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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Seacowboys, Sep 3, 2006.

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    The end of the world as we know it has already happened and we have survived so far. Some of us have retreated and some of us have bugged-in. Man is an amazingly resilient creature, able to adapt to many environments. Our Republic has fallen and we watch the mad power scramble to be at the top of the pile in the new totalitarian society. We adapt and plan how the on-going changes will affect us and our families.
    Natural and man-made disasters occur and we go on. The police have been militarized and given Federal Guidelines in opposition to our failed constitution. To a man, we are endentured for all of our useful life by credit to a corportation that we will not even admit exists. There is a seething anger just beneath the surface, compounded by our inability to react, or rather to affect. Who are our heroes? I watch the world over and I cannot identify a single person that I truly admire. I see no leaders that I would follow. I see no battles being fought that I would join unless conscripted.
    Yet my life has quality. I have a loving family that I want to spend the rest of my days protecting and sharing with. I do what I can to insure they are safe and have the essential things to give them comfort. That is the sole reason why I am a survivalist, because when they are gone, I too will cease to exist.
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    O.k. yesterday I wrote a response to this and when I went to post it I lost it in "website can't be found"... so I'll try again...

    I agree that if you really looked around... TSHHTF..... and we're all still here... well most of anyway... we've "survived"....
    Preparing and Survivalist seem to hit a nerve when you bring it up.... even though there seems to a heck of alot of encouragement these days from state, local and federal governments to get us to stock up on some "tuna and powdered milk"....

    Preparing for when TSHTF or TEOTWAWKI doesn't seem very "hip" these days... "Don't worry... Be happy"....

    But these acronyms happen everyday....

    We've got a strong innate will to survive.... from the time we are concieved and develop in the womb....

    For some unfortunately TSHTF when they were born...

    For other's it happened when they had to get their first job....

    Other's when they find out that their really sick....

    Guess my point is that the TSHTF and for the some TEOTWATKI in many different ways....

    Job loss, divorce, unexpected bills, sudden death or illness, college tuition, floods, war, you name it.... just depends on what they expected and how well they were prepared for physically and mentally....

    I suspect... TSHTF in many cases day to day because most weren't prepared... like no collision insurance and you just wrecked the car.... ooops....

    I think its a great life come what may and I'm thankful for what I have and had have.... And while I'm preparing for whatever.... I'm making sure I'm enjoying this life and all it has to offer....
    And when its time to go.... it'll still be great... knowing I've prepared for that as well....:D
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    My co-workers think I'm nuts, but all say...

    We're going to Ric's place when SHTF". I always laugh at them and say Anyone trespassing on my property during a survival situation is Meat for my Dog. I Ain't preparin' for nobody but mine. Ric
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    I've always looked at TSHTF and TEOTWAWKI as being two vastly different events. It's somewhat safe to say all of us reading this forum has at one time or other gone through a SHTF situation. On the other hand, few have gone through a real life TEOTWAWKI and survived or lived to tell about it. Death will claim us all sometime in the future, for us that will be our TEOTWAWKI. Even if our worst nightmare occurs, as long as we survive it, it is not the end of the world.

    I prepare for most any storm that might hit, but a tornado would wipe out a lot of my possessions, it wouldn't be the end of the word, unless it claimed my life. Same with fire, or most anything else.

    I prefer to not even refer to it as survival, I prefer to call it subsistence and preparedness living. to see my plain home and common attire, a thief would probably go next door to the fancy homes to rob. Most of the neighbors owe big time for their high priced homes. One I know who just moved into their home owe about $250,000 for it. Mine was a lot cheaper, mine is paid for.
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    Seacowboys...... extremely well put.... depressing, but well put.
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  7. E.L.

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    I bet just about all of us here hear that same thing. I know I hear it from all of my immediate family members. Not long ago my brother was over and he happened upon some of the stocks of preps and he said "whoah, you preparing for a nuclear bomb or something?" I just said no, I just buy extra when we go to the store. I told them all that if something bad happened, they better not come with empty arms if they have any choice in the matter.
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    I'm too tired from work to be depressed so I have to add something to the pot.

    I tried people. I really did. I thought I took all necessary precautions and planned for the eventual. I did not count that it would go the way it has. I grieve now and reflect on what I could have done. My shouldas and wouldas count for nought. Maybe next time I may be wiser for it. TSHTF. That's right people. It did.

    It happened at 5:30pm on Friday September 1st of 2006. It is a day that I will live with in memory for a long time to come. My dear, beloved paycheck died. :D It was relatively young too. It went before it's time. I got it fresh at 4:45pm on Friday. I swear the ink had just dried when a grabby corporate hand reached out and snatched it away to be chewed into the machinery of monotony. I'll miss that check. Even though it has ceased to be, I am the wiser for it. The lesson I learned is two-fold. Once you cash it, it's gone and you gotta pay the rent. :D

    Enjoy people and don't get so friggin depressing. You guys and gals make my days bearable. Nice to hear words of wisdom and wit. So when one of yall is depressed, makes me want to hurl chunks of bricks. Haha.
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    well tmh you could cash your check.and ask for it in one doller bills. then take it home spread it on the bed and roll around on it. at least that way you can get to injoy it a little.lol:D :D
  10. Quigley_Sharps

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    [slow] you very bad Fuzzy.... :lol:
  11. Quigley_Sharps

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    TMH living pay check to pay check sucks, I know that all too well.
    When you get out of that Shit Hole for a city, make sure to learn a trade you can take home after you are out of the service and earn a living with it.
    All I learned was how to kill people, then they paid for my College, and the rest is history.
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    If you don't get one in the military get one when you get a chance. I did my electronics on the GI Bill.

    Actually you learned a lot more than killing people in the military, that was the goal, but you learned a lot more.
    The value of teamwork, John Wayne and Audie Murphy are dead, one man won't make it in combat. How to build effective teams, how to help other people, how to connect with people from other backgrounds. Attention to detail, pride in your work. Communication, human needs and motivation.
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  15. ricdoug

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    Perfect for 10 Meter Olympic Pistol Shooting...
  16. E.L.

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    Sweet nectar of God, you really could put an eye out with that thang!
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    Practice, Practice, Practice. You should see what I do with...

    an M40 at 800 yards and an M82 at 1500 yards. 24 years of spittin' lead out of tubes in the USMC made accuracy a creature of habit. At 25 yards, my wife groups the size of a Golf Ball with her Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum Snub-nosed Revolver. Ric
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    That's pretty awesome....
  19. Seacowboys

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    Not shooting will have as much to do with survival as shooting. How long do you think FEMA shock troops will allow a gun-nut to pot-shot hungry neighbors before they just erase the neighborhood? Not trying to take anything away from defending your property and lives, but I was in New Orleans right after Katrina and I can tell you first-hand, how that will go down. Occassionally, Blackwater type folks provide security for us on salvage operations in hostile environments (yes Virginia, ships do sink in war zones). These guys take down blocks for fun and games and are not restricted by the moral justifications that provide checks on most of us (reference the video thread "Turkeyshoot"). Waco type events will not even warrent a paragraph in the local news. They won't bother to pry our guns from our cold dead fingers; they;ll just run us over with a tank and let the vultures worry about it.
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    Yes, living pay check to paycheck is bad. Though I am budgetting my money as best as I can. No wild spending sprees for now. I am also learning more about cooking so that I will have that under my belt. I am looking into some kind of tech mayhaps like working with computers fixing problems and the like. I may find something different to go after, maybe website design or such. I will use whatever opportunity comes my way to learn something new. I am also thinking of trying to get a certification in EMT/Paramedic maybe tempered with a learning of Veterinary. That would be good for animals and people. :D

    As far as the tanks attacking, well that may happen. Though it is only that we fight the cause of it and worry not for the sake of living under the crushing weight of that tyranny, though we strive to make the change for the better knowing that if it is how we are meant to check out, then there is naught we can do for it except make them remember we were there.

    Just a thought. Glad to see you all have been busy. I have a lot of reading to catch up on. Haha.
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