I have my survival plans and goals in three areas

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    I have my socalled survival plans and goals in three diff but major areas of the socalled survival plan i have and you should have the following plans or goals

    a short term goal or plan ..

    a mid term goal or plan

    a long term goal or plan

    1-The short term items i need to have right now and right now only and iam strong and doing ok in this area for i have the standard 21 day survival supplies for a short term disaster or earthquake or storm to hit the area where iam liveing at right now i be ok for those days and afterwards i make my way to the cabin in AZ

    2-my long term survival goals are met and they are solid as a rock in that area and there no problems in that goal and plan for have been met and now moveing onto the some other areas of the getting off the grid life style to farther enhanced my long term goal of total off grid liveing before and after the event

    3-The mid term goal or plan area is where iam the weakess at in my three plans system ..so that why i start my socalled bad time liveing project for basic items for the short term of 24 months or more after a market crash of the dollar

    I have the money saved up to last a good while in the safe along with personal metals also i have saved up since the 80s time frame ..But i feel that i need to lay in more mid term items like personal groom and house cleaning supplies to deal with some of the things that going to happen in the mid term problems not the long term problems that we would face..

    this area is the biggest problem for me because of the length of time before going into the long term supplies ..So that is way i started the rubbermaid tote system for basic liveing supplies for a time frame up to 24 months of doing this and that way i want to expend it long for another 12 months to the program ..

    This way i know that the long term supplies will not be touched for at least three years and you ask why this way of stocking up on items ..if you remember history right it the first three years where the roughest part of the great depression and after 34 things where starting to look up in the country after the stock market crash of 29 .. so this way i can use the socalled middle term supplies and save the dollars for when it starts to get better and the socalled ecomony is comeing back and getting on it feet

    also part of the reason why not wanting to use the socalled long term supplies in this area is because of some of the world super powers might what to take advanced of us in a socalled weaked state and try something and iam not so sure that they socalled super powers will not try something right in the middle of the melt down to take over or put someone in place to do there bidding .. ..
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    Hank, I think most of us here on this site as well as others are preparred for the short term , and some of us for the mid - term Not many are as prepared as they think for the long term. First of all, everyone's defination of long term is going to be different. People see things differently which is just human nature . To be really prepared for the long term , to me you would need to go back to about 1750 or so. That is when most people were totally self sufficient or died. That to me is the long term survival plan
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    I am unfortunately, or perhaps fortunate ( not sure right now), that I have all I need for long term. I am short sighted on any real short term. The reason for this is, I have nearly everything packed away in storage.
    I am in a world of hurt as it were. If I had to "BUG OUT", I'm screwed to the wall! My equipment and supplies are in 3 different places, some as close as here at home, some 3 miles, some as far as 150 miles distance. I have to get it all in one place, at one time, and be there. Or, my current scenario is fatal. There is no way out of Phoenix but along the I-17 highway. That's a serious error. No way I can move most of the items without the use of either a 24 or 28 foot Uhaul truck. Another error on my part. I'd also need at least 4-5 other people to help load that truck. Again, a bad thing! And, ( yeah it gets worse!) I have ONLY me/myself/I as far as a driver at this point, and I have no less than 3 vehicles to take, besides any turck I'd need.....All are a detriment to my plan/s. It seemed the better I ( thought I had) planned, the worse the scenario became.
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    I think somebody needs to slow down and do more reading before starting so many thread topics about the same thing.
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    DragonFly, you just fell out of the lucky tree. I used to live in N.Phoenix for about 11 years until about 16 years ago when we moved up here. Now, I used to belong to a "grounp" down there and we all figured out the same thing. So, my friend and I found a way. You would need a good four wheel drive, but if you have that, you can do it fairly easy with almost knowone knowing about it. Up on 17 n. just above Happy Valley road, you will see some monster transmission lines. They have an acess road sorta that goes right underneath those lines all the way up here. In other words, we traveled that access monstrisity about 16 years ago. Few small obsticals in the way, but in an emergancy it is doable. You may want to carry a pair of shall we say "gate and fence" openers just in case, and a shovel, pick etc as it is not a maintained dirt road[2c]
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    try the cannel paths beside the water cannels comeing into and out of the citys there is a few paths that goes all north to Wickenburg area without a gate on them..if a find a gate bring a set of gate opening tools and you be ok..

    also go to the world of maps store and try and find a old 1870s or 80s era cavalry road map that had the cavalry relief stations on the stagecouch roads that came into and out of the valley ..

    US 60 highway is a old cavalry and stagecouch road route so is cavecreek road and few others ..
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    remember planning and what if thinking is basic part of the socalled survival plans ..put your plan in action one weekend to see if works ..i do a few test runs in the middle of the week or the middle of the night to see what are the problem areas in the plan ..

    i found one night the problem of not haveing small enough bill to pay for gas i had bought and had to buy enough items for the guy to be able to cash a $50.oo dollar bill
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