If gun control what will be the cause?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by oldman11, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. oldman11

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    if the USA goes to gun control what will be the cause? I’m full of questions this morning so bear with me. Will talk of civil war cause gun control? I see the big part of our country staying away from gun control with a few states going full blown gun control. That will be the start of the end of our freedoms as we know them. Right now the tipping point would be if we had a really bad school or church shooting. If it were a muslin that done the shooting things might not be in favor of gun control or it might trigger it. Do you believe states that do not follow our constitutional laws should still get federal funding?
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  2. tacmotusn

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    As much as I believe Federal distribution of taxes collected from all states should fairly be distributed, It doesn't seem right that All Federal funds that would normally go to a specific state, should be halted because that state was not in compliance with one specific area (say speed restrictions)(as in the old mandated 55 mph interstate speed limit). However if Washington wanted to restrict funding in the transportation area to that state I could see the logical justification.
    Gun Control is another sticky wicket altogether because of the Constitutional 2nd Amendment. Unless the 2nd is validly repealed as per legal Constitutional procedure we would have to accept it or Rebel. I do not see the Bill of Rights, Amendments 1 thru 10 being repealed except with rebellion and possibly bloodshed to keep them intact.
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  3. Bandit99

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    First, I don't think another horrific event will be the cause. I believe the cause will simply be the Democrats coming into power again - and they will. At that point, they will pass it through both Houses and get it signed ASAP by the Democrat President. Next, will be the repeal of the 2nd Amendment to ensure that the Republicans can't overrule this easily in the future and that will be that. It might go in reverse order but truly makes no difference to the outcome. What happens then is anyone's guess... Many think this will be the last straw and any rights we still have will then be eliminated as the monster (the US Government) will finally be free of its chains but I think that is naïve as the monster has been free for quite a while now and more so every day.

    "Do you believe states that do not follow our constitutional laws should still get federal funding?"
    No, I don't and furthermore they should be brought back into concurrence or they can leave the country and stand alone. For example, these Sanctuary Cities are illegal - yet - nothing is done to close them down. It again shows that Government simply does what it wants and the only ones that are made to follow the law are the serfs/peasants who provide the Government with the means to do as they please, when they please via our taxes. A revolt to refuse to pay taxes would close the eyes of the government faster than a bullet ever would...just my opinion of course.
  4. techsar

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    I think this is backward...talk of gun control is more likely to cause civil war.

    Not to be redundant, but fedgov is going to do as it pleases regardless of what We the People desire. Defunding the feds and requiring the individual states to stand on their own merits is what should (but likely won't) happen.

    Perparing as best as you can to be an island or archipelago should be the end goal, because if the deterioration of the country and erosion of individual rights continue in the same manner as they have in the recent past, there will be no help coming from any sector.
  5. Salted Weapon

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    On September 28, 1918, in an incident that would go down in the lore of World War I history—although the details of the event are still unclear—Private Henry Tandey, a British soldier serving near the French village of Marcoing, reportedly encounters a wounded German soldier and declines to shoot him, sparing the life of 29-year-old Lance Corporal Adolf Hitler.
    One mans acts, and a bullet regardless if the story is true he was let go, had Hitler been killed not wounded. We would not even recognize the world today.

    Point, you can not predict the future, we like to think we have an idea but we do not. In 1981 I slipped off cliff face and would have fallen two hundred feet to a rocky deep river. No way of survival. As my body went vertical to head to my own demise my friend manage to grabbed the end of my fingers as he jumped and laid down at the same time to grab my hand. Well I lived, to get married, to have two boys, and a granddaughter. I would live to become a lobbyist and save rights in Oregon the first time in over 15 years. I almost died many times, and explosion that left me with Tinnitus, and burns to having a gun pulled on me, and attempted carjacking at gun point.( and many more) And thats just my life.

    All of us each day could go nuts even thinking what the future could hold.
    Reagan, and Bush JR and senior told stories of near death.
    So who is alive today to thrust us into civil unrest ( which would occur not civil war) or whom just died and we avoided it.
    The Cuban missile crises, had us close to mutual inhalation, and just a few people helped us avoid it. Had they not lived to be there?

    Best one can do to effect the future is plan, get a Conceal Carry why? Because that may change your life, prepare for unrest.
    And if neither is ever needed what is lost? Nothing, but what is gained is the ability to try and survive.

    Live long and prosper.
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  6. oldman11

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    I tend to agree with you that we can ever know so we do the best we can and hope for the best. We need to try harder on whom we elect to public office. Our country is almost out of control and in a downward slide which needs to be addressed. Our country got a reprieve when Trump was elected but the next election will tell the tale.with the dimocrat party in disarray and the Republican Party in trouble it can go either way. We need to get better people in public office or the end is near.
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  7. ghrit

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    The root cause will be frozen brain cells that cannot absorb reality. Regardless of politics, the ability to think is required for survival, that ability must be learned from someone that has it to start with. Not enough remain to assure survival of the republic.
  8. Salted Weapon

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    Oh yes I do agree we need to turn and vote correctly, but it would help if people realized that one man made a difference, therefore one vote could as well.
  9. Salted Weapon

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    Pretty much since the dawn of humans survival was required and at a high level. 100 years ago were were more of a medium level, but non-the-less we had the ability to survive given the majority. We now have a majority, that do not know how to make clean water or start a fire. FIRE......... man conquered this thousands of years ago, and in one or so generations it was all lost. I laugh when I see Naked and Afraid or the show Alone, Crap that was normal shit for humanity, now we have to try and find people that can make it a couple months in the wild? That is surely what will take humanity down is the lack of understanding as you said.
  10. Thunder5Ranch

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    Keep seeing this more and more........ the majority of people are too busy knowing everything to learn anything. As a whole that is dragging society to its knees. Old man at one of the markets calls the last two generations the "I talked about and that means we have done it generations." More and more talkers and less and less doers :(
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  11. DKR

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    What will cause real gun control (seizing of weapons) ?

    When crazies stop shooting buildings full of school kids and start shooting buildings full of politicians or rich, CEO types....

    Right now, in Chiraq the toll is (per the Hey JAckass site)
    Year to Date
    Shot & Killed: 117
    Shot & Wounded: 479
    Total Shot: 596
    Total Homicides: 128

    Nothing is done because it is overwhelmingly urban black folks killing each other. When that changes, so will everything else...
  12. VisuTrac

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  13. Ura-Ki

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    History has often been made ONE bullet at a time!
    What will be the trigger event to bring about total gun control? NOTHING!!! There are not enough gov. minions with any power to go out into the streets and start collecting! Singular event? No, Sandy Hook was supposed to have been THE ONE, and yet here we are, Vegas? still, nothing!
    What will go down? I don't know, but I suspect it will be within the States, States like Oregon where anti freedom abounds, where the corruption of gov runs rampant as an orgy and ZERO accountability! Sooner then later, one of the powers will over step just enough and in just the right way and that will trigger a mass revolt! In OryGun, the only LEO who would even think of collecting the guns for a second would be the State Police, and even they are not so stupid as to try something! Gun Control will largely be a non issue as most will simply Not Comply! The ones to suffer most will be the retailers, and a black market will grow hugely successful! SUre, there will be a major push to turn them in, and there will be letters sent to owners, as per the illegally kept registry and credit card transactions with known gun stuff retailers, but there is NO money to fund any actions against the people, and no means to enforce any thing! Say they lock you out of your assets and make you a non person for non compliance, that will likely happen BTW, all those people will finally have this hit them square in the face on a personal level, and these will be the people to march on the capital and remove those anti gun/anti rights politicos by force, and any who get in the way will get hurt!

    I have long suspected that it would take a personal hit to individuals, the loss of homes, finances, and personal liberties that would finally make people respond to these attacks against us, and only when enough have been made into non persons will we finally see action! Yes, it will be bloody, neighbors ratting out each other, churches turning on their congregations, employers turning in employees, banks complicit in the theft, and much more, all this will be what finally breaks the camels back and we will have our revolution!

  14. hot diggity

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    I've worked on ranges for forty years and I can count on one hand the people I wouldn't invite to a seafood boil. I've never met anybody that didn't understand that giving up their guns was tantamount to giving up their freedom.

    Lots of serious shooters out there from all walks of life. I'll stick with them.
  15. TnAndy

    TnAndy Senior Member Founding Member

    We're already well down the road to losing our guns. When is the last time you can remember (if ever) a major legislative restriction was repealed ? My first rifle bought as a 12yr old was a surplus .303 Lee Enfield purchased from an ad in the NRA magazine for 12 bucks and US mailed directly to me. Tell people that today and they simply can't believe it. I'd hate to even THINK of how many restrictions have been added just in my life time.

    And guns will continue to be lost one chip at a time over time. Same way we lost gold and silver coins and the whole concept of money. Death by a thousand cuts.

    State by State, 'reasonable' restrictions will be put in....magazine limits, 'assault' weapon (God yes...don't tell me how silly the term is) restrictions...name the States that already have them....the need for permission to buy a gun or ammo from the State.....loss of firearms because of something you MIGHT do (domestic crapola).....heck just keep adding them up.

    And every time some nut cases shoot up a gun free zone, here come the moms wanting to keep their kids safe (as if they ever could have if somebody REALLY wants to harm the little twits) and other folks without one lick of common sense pushing their control agendas......no, the future for firearms is already pretty much written I'm afraid unless some kind of really violent turn takes place that suddenly forces folks to understand how crappy humans can be to unarmed humans.
  16. Bandit99

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    Hmmm...reading this post, makes me think I need to get more firearms....

    @Ura-Ki "they lock you out of your assets and make you a non person for non compliance..."
    You know, I never thought about that but it sure seems logically and so easy for them to do. The problem is if one moves assets to another country (to a foreign bank) the IRS still want to know about it and more and more countries have been strong-armed by the US to open their accounts (Belgian, Switzerland, etc.) many but not all of them...
  17. natshare

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    Except, in order to repeal ANY amendment, it takes the same 2/3 majority of BOTH the House and Senate, voting in favor of it, to do so. A simple majority in Congress, and same party president, will NOT pass, or repeal, an amendment.

    In order to strike down that requirement, would basically mean throwing away the US Constitution, altogether....and I simply cannot fathom that happening! As others have already said, it would lead to the 2nd American Civil War.
  18. TnAndy

    TnAndy Senior Member Founding Member

    Except if an Art 5 constitutional convention is convened. Right now, there are 29 States of the 34 required with standing resolutions calling for one. If that can of worms ever gets opened, who knows what the Constitution will look like !
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  19. oldman11

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    I would think they might go after the ammo next,no ammo=useless guns. Ammo like guns last a long time in a cool dry controlled atmosphere storage. You should have a good ammo supply to pass on to your heirs . I have shot .45-70 blackpowder ammo that was over 100 yrs old. You never know what the socialist dimocrats will pull next,be prepared.
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  20. hot diggity

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    Have they ever seen what evil deeds can be done with gasoline, propane, or even simple flour? The trouble isn't, and has never been guns. The trouble is people.
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