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    Hey guys, as squirrel season has been well under way, I figured I should show you what, and how, I carry some of my hunting and bushcraft gear.
    I use a lid from my ILBE rucksack, in combination with an old, thick leather belt to turn the ILBE lid into a butt sack, also known as a hip pack. The belt also functions too hold a my handgun, a spare magazine, my knife, and a compass.

    This is a very light weight option, to carry the items I would need for a dayhike, practicing some bushcraft skills, or just an afternoon hunt,. It also carries very well, and close to the body. This is a great benefit when maneuvering through the woods. With it wearing so comfortably, I am even able to sit down while wearing it. The pack acts like a pad, and make a pretty comfortable seat. The belt ensures that I always have these items on my person, so I can tackle a survival situation. Take a look. What would you change? What would you add? Would you have the items you needed too ensure survival, no matter what?


    Contents of belt kit from left to right:


    Extra magazine for my handgun


    Buck 119 in leather sheath. Front view


    Buck 119 back view


    Buck 119 unsheathed

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    Brunton compass, connected to the belt via a carbiner and paracord


    ILBE Ruck Sack Lid. I added two MOLLE fasteners to turn this into a butt pack


    Back view. Fully packed


    Top left, to right:
    Blue bag: Food sack, contains snacks and such.
    50'' of paracord
    Simple yellow poncho
    First Aid Kit, in a SPEC OPS Brand pouch
    1 pack of Hot Hands hand warmers
    Crown royal bag with my alcohol stove kit

    Bottom left, to right:
    1 Liter of water
    Fire kit
    Homemade pouch for shotgun shells
    Grenade pouch with personal survival kit type items


    Showing just how thin this packs down to.

    So guys, that's what I usually carry with me if I'm out hunting, or fishing, or just doing some bushcraft stuff. What do ya'll think? I think I'll survive.

    Copied from my blog, The Country Holler.
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    I would recommend a spare pair of socks.....I really hate wet feet and having a change of socks is nice to have :)
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    I wondered what kind of alcohol stove setup you had in the Crown Royal bag? I carry one of those homemade beer can setups with a bottle of HEET alcohol for fuel and a canteen cup. I keep a similar setup to yours in my vehicle in an old gas mask bag, except there are some granola bars, instant coffee, and T.P. etc.
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    oops. Beat me to it
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    I have this backpack too and while I admire your inventiveness, I feel that I would miss the pack cover. However, it does bring up the concept of buying another pack cover bag and using it as you have designated. Therefore, I like your plan, specifically because of the molle straps on the top/face of the bag that enable you to add things like a multi-tool or another small pouch. I have often thought about reversing this pouch/bad and allow it to hang off my chest as a counter-weight/chest pouch for snacks/ammo/go-to items.
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