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    *Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I created this account just so I could post it!*

    I am 14 years old and want to get a new knife and some other things related to survival. I currently use this knife: Imgur, its hard to see in the pictures but the tip is bent and I can't figure out how to fix it (What ever I try does not work and I don't want to make the tip too weak) I have the money for a new knife but my parents will not let me get a new one, they just flat out say "No".

    I would also like to get a firesteel and multi-tool, I will be ordering a new backpack for school from (link removed) and they have these things. I was wondering if they are any good or if I should steer away from buying survival products from this site.

    For the multi-tool, my dad said that he would let me get one if I could find one without a knife, the only one I could find is the leatherman knifeless fuse but it has been discontinued and I can't find anything else. Are there any that don't have a knife or have an easy mechanism to remove the knife?

    Another question I have relates to water purification tablets. Where can I get them in Canada, I would like to get them locally but online is fine.

    Thanks a lot for reading and any help/tips are appreciated, sorry for any grammar mistakes!
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    Welcome aboard. Note that the links in your post are now broken (by me). We do NOT allow external links by new members due to spam content that can slip by the defenses. Anyway, your imgur link came up 404, and whatever the think geek link was supposed to show didn't go where you intended.

    If you do a site search, you'll find a lot of answers to your questions, and there's no better way to familiarize yourself with what this site can do for you. I have serious doubts that you'll find a multi tool without a knife blade.
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    First off, welcome.
    Second, I'm glad to see you are concerned with being prepared for things going wrong, Murphy (of Murphy's law) lurks around many corners. And it is a good idea, to be able to take care of yourself.
    Third, (and a big one) you are a minor, and like it or not, completely under their thumb. So don't even try to go around them. I don't know why they do not want you to have a new knife, but I assume they have good reason.
    Fourth, that knife has been abused. What is all over the blade? And tip strength matters little in a pocket knife, the tip should NEVER be used to pry with. How badly is it bent? It can be straightened, or clipped, and resharpened.
    As for getting a multi tool without a blade, that is simple. Blades can be removed and replaced as needed. You could simply remove the blade and replace it with a washer the same width, or just break off the blade with a pair of vice grips and a vice, or cut off the extended blade with a metal cutting tool (and parental supervision).
    That knife is not a lost cause, yet, and could be returned to good working order, with some TLC, and some attention to detail.
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    First, welcome aboard, lots of good folks here, nice to see someone your age getting interested

    I have a few questions too.
    You currently own a knife, bent though it may be. Do your parents know you have a knife?? if you have one now, what are their reasons for not wanting you to have a new one?? Both my kids have their own knives, and they are about your age. but they realize it is a trust issue and they are to be very careful with them
    When I was your age, I received more than a few stitches from poor knife handling and my Father all but took every last knife I had away at some point Boys will be boys don't ya know

    as for a multitool, perhaps a discontinued Fuse can be found on ebay, swap meet, local wanted ads, etc

    as for your current knife, maybe your metal shop at the high school can help

    Your folks have their reasons I'm sure, maybe find out what they are and see if you can win over their objections, use reason, be respectful and ultimitely obey what they request of you, it won't make your life easier if they do not trust you
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  5. Dont

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    Welcome ,young man!! You will find that many of the question you may have, and then some, all can be answered here..
  6. Megadarkwood

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    Sorry about that, thanks for letting me know!

    I will post a picture of the bend in the tip as soon as I can. I used the flash on my camera and I think that is why all the small traces of dirt showed up, I think that a small cleaning would be enough.

    They know I have that knife and I think they wont let me get it because they think that the knife is fine and does not need to be replaced. I don't do stupid things with my knife and don't plan to :)
  7. William Antrum

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    Welcome aboard!! You can fix the knife easily..there are multiple ways to fix or revamp ...My first multi- tool was an 8" inch bench grinder at the ripe ol' age of 12 ... you can very carefully Grind and cool while grinding (oil or salt brine the tip ) or you could heat to straw colour and hammer or bend flat ... If your can find 3 "fire Brics" you can heat the tip alone and let it air cool..... look to your local library in the metal working or hobby section for heat treatment books and also black and blade smithing books...
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    We'll talk in at least four years. Good luck.
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    Welcome. I would think that if you were trusted with one knife, a replacement shouldn't be a problem.
    I think I had my first 'sharp' knife at 10.

    Have you discussed your reasons with them?
  10. kellory

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    one other thing comes to mind. A sharp knife is much safer than a dull knife. it sound wrong, but a sharp knife does what you tell it without having to force it, and a dull knife will skip off of what you are doing, and is likely to cut you badly in the process.
    talk with your folks first. if they agree, we can easily teach you how to fix that knife, or alter another one. But if you are going to carry any knife, it should be straight, sharp and clean. It is your first, and most basic tool. Treat it well.;)
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    for probably the first time in my life I agree 100 percent with Kellory in his post above!
    dull knives are trouble just looking for a time and place.
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    oh, and water purification tablets can be had in almost every Canadian Tire in Canada. Bass Pro sells them, as dfo most good outdoor stores.
    If you Care to narrow down a province I can probably be more help

    Coghlans is the brand I see mostly
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