billary would’ve done had she/they won. But damn, Trump made the promise and he should keep it. If he can’t keep it, he should’ve kept his mouth shut about it. Don’t tell me he had full intentions of doing it but the politicians are protecting their cushy lifestyles because there’s no way in hell you can convince me he didn’t have advisers telling him that shit wasn’t going to fly. Again, a case of saying what we wanted to hear to get our votes.

    Up until a very few years ago my thing was a return to a Constitutional Government. I began seriously studying not only the Constitution but also the writings of our Founding Fathers which formed the basis of our Constitution. I wish it was required reading for anybody thinking about running for office.
    But the thing is, the deeper I got into it, the more I realized that we never have had a Constitutional government. Never. The fucking ink on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights wasn’t even dry yet before the people in office started destroying it.
    Take the Whiskey Rebellion for example. Our very first president was still in office when it took place. Our first president sent federal fucking troops to crush a protest over a tax that was being imposed on a domestic product. Way to go, Georgie.

    I no longer want a return to a Constitutional government. What I want is an enactment of a government we never had but was promised.
    I want to be left the fuck alone. I want to be able to give my money to whoever I feel warrants it, not having the government take my taxes and disperse it out to some fucking liberal organization I’ve never heard of. I want to be able to travel down a road that I pay taxes to maintain without worrying about getting a ticket for some bullshit reason. I want to be able to buy any damned gun I want without some politician telling me no because somebody who’s 2500 miles away wasn’t responsible with theirs. I want to eat what I want to eat without government approval.

    I’m tired. I’m tired of being lied to. I’m tired of being vilified for the color of my skin or gender. I’m tired of being put on the defensive for shit I had absolutely nothing to do with. I’m tired of some *intimate chicken kisser* in Washington who doesn’t even know my name trying to tell me how I need to live.
    I’m tired.

    Rant over.

    Please give him a visit and leave a good compliment.
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    I love Kenny, have been a reader and follower for years. He doesn't hold back, speaking his mind and tends to echo what many are thinking but afraid or to polite to say.
    Bingo and that also applies to voters. This is 100% a rant I have been holding in. Americans no longer see Americans but see demographic, a voting party, a blue state or red state. It makes me sick.
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    Now theres a winning platform . Now if we could just find someone that could do it .
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    Y'all might take a look at the movie Bulworth....it's relevant.
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    Only problem is, not enough people are sick and tired of the BS.

    I prove how disgusted I am every day by not taking part in their stupid game.

    In the end, it's all going to burn to the ground anyway --might as well face the flames and smile. [reddevil]
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    I never heard of him before...which I suppose is not a surprise. Strange, I feel exactly the same way he does. It started with this bullshit election that I am now finding out half the people I know didn't even bother to vote. Why? Because they to are 'tired' because it doesn't make a damn bit of difference who wins. As proof, I will state the obvious that even though the Republicans held both houses they didn't do spit for two years. So what if we have a President that is willing to take the heat and make the hard decisions, he can't do crap without the Congress behind him and, let's face it, the Republicans hate him as much as the Democrats because he threatens the status quo, their money and power. They won't state publicly their hate for him because their constituents would take offence but they hate him, no doubt about it.

    Yeah, me too, I am tired, sick and tired, and frankly, I don't even know if I will vote anymore. The hell with it. I will have to pay 3X more this year for Medicare, my wife will not have medical insurance because its too expensive, my car insurance went up another $150 statewide for some bullshit reason, the Feds/State take half my money in one way or another before I can even count it, my government is more concerned about the rest of the world then about my country, we get crumbs and they get pie and they always say the same friggin thing "Oh, you have it good in America" - well - it could be a hell'va lot better pal if you'd just wake up and smell the coffee, for the taxpayer it's always 2 steps forwards 3 steps back, ALWAYS! The American taxpayer is nothing more than Cannon Fodder and/or a Piggy Bank. That is all we are...
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    Yep , its definitely a depressing state . I've been seriously considering just cutting off as many ties to the outside world as I can , and just try and live a reclusive existance . Just venture out for a few necessities as needed . Only problem is I still need to work a little .
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    [biggrouphug] [biggrouphug] yall
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    For all the ranting of liberals demanding equality, they are famous for pigeonholing every one else .
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    Yep....having been pigeonholed here plenty of times, I understand how that dynamic works. :whistle:
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    FEAR = Losing one's life, losing family, losing their job, losing what they love about their nation, and fear of the unknown.
    ANGER = Stems from fear, a person can become irrational, withdrawn, unwise in decision making or action.

    Everything I have ever done was to try to show people the "how" and a bit of the "why" behind what's happening in an attempt to alleviate some of the fear. Without fear, one cannot become angry. This has all moved far beyond the realm of anger and into a different level of understanding; it is only with understanding and clarity that we can ever hope to seize a possible solution. Maybe it won't be for us, who are alive now, to make changes. Some day, as events unfold and the slow and steady hand of change alters society, enough people will realize they've been duped and decide on implementing a solution. History has proven that no society lasts forever, as all things must come to an end.
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    The problem with elections is somebody always wins.
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    Hell, I'm considering leaving again. And, if they do not pass some immigration legislation, which they won't do now, so my niece can come over, then highly possible I will. Actually, I think I expected too much and certainly never expected the financial day-to-day fight just to keep one's nose above water, all the political turmoil that we're bombarded with each and every day, the total insane politically-correct environment, the stress of either being shot by some whacko or sued by some whacko or...

    Yeah, I got stores chuck-a-block full of products, crap that I did without overseas for decades without any harm to me and healthy for my finances and the roads are better than most places, worse than some others, but I can't even say that I will get a fair shake by the law here more than I would overseas - look at those Portland Bakers - and they sure as hell don't have even a small percentage of the stupid politically correct laws overseas that are here, in America one walks around in a liable minefield waiting for the next law suit for whatever reason mostly because they can...

    Every time I turn around someone's got their hand out and usually it's the government in one form or another. And, in the four years I have been back I have not seen our government do ANYTHING to improve our lives except stop making horribly expensive medical insurance mandatory which they shouldn't have done in the first place. Yeah, I can have guns but for how much longer, until next presidency?

    This country is a powder keg and it will blow and soon. I will be honest, I am more stressed out living here than I was living and working in war zones or third-world countries. In fact, many times I wish I was back there because, at least, I knew the score there, here you don't know what is going to happen next and if you manage to protect yourself the chances are good you will lose anyway. And, then people don't even get off they fat butts to vote because no matter what they do nothing ever changes so why bother... You ask people if they're happy and they can't say yes and they can't say no because the government has got them believing they got it good but they instinctively know something isn't right and they are being forced to sit quietly and color their lives away. They can't change anything and they can't walk away because financial they are burden to the point there is nothing to spare so they do the only thing available, they continue to sit quietly, pay their taxes, giving their sons and daughters to foreign wars of no consequence (except bad ones) for no reason, hoping they will be left alone, unnoticed...

    Look, I'm patriotic. I love my country and I'm that dumb idiot that get chills when he sees the flag. I love my country but does it even exist anymore? And, if not, WTF am I doing here? This is what I ask myself because this is not 'the Land of the Free', and I sure don't even like, trust or respect my government and they certainly will not leave me alone and nothing is going to change...

    Now that I got that out of my system I will go be a normal American and sit in the corner, stuff my face with apple pie, drink too much scotch, continue to pay my taxes and overpriced Medical Care, buy some more crap I don't need and color quietly...
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    Well I hope we all remember the advice our parents gave us and the famous words that followed when we went ahead and did it anyway. I always remember them in caps. "I TOLD YOU SO" I am afraid that as a nation we may well go the way of Russia or Venezuela and our brain washed liberals get just what they want and when they stand in the ruins of what is left of this great country, remember what they were told might happen. I could not stand to watch, but CSPAN had a program on, nice unbiased channel or so they say, where a back woman was interviewing a white woman who had written some sort of a book that was aimed at how Trump hates and abuses women. Since it is a review of a book, not news, any opinion can be stated as if it was in fact true. I am sure that the eager CSPAN viewers agreed with ever word. The media, the schools, most of the medical establishment, most of the churches, etc, are firmly in control of the far left and have convinced most of the poor and less educated, that everything they wish will magically arrive if they just let the left handle things.
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    Where would you go if you decided to leave , what's our option's ? I've always thought about the Phillipines . I've actually got the chance to go there , and have even got a place to live when I get there . The only reason I stay is because of my daughter , and now she's about to have a daughter .
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    we feel ya @Bandit99 :) :)

    @ the same time we would say hang in there [biggrouphug] [biggrouphug]

    the Phillipines is now governed by a not so gud guy, a bunch of other countries aint as gud as they used to be, the politically-correct virus has spread worldwide

    in many countries if ya make a post to a forum like this, the police break down yer door n haul ya to jail without even fake due process

    it happens regularly in countries all over the place

    in Mexico/Latin America ya get [gun]ed by the cartels or shaken down by dirty cops or both or ya get kidnapped fer ransom n yer family gets body parts in the mail until they pay up

    in Europe plus several other places taxes are at 90 to 96% or real close to that

    Asia aint no better

    it is real ugly out there

    jus sayn
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    Climate is hell, they have no real resources, population is totally inbred, the official language is spoken by almost no one else in the world, but the people in Iceland have an even better track record than Switzerland for taking care of each other and remaining sensible. They have had at least some form of democracy since 930 in the Althing meeting.
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    You're right Sec,, it just sucks to be living in the best country in the world and have the government taxing us to death and giving it away to other countries or just plain pissin it away . Politically correct pisswads whining and protesting and rioting about crap they have no idea about. If you honestly look at the money our .gov pisses away to other countries , people , stupid grants , overpriced politicians , etc etc . That 30 cents on the dollar tax could drop to a nickle . But nope , everytime you turn around , they're throwing another tax on ya . And we don't have a say in it .
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