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    Ok, here is the situation. My 15 yr. old daughter is going to Mexico next Friday on a mission trip. They will be working out of a well established childrens home that is not near any of the major cities, tourist areas, ect. They will also be working with some of the outlying villages and such.

    I am pretty comfortable regarding her safety there I know the people she is going with. However, I would like for her to take a handful of items just in case of the "worst case scenario".

    She has never been interested much in "outdoors stuff", but if she were to get separated from her group, or a small group get lost, that kind of thing; I don't want her to be completely unprepared. They are flying into Chihuaha, so I'm not sure of items that may be restricted in her luggage.

    Obviously, the top three in importance are water, shelter, fire (not necessarly in that order). Would any of you like to offer some suggestions?

    Obviously, I realize that sending her with my .357 is out of the questions.... Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Spare socks and skivvies, really basic toiletries (soap and a rag will do) basic first aid stuff, a hand full of USD, (but not too many.) Space (reflective) blanket, small flashlight, a couple BICs, compass and local map, copy of passport and a couple energy bars. Whatever can happen will not leave her unattended for long, and the majority of the attention will not be hostile. Basic rule: Get separated from the group, SIT DOWN AND STAY PUT. LISTEN FOR SOMEONE TO SIGNAL, don't be hollering up a storm while you wait; you can't hear with your mouth open and it burns energy best spent watching and listening. No doubt they will be looking for her.

    Maybe 3 lbs, always within reach.

    Never been to ol' mehico, no interest in going. but this doesn't sound particularly hazardous. With the port of entry in Chihuahua (which is too close to the border to my taste) I hope they get out of there in short order.
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    Satellite phone or emergency GPS location device.
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    +1 SHES probably got no real training,to Hand her a kit of stuff "to "survive" perhaps one of the survival straw like water filters or filter bottles. perhaps a storm whistle.but she needs to be found. especially in a foreign country,get the locations and #'s of the u.s.consulatesand a emergency locator lesstroud pitches one letme find a link..

    lesstroud pitches this one:
    Spot Messenger Personal Tracker--now $99.99 at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports

    Whopps this one is: "[FONT=Arial, Verdana, Helvetica][FONT=Arial, Verdana, Helvetica][FONT=Arial, Verdana, Helvetica]This product is currently unavailable." but you get the idea.[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]
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    My parents went to Africa a few years back (I may have posted a thread here similar to yours). In the end, I gave them a small backpack that had a small water filter and purification tabs, fire tools, flashlights, batteries and a small first aid kit.

    It was simple enough to be effective for a short term problem and was also alright to fly with. KISS
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