If North Korea Nukes San Diego 150 Miles from Me am I best staying put?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by ED GEiN, Jan 3, 2018.

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    No, personally I would NOT stay put. Instead I'd start hiking and biking (or motorbiking) in a more or less northeastern direction; but this, of course, would depend upon which way the prevailing winds were blowing.

    I, myself, live about 40 miles away from a large nuclear reactor. So far there's never been a problem; but the place is large; and, as a precaution for me and my family, I've taken the time and effort to analyze the prevailing wind patterns in the area. I discovered that a radioactive airmass could 'just shave' past our area at 5 to 10 miles' distance; this airmass would, probably, miss us but not by much!

    I have a brother and his entire immediate large family living in San Diego. 10 years ago I succeeded in getting him to move to north central Texas. He did well there for a few years; but eventually he began to miss his oldest son so he did what I considered to be the unthinkable and moved back to La Jolla in order to be close to his oldest son.

    Among numerous other (mainly economic) reasons, what I tried to explain to my brother is that he and his several seaside properties are in constant danger from the San Andreas fault along with its companion Mendocino fracture line — Which will, sure as heck, effect a much wider area of California coastline than just what lies between San Francisco, and Palm Springs!

    My own concern with 'Little Rocket Man' is that the guy is unmistakably mentally unstable. (I mean a normal mentally healthy person would not do things like feed various family members to a pack of starving dogs, or stake them out on distant hillsides and, then, use them for artillery practice!) Today, there's little doubt that North Korean ICBM's could strike California; and, yes, I concur that either San Diego, Los Angeles, or Oakland could be prime nuclear strike zones. (Who knows, but I happen to agree that San Diego would have to be right at the top of North Korea's list of prime targets.)

    The threat of a large nuclear explosion going off over a major California city is, certainly, bad enough (It's horrific!); but, what would happen if a large North Korean atomic blast were to also destabilize the entire Pacific geological plate? This is another entirely possible dire probability that cannot — that should not — be ignored with impunity!

    If the winds were favorable my vote would be to start moving inland. Your own feet, an easily carried bicycle, or a moped would (in my opinion) be the most viable means of expedient evacuation.
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    Near the top, for sure. But my best guess for the top would be Naval Base Kitsap, home to NK destructive items 10X over the minimum.
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    If Yellow Stone's caldera pops ,southern California is the safer place in the nation .
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    Need a bit more data. Are you in a safe location? Do you have enough supplies to sit for months? If not, I'd grab my go bag and head out towards Las Vegas. The further you get from the ground zero, the safer you should be. Given that you're already 3 hrs away, if you are prepared to get underway, you'll beat the horde getting onto the roads.
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    @Navyair I see you have met Eddie... Our Resident Apartment dweller, who lives in the middle of Los AngelsAss, and is looking to survive all kinds on Natual and Nuclear Disasters, with what he can store in an Apartment on an upper floor of a Multi Floor Apartment building...
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