I am basic preppering for comfortable living as a I get old

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    iam basically preppering for comfortable liveing as i get older after the event with basic long term foods and supplies for use after the event to keep ..

    as i pointed out to someone on another form iam not going to go out and geting into gunfights left and right with people or going on long partols of the area that i live in ..if you mess with me and i put you in the ground without a second thought about it but i just want to be basically left alone

    me i basically going to try to live as comfortable as i can without trying to kill myself in the long run with alot of extras to do around the homestead ..

    so that why i went with a underground home to not to have to worry about heating or cooling the house and haveing solar and wind power is a basic way of haveing some basic way of haveing a power for my personal needs in my life .
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    I'm almost 60 my self. I can relate. Sounds like you on the narrow road to life my friend.
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    i left my original job after getting out of the military in 1993 time frame and i had 16 years on the job with medical retirement because of going through a second story landing and hitting a few support post on the way down to the ground and destorying my back and shoulder and neck by the way i hit the ground with 45 pds of gear with full body armor and helmet and other gear on at the time i had on dureing the raid ..

    i basically came woke up in the hospital after haveing a surgery on the shoulder to repair the basic damage for now and then i had two more surgerys on the shoulder and neck to fix the problem but it never did fix the problem with muscle spasms happening at odd times and not beening able to return to full duty status ..

    i went out on a 75 percent disability from the work place after haveing surgery on the shoulder and neck and back area along with haveing neck and back muscle spasm that would come on at anytime and leave me on the ground in pain intill they stoped ...

    the doctor sit me down after watching it happen one day dureing a office vist and explain to me that i could never go back to full actived duty on the job that i had at the time so he give me you need to think about the future and try to ..

    so he got the paperwork ready and i was to be going to the NYC area for my new assignment and i was going to and from the NYC to La for court for a trial of a group of people on a court case that happened in the 2002 time frame and i went out in 2009 on medical retirement

    so i really thought more about beeing able to be comfortable in my socalled golden years and not trying to go out and get into fights or doing things that would do as the doctor say think about your body as a machine and to keep the machine work take some basic care of it and you should do ok in the long ..
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    Thanks for serving sir.
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    Hank, you are prepping for when you get old ? LOL Hank, just like me you are old. Have a good day sir. Nadja
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