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    After eyeing several possible future homes over the last year and getting heart broken as each one came off the market, we finally have a place that seems plausible. Sarah will go take a look at it next weekend. With a luck, we should be making an offer and getting settled in shortly after my return in May.

    This place has less acreage than we wanted but it provides access to public land that is far larger than anything we could ever hope for. The land has plenty of real top soil (hard to find in most of AZ). In fact, it is great grazing land for animals (only a few miles from the agricultural research range). It's about 30 minutes from the small town of Sierra Vista and 15 minutes from Coronado Forest. A 30 minute drive provides access to a lake and a 45 minute drive provide access to another. It is north of the mountain range which provides good sun in morning and afternoon. Wild game I have hunted in this same area include whitetail, mulies, javelina, jackrabbit, cottontails, grey squierrel, and dove. The house is a bit small but provides a room for everyone in my little family. It has a fireplace. Not too fond of that. I have been researching fluming a wood stove through a fireplace. That will provide alternate heating in the winter. Water is private well. The well pump is new. There is a metal out building (appears to be an RV shed). It is wired and will make a great workshop (man-room).

    Now that my hopes are up and my fingers are crossed.... we wait. :p

    I guess I need to give Dragonfly a yell about desert gardening?
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