I Live in LA If you can't get out of the City in Longterm SHTF or TEOTAWKI Where is the best Place

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by ED GEiN, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. ED GEiN

    ED GEiN Monkey++

    to hide/relocate to in the City? Please no questions of why do I live in a City. The fact is I live in an apartment in San Fernando and while I have enough food to last me 6-12 months, my obvious concern is security especially from the people in my building if there is a SHTF situation exceeding 2 weeks that might even turn into TEOTWAWKI.

    My specific question is are there certain type places/locations in a City where one could bug out to where the chances of not being discovered are better than remaining in an apartment? One option is having an RV packed with Survival Resources and bringing it to an out of the way area.
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  2. oil pan 4

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    Above ground I would think abandoned run down building.
    Below geound, well anything below ground.
    It would pretty much have to be some where no rational person would go for any reason.
    With that said, I like the RV idea.
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  3. T. Riley

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  4. ED GEiN

    ED GEiN Monkey++

    I took a look at it and you won't agree but I don't equate Balkan war experiences with survival in the US with an American Populace and people with American mindsets including myself. If it was free, I would read it though, but its not and to me it is comparing Apples and Oranges.
  5. Motomom34

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    In my opinion I would say an apartment is better then an RV. If you are on floor three, you could block off access vs being a sitting target in a vehicle. I know that vehicles can be relocated but people would want an RV. They would be thinking of getting away. I would not do underground. I think higher vs. lower would have a better chance at survival.

    Welcome to the monkey @ED GEiN
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  6. Gator 45/70

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  7. ED GEiN

    ED GEiN Monkey++

    Thanks Thats an interesting way to look at things that I never considered. The problem of sealing off the third floor is that there are other apartments on that floor that would still be a threat.
  8. mysterymet

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    Have some stuff stored up in a climate controlled storage unit out of the area. A small on road off road dirt bike and some spare gas cans so you can get there.
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  9. T. Riley

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    He charges for his in person survival courses, the blog is free. I am not sure the American animal will behave any better than the Balkan one. He was not fighting a war, but rather fighting to stay alive in a blockaded city. Maybe oranges to grapefruit, but not apples. He lived it. No one else you get advice from will have done so, including me.
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  10. techsar

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    If your main concern is the people in your building, you need to move - period. They aren't going to get better when they realize the S has HTF.
    Where to go? Up? Fire travels up.
    Hide in sewers? If power fails, so do pumps...messy. Rats, too. Lots of rats...
    Of course, if The Big One is the cause of trouble...all bets are off, especially in valleys.
    A packed RV sounds good, but is akin to painting a big bullseye on your forehead...and most are not designed nor intended for escape and evasion.

    BTW, Welcome to the Monkey! I hope you can find a suitable resolution to your dilemma before it's too late to escape.
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  11. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    When food runs scarce, folks turn to their animal instincts to survive. They will turn over every rock and look behind every locked door in search for whatever they can use to survive......and that includes behind your locked door. If you barricade yourself inside, you are just trapped until they figure a way to breach or flush you out.
  12. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Ed, if you are concerned about how your neighbors will behave after TEOWAWKI you better also be concerned with how they are behaving NOW. The fact that you are concerned about after leads me to think you already have some clues. It's past time to find a better place to be if there is ANY possible way to do so.

    (Also split your stash, some should be in a storage place or cached. You might be able to buy a cemetery plot and bury a casket.)
  13. mysterymet

    mysterymet Monkey+++

    Hiding a cache in a cemetary plot is a neat idea.
  14. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    There are simply too many people in this world to hide any thing from.
    There are people that plan on raiding and have no qualms about taking life for it
    Any thing sustainable is going to take an organized team/neighborhood, be it in the city or country, it doesn't matter.
    How many sides from the inside of a house can you defend from, at the same time,
    and when do you sleep, and take care of injuries, or illness ?
    If you are the only one in the group with survival knowledge, and you are incompasitated, being a one man show, what then ?
    Raider groups will be as much in the city as in the country, make no mistake , and the war over hunting ground will be as fearse now as it was for the indians 300 years ago. may be more so .
    Remember too that viewing for survival are groups that have already been priming them selves for take over (islamic) and are accustomed to worse conditions that most americans have ever seen. Probably had more trigger time than most here as well.
    Just food for thought.
  15. BlueDuck

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    Just my 2 cents. You are living in an ant farm. You can hide for a while, but where are you going to go? And will you even be able to go if it comes down to it? Grid lock will be everywhere. Think of the Watt's riot X a million.
  16. Dunerunner

    Dunerunner Brewery Monkey Moderator

    The evacuation order for Oroville, Ca. recently plugged up the freeway even with CHP opening the opposite direction lanes for traffic headed to Chico. So that is 180,000 people... In the San Fernando Valley, there will be roaming bands of opportunistic two legged scavengers. They will be armed and they will be looking everywhere. Barricading yourself in an up stairs apartment won't save you. You have no avenue of escape either from your apartment or the city. Unless you are already out, you won't get out.

    That said, make a decision to move. I know it isn't easy but if you are troubled by the prospect of civil unrest following a SHTF event, peace of mind is better than constant worry. I would strongly recommend moving to another State....

    Welcome to the Monkey!
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  17. BTPost

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    If you live in a City, you are going to be, either Screwed, or Dead.... UNLESS, you join a Marauding Group.... Then you likely will be doing exactly what you fear, to the other Sheep that also live in a City.... It is really that simple, for a Lone Person.... There will be NO Bugging Out, after the Breakdown, and without a Plan, there will be few places to Bug Out to, even if you leave well before the Breakdown.... Those are the FACTS, How you deal with them, will tell your Story, in the Future...
  18. ED GEiN

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    Exactly That is what I fear and have no resolution for that other than to offer my resources to them.

    Thanks for your replies. I really like this site as it seems people are more realistic and actually address the posted topic. Unfortunately, its sinking in that if a SHTF turned TEOTWAWKI while I'm in the City, I will be totally screwed eventually! ****!
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  19. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Not going to work. You demand that they offer THEIR resources to you. If you ain't an alpha, you will last only as long as YOUR resources hold out.
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  20. VisuTrac

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    In the city, I don't believe 6-12mos of food is going to be of much help.
    Water is going to be a problem and then sanitation during SHTF events.
    Hell water and sanitation is an issue right now!
    It's not going to get better later.

    All it's going to take is an event that takes out infrastructure (water, gas, electricity) and all bets are off for city dwellers. 3 days panic will set in. 10 days it's going to seem like Armageddon and after a month or two of no infrastructure it's going to be Lord of the Flies or Mad Max.

    Those away from the cities (beyond 1 tank of gas) will be way less troubled as long as they have developed a subsistence plan and are living it already. There will hardly be anyone getting out of the city dragging 6 months of food and water with them, they'll either have to abandon their cache, use it as a bribe or distraction to escape.

    Then they will be viewed as threat once they reach us folk out in the sticks. And we will have dealt with similar threats like this multiple times before in recent weeks and months, it's probably not going to end well for the refugee as we now have a process to deal with the biohazard about to be created.

    Might want to get a sail boat and head off shore, inland probably isn't going to be a really great option.
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