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  1. CATO

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    Missing ASU Student Survives 10-Days Snowridden

    Such a fine sight to see
    It's a girl, my Lord
    Lucky she stayed in her Ford
    Alive and well...probably squeaked out a "D"

    Dumb...yet smart for staying in her ride.
  2. hank2222

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    Every year we have someone who does not understand the simple basic facts about northern Az high country that there are simple rules to living and driving up in the high country
    one it can get bad weather and be ready for it
    two you need to have supplies in the vehicle for those just in case moments
    three you need to tell someone what roads you are taking when bad weather is coming and going in the areas and where you are staying at when your up there
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  3. weegrannymush

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    Two of my adult grandchildren have IQs at genius level, but don't have between them one grain of common sense. This is the sort of thing they would do! They can explain quantum physics (well, so they say, but I wouldn't know what they were explaining anyway so they could tell me whatever they wanted, lol) but they can hardly find their way to the bathroom unaided. Very strange! This young lady is very, very fortunate indeed to live through this ordeal....I hope somebody is able to get through to her to explain what she did wrong, to make sure she doesn't do the same thing again! What was she thinking!
  4. Seawolf1090

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    Hehehe.... a common thing, for some to be 'educated beyond their intelligence'......
    Hopefully this will give her pause, and make her realise some things about life. She survived her first hard lesson.
  5. CATO

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    Maybe...who knows what psychological trauma she's been subject to. She'll probably have to go to a shrink now.

    I haven't met a woman who could be absolutely alone for a couple days...much less 10 without acquiring some mental baggage. No cell phone...oh the horror.

    Parenthetically: I'm usually driving to work around 6:30 a.m. most days and I see A LOT of people talking on their cell-phones...laughing...really chatting it up. Who the h3ll wants to talk at 6:30?

    If the SHTF for a while...no cell/phones, I think there will be a lot of people go nuts.
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  6. GrandpaDave

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    I grew up next door over in New Mexico... I've seen it snow 4 foot in a day up in the mountains of Northern NM.... seen the news lately... road closures people dying on the highway... happens ever year cause folks only got that picture ofWile-E and the Roadrunner on there minds when they plot their course through the SW... I 40 can be a major challange in the winter months... almost better to drop down and take I 10 across if your headded out to LA...
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  7. CaboWabo5150

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    Most of the college grads I know are very smart.. When it comes to the books.. Common sense, well that's another story.. A friend of mine came to the conclusion that when at college they educate the common sense right out of people...
    Hmmmmm... The entire Congress is made up of college grads... Interesting...
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  8. hedger

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    I am glad she survived.

    The above comments regarding intelligent folks who lack common sense strike a resonant chord.

    Our society would be a bit more self-reliant if we had more people with military backgrounds, scouting, or back-packing---heck even car camping experience. Those very bright people who get stranded in winter storms (and other situations that develop into survival challenges) simply do not have any base of experience to understand what may be "common sense" measures for those who have some camping/hiking and related experience.

    Without that base of experience, that large mass of citizens are tomorrow's victims-to-be.

    If they recognize this and drink deeply from the wealth of shared experience and advice which is available on Survival Monkey, they can change that and move toward a bit more of a prepared stance.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    A required course in Basic Survival, taken sometime during High School, with the second more advanced course in the first two years of college, would do a world of good. Not to make the students 'preppers' per se, but to give them the basic fundamentals of staying alive, and not panicking.

    I know..... with today's Libtarded educational system - never happen.

    And more young people will die.
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  10. snowbyrd

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    I was a manager at a store and we had a new hire I told him to sweep the floor with a broom. He said "I am a college graduate". I said "OK I'll show you how".
  11. Nadja

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    If you were to teach them common sense, then they would be labled as a Terrorist by the dhs. The gobernut idiots are scard' of common sense people. They are not as easily fooled as colledge grads are.
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